Squirrely’s American Idol Tour Boston, MA Recap

My user name here is Squirrely (1 ‘L’) I’m female in my late thirties and this is my second American Idol tour show. I attended season 5 with my sister because of Ace and Elliot. I honestly can’t remember much about the show except that it was nothing like the show I saw last night.

My review will not come close to the one FifthHouseSun wrote or even Luvadamlambert so I’m just going to list the performers and give my opinion as well as my sister’s opinion. My sister’s opinion is more unbiased than mine because she was not into this season at all and did not have a favorite, but I was surprised that even though she was not following the season as I was we were on the same page for most of the show last night.

When we arrived I was a bit out of sorts because I thought we were going to be late. As much Michael Sarver annoys me, I still did not want to miss him. Luckily we got there just in time to watch the Ford commercials, oh joy. I have to admit the random screaming for Adam had me cracking up.

Anyway the lights dim and the show begins.

I do admit ‘ I did not watch many of the YouTube videos aside from Adam’s so pretty much the other nine people will have performances that are very fresh and new to me.

Michael Sarver:

I thought he had a nice voice and he has some stage presence, but he did not thrill me. My sister on the other hand loved him. She said she would buy his music because she really loved his voice. Michael was a crowd pleaser and he did get people on their feet.

Megan Joy:

She is a beautiful girl but she should have protested that outfit. She looked gorgeous, but pink’ ¦why pink. Anyway when she started singing put your ‘Records On’ I was impressed because I’m not familiar with the song and I like Megan’s different and very quirky style. I said to my sister she should sing jazz or something in that realm. I was about to send a tweet saying that Megan was really, really good then she started singing ‘Tears Dry on Their Own’ and it was not good ‘ I deleted the tweet because that would have been a lying twat.

My sister thought she was okay, but totally took that back when she started the second song. She thought her over all set was not impressive but she was loving Megan’s shoes.

Scott MacIntyre

Scott was very entertaining. I saw Elton John in concert and that was the vibe Scott was giving me. I couldn’t make out the song at first but regardless I didn’t care for the song but I really enjoyed Scott’s voice. The other song I can never take seriously because it always reminds me of ‘White Chicks’, but I thought it was a great song to show off Scott’s piano skills.

My sister was also impressed with Scott’s voice, but she did not care for either song. The Boston crowd loved Scott. So funny even though my sister didn’t remember him from the show she said to me he seems kind of full of himself. I said he does have a massive ego. She nodded and said ‘it shows’.

Lil Rounds:

She came out ready to party and she has a great voice, but it’s not a stand out voice. I think she will get signed but she will blend in with all the other voices on the urban radios. I liked the MJ Blige songs better than the Alicia Keys and Beyonce songs for her. Oh and her new hairdo was really nice, she can work a weave!

My sister thought her first songs were great but didn’t know why she mentioned she met with a choreographer for ‘Single Ladies’, she said she didn’t see her do anything impressive during that song. We both agreed having the words on the screen was silly and very distracting.

Anoop Desai:

Anoop has a nice stage presence and he is very tall, lanky and sexy. I’m slowly becoming an Anoop fan. He has a fantastic voice and can really sing live. ‘Always on my Mind’ and ‘Mad’ were fantastic, but I could have done without the dancing during ‘My Prerogative’.

Side note: Bobby Brown was the very first concert I ever attended.

My sister liked Anoop a lot but she was cracking up at the dancing.

Matt Giraud:

Matt blazed on to the stage for ‘Hard to Handle’, he too was all about the party. ‘Hard to Handle’ was awesome and he was having so much fun with it. He riled us up then cooled us off with ‘Georgia’. I was ready to hand Matt a gold star then he started singing that Fray song and his A plus dipped down to a B, that song is a set killer for him.

My sister loved Matt she thought ‘Hard to Handle’ was hot, but she too felt the Fray song had to go.

Group Number

The group number was great, but Lil and Megan should never ever duet again. I really enjoyed the group number and thought everyone was great except for Megan. I hate saying that because I really like the girl.

My sister was totally into Michael Sarver on the group number. She made a vow to buy his record if he makes one.

Allison Iraheta:

I did not like ‘So What’ at all. I thought the guitar was silly and it hindered Allison from bouncing around. ‘Cry Baby’ and ‘Barracuda’ were on fire. She really got into these songs especially ‘Cry Baby’. She was her sweet spastic self as she bounced, stalked and pranced around the stage.

My sister was not into her; her comments were not kind so I won’t repeat them.

Danny Gokey:

Danny was my surprise of the night. He was great. I liked his voice and I thought he was very relaxed and was feeling the music. I was never crazy about his version of PYT but he sings it well. The Carlos Santana song was also great and I loved Danny’s dancing. It was nothing like Adam’s. Where Adam’s is sexy and fun, Danny’s was just fun. The speech wasn’t bad either; overall Danny’s was the first set I enjoyed from start to finish.

My sister also felt the same way except she thought Danny was hot and she loved his outfit. I thought he looked good, I especially liked the jacket.

Adam Lambert:

Not much I can say about Adam to do him justice. He was fun, sexy and electrifying. He owned the stage and he knew it. This was Adam’s world and he allowed the other 9 contestants to live it in. My eyes were glued to Adam from start to finish and he had me smiling like a proud big sister (we’ll say step sister, because sisters should not be finding their brothers sexy). His performances seem effortless and his vocals are so smooth, he never appears to be straining for a note. My only complaint with his set is that Starlight had the helium effect in the beginning, but the middle to end was awesome. ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and the Bowie medley were excellent ‘ Adam is a human sexy slinky. I know that description is not original, but it fits so perfectly with his performance. ‘Mad World’ was beautiful. His set goes by way to fast, you want more but then he’s gone. I felt the same about Allison’s set.

My sister was in total agreement with me on Adam. She wasn’t a fan of his on the show, she thought he was too much but at the concert she loved him. Her words were ‘that boy has something’. I know when Adam goes solo I won’t be attending his shows alone, she will right there with me.

Kris Allen:

Kris opens with Heartless which I never liked on the show and still do not like on the stage. My sister says it’s much better when he does it with just his guitar. As for the rest of Kris’ set ‘Bright Lights’ and ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ was fantastic. I really enjoyed his version of ‘Bright Lights’ and since that was the song I was looking forward to the most I was happy for that. Kris’ voice was great, but I was not impressed by his stage presence. Where some of the other idols had my eyes glued on them as I listened, I found my eyes wandering the stadium as I listened to Kris’. On the train ride home my sister said she was doing the exact same thing. I got that helium effect from him during ‘Hey Jude’, which was a bummer, but other than that he did a good rendition of it.

Kris had the crowd with him for most of his performance, especially the people on the floor. My sister liked Kris but she said she would not be interested in his solo tour if that was the kind of music he would be making. She thought the Killer’s song was dumb, but liked the sing along part. Me too.


DSB was fun, the Kradam dance wasn’t much but it was cute and I love Adam’s bedazzled vest. He looks great in it live on stage. Megan’s outfit looked like something out of Fredrick’s of Hollywood. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the final number.

Wrap up:

America got it right with the top four, but they just got the order wrong.

I was very pleased by how much I enjoyed Danny. I give him the edge over Adam as the best overall set because of the sound issues with ‘Starlight’. Would I go see Danny on solo tour? Probably not. Would I buy his music? As long as it it’s not Christian preach to me music, I probably will.

Adam blew my mind! His voice, style, and charisma is amazing, that kid is entertaining as all hell. Would I buy his music? Heck ya! Would I see him on tour? Every chance I can.

As for the other I would definitely buy Allison’s and Anoop’s albums but for the rest I feel it may be a song-by-song purchase. Megan is one that has me really curious about what she may produce.

Would I see any of the others on solo tours? Maybe Allison’s, for the rest it would have to depend on who they are opening for.


I didn’t see anyone walking out.

I surprised myself and screamed a few times for Adam during his set.

All the idols got love from the audience.

There were a couple of girls no older than 5 or 6 in my section who kept screaming ‘I Love You Kris’  in between songs during his set. Very cute.

There was a family with homemade shirts each one supporting Danny, Kris and Adam.

Two older ladies in front of me kept saying they felt bad for Kris as we were walking out. These were not Adam fans, they were actually Kris fans. One of them said she can do without all that ‘gyration motion’ that Adam does but that boy is a star. Her friend agreed and gave another ‘poor Kris’ headshake. My sister agreed with them and so did the girl sitting next to my sister.

The crowd waiting by the buses was spilling into a very dangerous intersection; I was surprised the cops let them stand there.

This was a great show and now I’m on the hunt for tickets to either RI or NH.

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