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The two-hour season finale of Survivor: Worlds Apart airs tonight on CBS, as well as the live reunion show that will reveal next season’s cast. Read a live recap of the show here.

Only five castaways are left standing for the chance to win the title of Sole Survivor and the $1 million prize. It’s down to Carolyn, Mike, Rodney, Sierra, and Will. In a season that pitted people against each other by job title, Carolyn is the last former white collar tribe member remaining and Will is the last former no collar tribe member remaining. The former blue collar tribe has three representatives left in Mike, Rodney, and Sierra. But which castaway will win? Although the odds have been against him, Mike has to be the favorite to win if he can manage to get to the final three. He’ll likely have to win the next two immunity challenges to get there, but it’s not impossible. I’m pretty sure regardless who he sits next to in the final 3, he’ll get enough votes to win. But if he doesn’t make it to the final 3, I’ll guess Carolyn will have the best chance at winning. However, if Mike or Carolyn are the next two voted out and we are left with a final 3 of Rodney, Sierra, and Will, it won’t be so clear who would win. It wouldn’t be a great final 3 and I’m sure the jury would be reluctant to vote any one of those three to win. I would say Will has zero chance at winning and Sierra may be viewed as a coattail rider. That would leave Rodney as the default winner, but maybe enough jury members dislike him enough to give their vote to Sierra instead? I guess we’ll have to see what happens, but I’m going to predict Mike will win. If not him, then Carolyn.

The episode begins with Jeff Probst welcoming us from the studio audience in Los Angeles. He thanks the fans for their continued loyal support and mentions that the live reunion show will address a the season’s controversy of some of the men’s misogyny. In addition, the cast of next season will be revealed, but voting is still open.

We next get a recap of the season. We see blue collar’s early dominance in the challenges, as well as the no collars’ struggle in the challenges. Mike’s continued survival despite being the #1 target is also highlighted, as well as the majority’s alliance turning on each other. It ends with Dan’s elimination from last week after using his advantage and Jeff saying anyone can win. We then hear Jeff give a rundown on the final 5. He says has been a Sierra free agent and hasn’t offended any jury members, but will they vote for her? He says Will has embodied the no collar lifestyle by breaking the rules and turning on alliances. He says Carolyn was unafraid of taking charge, and has an impressive Survivor resume by finding a hidden immunity idol, winning multiple challenges, and being responsible for quite a few blindsides. He says Rodney is a tough guy who has bee on the edge, but is responsible for building a strong alliance. He then says Mike went from top dog to underdog. But he went to work and has gone on an epic immunity run. Can he finish the job?

We see the Final Five return from tribal council. Carolyn said it was a fun tribal and she’s glad she used her hidden immunity idol effectively. However, she goes to talk with the people who voted for her. Mike calls it a case of Stockholm Syndrome that she would go back to the people who want her gone. In a confessional, Carolyn admits that she knows Mike has her back, but she knows she still needs the others to get Mike out. She still will work with them, but will be watching out for them. Even though she knows they are untrustworthy, she says Mike is still the biggest threat.

It’s time for the reward challenge. It’s an obstacle course that will have the castaways gather tiles and take them to a platform by balancing them on a machete and walking across balance beams. They will sort out the tiles into pairs, but three tiles won’t match. Instead, they will have numbers written on the back of them that will be a combination that will release a flag and win the challenge. The winner of the challenge will get to spend the day with a loved one, as well as an advantage in the next immunity challenge. Before the challenge starts, we see the castaways reuniting with loved ones: Carolyn’s husband, Mike’s mom, Rodney’s dad, Sierra’s dad, and Will’s wife. The challenge begins and Mike takes an early lead. He has a huge time advantage by the time he has to input the number combination, but he guesses wrong numerous times and Sierra catches up to him. However, he finally solves it. Mike wins the reward challenge.

Mike is happy to have his mother on the tribe. She chats with the other tribe members for a while before the two of them go talk alone and away from everyone else. He tells he he’s been vilified by the other people on the tribe and how he’s completely alone in the game. Every day has been a battle for him. His mother admits that he does have a rough path ahead of him to get to the end, but she believes he can do it. Next, Mike gets his advantage to the immuity challenge. The challenge will have the castaways be blindfolded and guide themselves through a maze and collect four medallions. Afterwards, they must find the immunity necklace and the first person to get the necklace will win. For the advantage, Mike will get thirty minutes in the maze and his mother will lead him through it so he’ll have an idea of where to go during the actual challenge. However, she accidentally leads him through some dead ends and they run out of time. She feels like she let him down.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. The challenge starts and all of them are slowly making their way through the maze. Mike is the first to find a medallion and must find three more. Sierra is the next one to find a medallion. Mike finds his second one at the same time Rodney finds his first (they find it at the same station). Mike then finds his third medallion and only needs one more. The energy picks up since everyone else does not want Mike to win. Rodney quickly finds his second one and is now helping Sierra and Will find another medallion. Carolyn is now in on the assistance and the four of them are now working against Mike. Rodney and Sierra have two medallions and Carolyn and Will now have one. However, Mike soon finds his fourth and final medallion. All he needs now is to find the necklace to win. Before anyone else finds another medallion, Mike finds the immunity necklace. Mike wins immunity! He’s guaranteed a spot in the final four while someone else will be voted out and become the seventh member of the jury.

The tribe returns to camp. Carolyn is very worried since she does not have her hidden immunity idol anymore. She will now try to use her bond with Mike to help her stay alive. She approaches Mike about voting out Rodney. Sierra is there with them too. She also says she’s willing to do whatever Mike wants to make sure she stays alive too. Mike tells Carolyn he won’t vote her out, but he is still uneasy about his own safety if he doesn’t win the next immunity challenge. However, the three of them shake hands and agree to vote out Rodney. Later on, Mike reveals to Rodney that his name has been brought up by Carolyn and Sierra. Rodney then speaks to Mike and admits that the jury dislikes him more than Sierra. Rodney tells Mike that he and Will will vote Sierra out and it would be Mike’s best option. Mike also knows that Sierra had been close to beating him in challenges too. Now he’s torn and doesn’t know who he will vote out: Rodney or Sierra.

It’s time for tribal council. The jury walks in and we see Dan give a really angry expression when he sees the immunity necklace around Mike’s neck. Jeff talks to Mike and he asks him is he’s the swing vote. Mike admits that he knows he’s the swing vote and that he’ll be the next one voted out if he does not win the next immunity challenge. Rodney then promises that his word is good and he will vote the way he told Mike. Sierra makes a case that the people who should stay are the ones who deserve to be there. Jeff calls her out and says that she should be making a case for staying instead of why she’s deserving. She knows she will have her name written down, but it will be down to Mike to who gets voted out.

It’s time for the vote. The first vote is for Sierra. The second vote is for Rodney. The next two votes read are for Sierra. Sierra is voted out and the seventh member of the jury. 

The next morning, it’s already time for the final immunity challenge. The final four greet Jeff and learn what the challenge will entail. They will have to untie knots to open gates and race up a tower. They will then retrieve keys and then go down a water slide. Next they will have to make their way through a multilevel obstacles course and use the keys to release bags of puzzle pieces. Lastly, they will use the puzzle pieces to solve a lighthouse puzzle. The first person to solve the puzzle will win immunity and a guarantee spot in the final 3.  The challenge starts, and everyone is racing earnestly to win, but Mike has a small lead. By the time they have to race up the tower to get their second bag, fatigue is settling in and everyone is breathing heavily and getting very tired. Will falls out of it, but Carolyn and Rodney are not too far behind Mike. Mike is the first to get all three bags of puzzle pieces and can start working. However, Rodney gets to work on the puzzle too. Before they make much headway, Carolyn gets to work on the puzzle too and Will joins them not too long afterwards. Everyone is now working on the puzzle and it’s neck and neck between Mike and Carolyn. However, Mike soon only needs two pieces left with Carolyn struggling and Rodney falling out of it. But before anyone else can catch up, Mike places the last piece on the puzzle. For the fifth time, Mike wins immunity! He is guaranteed a spot in the final 3 and will get to plead his case to the jury and say why he should win Survivor. As for the other three, one person will be voted out and just barely miss out on the final 3. Who will it be?

The tribe returns to camp. Mike is happy he won, but he doesn’t want to celebrate too much just yet. He knows he still has a big decision and he could lose the million dollars if he votes out the wrong person. While Mike walks off to think, Rodney and Will agree that they will vote out Carolyn. However, Mike talks to Carolyn and he tells her he will not be voting her out. He wants to stay true to his word when he told her he wanted to sit with her at the end. However, he knows that the vote will be 2-2, and he wants Carolyn to practice making fire since a fire-making challenge is usually the tiebreaker at the final four. Mike humors Rodney and says that he’ll be voting Carolyn out too. Right before tribal council, Carolyn spends two hours trying to make fire, but is unsuccessful. She breaks down from the pressure, but Mike tells her to stay strong and that she can do it.

It’s time for tribal council. Jeff congratulates Mike on his win before he talks to Will. Will broke down at the end of the last immunity challenge, but paid respect to Mike for his win. The talk turns to the vote, and Mike says that Carolyn has strong bonds on the jury and Rodney has played a good social game too. They all know either Rodney or Carolyn will be voted out and become the last member of the jury. But who will it be? After they all cast their votes, Jeff reads them. The first vote is for Rodney. The second vote is for Carolyn. The third vote is for Carolyn. The fourth vote is for Rodney. It’s a tie. Carolyn and Rodney will now compete against each other in a fire-making challenge.

The fire-making challenge begins. The first person to build a fire high enough to burn through the rope above and raise a flag will be in the final 3. The loser will become the final member of the jury. After six minutes, Carolyn’s flint breaks, but she gets a back-up. 20 minutes later, still no fire. Rodney gets a back-up flint too. Later, Rodney needs a third back-up. And so does Carolyn. 45 minutes pass and there is still no fire. Rodney is the first to get flame, but it quickly goes out. 53 minutes later, Rodney gets flame again, which becomes a burning fire. However, Carolyn gets flame too! It is now very close between them since they both have built big fires with flames reaching the rope. It’s too close to call who will win, but Carolyn’s fire burns through the rope first. Carolyn wins! Rodney is eliminated and the final member of the jury. Rodney is very angry and beating himself up as he gets his torch snuffed. In his confessional, he calls Mike a “scumbag redneck” for making the vote go to a fire-making challenge. Before Mike, Carolyn, and Will leave tribal council, Jeff congratulates them and points out how one person from the white collar, blue collar, and no collar tribes are represented in the final 3.

On the morning of Day 39, the final 3 get a breakfast feast and reflect on their time in the game. Will says he was true to himself and would be deserving to win. Carolyn says that this has been a dream of hers and that she played the game hard since the very first day. She hopes to convince the jury to vote for her. Mike notes how he had the odds against him, but worked hard to make it to the end. He’s still prepared to fight for the title since he knows there are people on the jury who do not like him.

It’s time for the final tribal council. The jury walks in and sits down before Jeff congratulates the final 3. He reminds them what is coming up now.

Joe is up first. He asks no questions and instead says he has an open vote that must be earned. He tells Will to man up and own his game. He tells Carolyn to tell how she outwitted everyone else. He tells Mike to explain what else he has done besides win immunity.

Hali is next. She asks Carolyn is the mother role she got cast on her was a disadvantage? She agrees that it was put on her by default since she’s 25 years older than everyone, but she hopes people will see her strategic side too.

Rodney is next. He asks Will to explain how he has been real and true to himself… Will says he knows he was the underdog. Wll tears up by saying he tried to make friends and be giving. He notes how he shared snacks won at the auction, and made bonds with everyone except Shirin. Rodney asks Carolyn about power moves she made. She notes Tyler. Then notes Dan. She says Mike was her Plan 2.

Tyler is next. He asks Mike about how weak his social game was. Mike says he wanted to do better socially than he did. He tried to make bonds, but admits maybe he is not as genuine as he thinks. He talks to Carolyn next. He tells her he protected her and is gutted she voted him out. Carolyn says that voting him out was the most difficult to do, but Survivor makes you do things that you are not proud of. But if you don’t do those things, then you end up on the jury.

Sierra is next. She asks Will whichs trait from other two he wish he possessed. He says Mike’s work etihc, but says Mike was too pushy and did not lead by example. He also notes how Carolyn analyzed things before putting them in motion.

Jenn is next. She has no qualms. She talks to jury and calls them extremely bitter and angry about their grudge against Mike. She gives Mike a lot of credit and that the others should prove their true fans and vote Mike to win.

Dan is next. He tells Mike that immunity wins do not guarantee a $1 million win. He said Mike only cared about making it to the end and not the jury. As Dan sits back down, Mike tells Dan he regrets losing his trust and his actions at the auction. He apologizes and hopes to still be friends. Dan stands back up and says that was the first time Mike has been genuine and accepts his apology.

Shirin is last. She is proud that she stood up against Will, but she tearfully thanks Mike for having her back too. Shirin also reveals to everyone that she’s already a millionaire. However, even though she’s grateful for Mike sticking up for her, she says Carolyn’s game was better and notes how Carolyn was on the winning side of every vote. Shirin says she has her vote. She also compares Mike a howler monkey and that he played an aggressive game. She calls Carolyn a stingray and that she played stealthily. She calls Will a dead fish and he made it to the end by being useless.

It’s time for the vote. We see Jenn vote for Mike, Rodney vote for Will, and Sierra votes for Carolyn. We then return to the live studio audience and Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for Mike. The next vote is for Will. The next vote is for Carolyn. Then next one is for Mike. The next one is also for Mike. The last vote Jeff reads is for Mike.




It’s now time for the live reunion show!

Jeff talks to Mike first. He asks Mike if he was able to play more aggressively due to his back being against the wall. He agrees after saying he is where is is due to Jesus Christ and his faith. We then see a clip of Mike rejecting the letter reward at the auction before he accepts it. He asks Mike is he regretted that move. He said he doesn’t regret the move, but he regrets giving his word and breaking it. He also asks if he and Dan are friends again, and they say they have mended their friendship.

Jeff talks to Rodney next and asks him does he think he would’ve won had he won that fire-making challenge. He says he would have. Jeff polls the jury to see if he would’ve. However, he only would’ve gotten a couple votes from Jenn and Dan. Mike still would’ve won had it been between Mike, Rodney, and Will.

Jeff talks to Joe next and talks about Joe’s popularity with the fans. He reads aloud some fans’ tweets about how much they like Joe and how sad they were when he was voted out. He also asks Joe if he’s single and he admits that he is. Joe is appreciative of the fan reaction, but admits it’s a bit strange.

The talk then turns to the misogyny of Dan, Rodney, and Will that caused a big reaction among viewers throughout the season. After we see a clip of some of Dan’s comments, the audience boos him. Dan said he never would have made a comment about hitting Shirin if knew about her past. However, Jeff calls him out and says by saying that, he implies that there is an acceptable place to say that. Dan is getting very angry and worked up as he tries to defend himself. Jeff also calls Dan out for speaking very negatively about the show in press and said the scene when he made a derogatory comment about Rodney’s mom was taken out of context since they were all telling “your mama” jokes. Jeff says he has to defend the show, and he shows a raw footage clip that disproves what Dan said in press. The clip shown proved that Dan made that comment out of nowhere, and it was not taken out of context. This entire segment is being spent on Dan, and he says he is himself and is sorry if he offends anyone. It was pretty brutal, but Dan had that coming.

Jeff talks to Will next about his treatment toward Shirin. He said he apologized to Shirin, but Shirin quickly shuts that down and said he never apologized to her. She says he only caved in when the public opinion was very negative toward him. Will then apologizes to Shirin and to her family, but Shirin is still not ready to forgive him.

Jeff talks to Rodney next and jokingly apologizes to Rodney for having the worst birthday on his life, despite being on Survivor. He then brings out a birthday cake for Rodney and they all sing “Happy Birthday” to him. Jeff then says we have to say goodbye to the cast and the people up for the Second Chances season will be on next. That’s too bad Jeff didn’t have time to talk to more of the cast and instead had to spend most of the time discussing the negativity of the season. I also thought Jeff would’ve asked Shirin why she voted for Mike when she said she was going to vote for Carolyn, but he either forgets or didn’t have time to. The only people we heard from were Mike, Carolyn, Will, Rodney, Dan, Shirin, and Joe.

It’s now time to find out the cast for Survivor: Second Chance! The first to make it is Kelly Wiglesworth. The second and third are Kimmi Kappenberg and Jeff Varner. Keith Nale is the fourth to make it on the show. Teresa “T-Bird” Cooper and Stephanie Valencia do not get a shot, but Peih-Gee Law does. Ciera Eastin and Vytas Baskauskas do get a voted in, but Jim Rice and Sabrina Thompson do not. Terry Dietz and Andrew Savage get a second chance too, and so do Abi-Maria Gomes and Kass McQuillen. Monica Padilla and Kelley Wentworth get voted in too, but Mikayla Wingle and Natalie Tenerelli do not get a second chance. Carolyn Rivera does not get a second chance either, but Shirin Oskooi does.  It’s also a no to Max Dawson, but Stephen Fishbach and Woo Hwang get a second chance. It’s a no to Troyzan Robertson, but yes to Tasha Fox. It’s also a no to Shane Powers, but it’s a yes to Jeremy Collins. The last three left are Spencer Bledsoe, Brad Culpepper, and Joe Anglim, but there are only two spots left. It’s a no to Brad, so Spencer and Joe get the last two spots.

Survivor 31 Cast

1. Kelly Wiglesworth

2. Kimmi Kappenberg

3. Peih-Gee Law

4. Ciera Eastin

5. Abi-Maria Gomes

6. Kass McQuillen

7. Monica Padilla

8. Kelley Wentworth

9. Shirin Oskooi

10. Tasha Fox

11. Jeff Varner

12. Keith Nale

13. Vytas Baskauskas

14. Terry Dietz

15. Andrew Savage

16. Stephen Fishbach

17. Woo Hwang

18. Jeremy Collins

19. Spenser Bledsoe

20. Joe Anglim

I’m surprised by a few of the people voted in (Monica and Kelley especially), and the one I’m most disappointed didn’t get voted in is Teresa. I also don’t think we need to see Keith again and I’m a bit surprised Shane wasn’t chosen since he was a memorable character in his season. I also thought Carolyn would’ve earned enough votes too. But it’s a solid cast overall, and it should make for a great season. It will be interesting to see Spenser and Tasha reunite with Kass, the person who betrayed them and caused them to lose numbers in the merge. Along with Kass, Abi-Maria is remembered as a villain too and those two will likely cause some drama on the island. Also, Terry had a rivalry with Vytas’s brother Aras in Panama, so there could be some tension there. It will also be cool to see how some old-school Survivor players like Kelly, Jeff, and Kimmi adjust to the new style of Survivor where the game is a lot more cutthroat and focused on strategy than it was before.

The cast then takes a group photo on the stage and then immediately boards the bus to begin the new season, which will take place in Cambodia. And that wraps up this season of Survivor: Worlds Apart! Thanks for reading and come back in the fall for the Second Chance season Survivor: Cambodia!

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