Songland Spoiler: Able Heart Plays “Greenlight” for Jonas Brothers (Video)

SONGLAND -- "Jonas Brothers" -- Pictured: Able Heart -- (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

On Tuesday’s Songland, the Jonas Brothers will choose a song brought to them by one of four hopeful artists. In this new preview, EDM producer and performer Able Heart performs his song titled “Greenlight.”

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Panelist Ester Dean calls it “Eminem meets Travis Scott…like a rock/rap song with a little alternative twist.” Shane McAnally is “blown away.” He wants to double the verse “before that chorus drops, because you have so much space at the beginning…”

Able reveals that he not only wrote the song, but produced, mixed and engineered it as well. He tells the panel that he does a lot of “ghost work” for other artists. That means he does the work, and they get the credit. “You’re a beast,” says an impressed Ryan Tedder

Nick Jonas calls Able an artist. Joe Jonas imagines the song with a DJ and a feature. And Kevin Jonas sees the video already. “It’s such a visual representation.” Nick, taking over production, suggests adding a “mean” bass note to drive the song and “throw away the melody” a little bit. describes Able: “The Philadelphia based artist is a singer, producer, songwriter, and engineer. Creating a fusion of R&B and Electronic music, the vocals combined with the flawless production are certainly unique to the current market.” 

Songland airs Tuesdays after America’s Got Talent on NBC. Watch Able Heart’s original song “Greenlight” below.


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  1. I’m confused as to where Ester thought that was rap/rock. It was very pop with a little alt flair. The bros will sound good on this if they pick it but I hope they go for something with a little more pizazz and rockiness.

  2. Whoah…I don’t even know what else is on offer here…but I think this track will be the one chosen. It fits the pattern so much, of introducing dynamics and unusual elements to offset a sing/song effect in the EDM melodies…and jumps right into the catchy part of the lyric with no preamble, an immediate tactic that is recommended for streaming customers not to pass on a track. This seemed to spark interest in all three brothers. JMO. ?

  3. In the commercial for tonights show thy say something to the effect of “we are picking this song, as a statement from us”. Makes me think there is a different song that is a little political or driven by one of the many social issues of the day.

  4. Well, “Greenlight” could certainly have relevant aspects to social interactions nowadays, ? but if they chose another attempt at being *uplifting* I may lose my tenuous grip on the window ledge here. Enough already that I have no interest in any of the categories, genres or artists so far and just watch for the Song Doctor sessions…throw me a bone with something besides an inspirational statement! ??

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