Survivor 31 Second Chance – Week 12 Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Second Chance airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

After last week’s two-hour installment, Ciera and Stephen were both blindsided and sent to the jury. With the game being unpredictable all season long, what will happen next? Let’s find out!

The morning after tribal council, Jeremy and Spencer talk about Stephen’s blindside. Spencer is glad he made a move against someone, but he doesn’t want to be a gamebot who treats everyone as pawns. He still wants to maintain a good relationship with Jeremy, even though he doesn’t want to go to the end with him. Jeremy, however, is nervous. He doesn’t like the voting blocs strategy anymore and would rather know what’s going on at all times. Meanwhile, Kimmi brings up the idea of an all girls alliance to Wentworth. She said after Joe is voted off next, then the girls will be in the majority and can pick off Keith, Spencer, and Jeremy one after another. Wentworth is happy to hear this since she’s has been several people’s target the last few tribal councils.

It’s time for the reward challenge. But before it begins, Jeff reveals that this is the loved ones visit. One by one, loved ones greet each other and it’s a very emotional moment for all of them. Among them are Jeremy’s wife Val (who played in his original season), Tasha’s cousin, Spencer’s girlfriend, Abi’s mother, Keith’s wife, Wentworth’s dad Dale (who also played in her original season), Joe’s dad, and Kimmi’s dad. While greeting each other, Val (who is pregnant) reveals to Jeremy that the baby is a boy. Also, Spencer says “I love you” to his girlfriend. He says this is a big deal for him since saying “I love you” is something he has struggled with since childhood. As well, Joe is very grateful to make the loved ones visit since that was a dream he missed out on last time.

For the challenge, they must dig up bags in the sand. Afterwards, they will spin around a post before walking across a balance beam dizzy while retrieve another bag. They will then use the letter blocks in the bags to solve a puzzle, which will spell out a word. The first to solve the puzzle wins a barbecue with his or her loved one. The challenge is pretty evenly matched, but it is Wentworth who figures out that “nourishment” is the word. Wentworth wins reward! The reward is a barbecue back at camp with a loved one, and Jeff tells her she can pick three pairs to join her. She chooses Keith, Abi, and Kimmi. Jeff says she can pick one more, and she chooses Joe. This means Tasha, Spencer, and Jeremy will not get extra time with their loved ones.

While the loved ones enjoy reward, Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha talk about Wentworth’s choices. They then talk strategy and form a Final 3 deal among them. They also discuss taking Joe out. Spencer needed Joe’s help to take out Stephen last time, but now he needs him out before he goes on another winning streak.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They will have to balance a wooden statue on a pole. As time passes, they will have to add sections of poles to the bottom to make it longer. There will be two immunity necklaces – one for the last man and last woman standing. The challenge begins, and Kimmi is the first to drop. Abi drops next, and she’s followed by Tasha. Wentworth wins immunity! Right afterwards, Spencer and Jeremy drop their statues. It’s now a showdown between Keith and Joe. An hour and twenty minutes later, they are holding 16 feet of pole. And out of nowhere, Joe crumples to the ground. Keith wins immunity! Medical is rushed to aid Joe. Apparently he exhausted himself, but he soon wakes up. When Joe realizes what’s happened, he breaks down in tears. However, he will not be pulled out of the game. He can stay, but he will be vulnerable at tonight’s tribal council.

After tribal council, everyone is eager to vote out Joe. Wentworth also informs Abi that Kimmi has proposed a female alliance. They are feeling good about their chances and that the tables have turned in their favor. Meanwhile, Joe talks strategy to Jeremy. He knows he will be targeted, so he brings up the idea of taking out Abi. He believes Abi will skate by to the end and take someone’s spot in the Final 3.

Jeremy, Spencer, and Tasha talk strategy. They all agree that Joe needs to go. However, Tasha tells them about the all girls alliance, which worries Jeremy and Spencer. They realize if the girls all come together after Joe leaves, then the girls will have control of the game. Tasha assures them that she will be with them and won’t align with the girls, but Jeremy and Spencer are still feeling uneasy. Jeremy and Spencer then talk privately and agree that tonight’s vote is a catch-22. If Joe leaves, then the girls can take over the game. If Joe stays, then he could go on a winning streak again. They don’t know what to do. Whatever they decide, they agree that they just need to make sure Tasha will be on their side.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff brings up Joe passing out at the challenge. Joe says he’s fine now, but he’s worried about being voted out. The talk turns to Joe being a threat, and Wentworth continuously reiterates that Joe will fight to the point of passing out to try to win immunity. Everyone agrees Joe is a threat, but Joe brings up that the next few votes after tonight are going to determine the outcome of the game. He believes Abi is going to be dragged to the Final 3 and take someone else’s spot. He says if he is voted out next, people who could have used him will be the next three voted out.

It’s time for the vote. We see Abi vote for Joe and Joe vote for Abi. We don’t see Spencer’s vote, but we hear him say to the camera that his vote is either going to help him win or cost him the game.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…







Joe is voted out and the sixth member of the jury. He wishes the boys good luck before walking out of tribal council. Jeff rhetorically asks the remaining people if an alliance was finally formed tonight or did they all just come together to take out a big threat. While we hear Joe talk about his time on the show and how he has no regrets, we are shown that the random vote for Tasha was from Keith.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode of Survivor: Second Chance! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts in the comment section below, and come back next week for another live recap.

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