So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 Performance – Recap

This week’s guest judge: Toni Basil

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  • Courtney and Will – Samba by Jean Marc Generaux and France – Song: “I Fell in Love With the DJ” by Che Nelle – VIDEO
  • Solo: Comfort – Song: “I Got This Down” by Simian Mobile Disco – VIDEO
  • Katee and Twitch – Contemporary by Mia Michaels Song: …Mercy by Duffy – VIDEO
  • Solo: Will – Song: “Get Up Offa That Thing” by James Brown – VIDEO
  • Comfort and Mark – Hip hop by Napoleon and Tabitha – Song: …Party People by Fergie feat. Nelly – VIDEO
  • Solo: Katee – Song: “Taking Chances” by Celine DionVIDEO
  • Chelsie and Joshua – Argentine Tango by Dmitry Chaplin – Song: “A Los Amigo” from Forever Tango (soundtrack) – VIDEO
  • Solo: Mark – Song: “Creator” by Santogold feat. Switch and Freq Nasty- VIDEO VIDEO
  • Courtney and Will – Slow Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha Song: “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” by Alicia Keys – VIDEO
  • Solo: Chelsie – Song: “Damaged” by Danity Kane – VIDEO
  • Katee and Twitch – Broadway by Tyce DiOrio – Song: …Sweet Georgia Brown from Bubbling Brown Sugar (original soundtrack) – VIDEO
  • Solo: Joshua – Song: “Shawty Get Loose” by Lil Mama feat T Pain and Chris Brown – VIDEO
  • Solo: Courtney – Song: “Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins – VIDEO
  • Solo: Twitch – Song: “Go To Work” by Kay L – VIDEO
  • Comfort and Mark – Foxtrot by Jean Mark Generaux and France – Song: “Lady Luck” by the Brian Setzer Orchestra – VIDEO
  • Chelsie and Joshua – Disco by Doriana Sanchez – Song: …Everlasting Love by Gloria Estefan – VIDEO just added a better quality version!
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  1. Where is Dan Karaty???? He needs to be a judge!! I miss him!!!!!!!!

  2. Okay…Will’s James Brown solo? Fabulous! Loved seeing a little more personality from him.

    I didn’t want Katee and Twitch’s contemporary to end.

    Comfort and Mark KILLED their hip hop. That is far and away my favorite routine that Tabitha and Napoleon have choreographed…it had the story, which they love…but it was also a real, hard hitting hip hop routine! They have finally won me over with that one. I wish we could get more from them like this one, and less like the one from the first week with Jamie and Rayven.

  3. Screw this, they NEED Dmitry as a regular choreographer. Throw everyone else away except Alex da Silva and Benji, and I’ll be more than satisfied with the ballroom choreographers for this show. Seriously, not only does Dmitry choreograph some kickass routines, he makes for some damn good eyecandy. ;)

    Comfort, ghetto!Mark, & actual, hard-hitting hip-hop = fun routine that I actually liked! Yay, go ghetto!Mark!

    Will, Courtney & more of the lovey-dovey crap from NappyTab = Uh. *yawn*

  4. First round dances, I liked them all. Probably the Courtney/Will samba was my least favorite, but still good.

    HATED the Courtney/Will hip hop though. I think it was the routine though more so than the dancers.

  5. they NEED Dmitry as a regular choreographer

    yeah Joshua and Chelsie’s tango was hawt!

    Will is a beautiful dancer but there’s something missing. I did enjoy his solo. But Joshua and Twitch have way more charisma. Sadly, Mark has been losing me little by little since he and Chelsie split.

  6. Hisaki, I thought that was the best choreographed tango EVER on this show. Dmitry definitely needs to choreograph more, because that was fan-freaking-tastic.

    And just as soon as Napoleon and Tabitha start to win me over (with the Comfort/Mark routine), they lose me again with the ghost routine. Granted, part of the problem there is with the performers…unlike the judges, I completely did NOT think they got the emotion of that right, and I was not buying what they were selling. But still, I didn’t like that piece really. Hmmm…

    Oh yeah, and if Toni Basil says “street” or “organic” one more time, I might reach through my tv and slap her.

  7. I have not been very impressed tonight…

    I liked Katee/Twitch’s Contemporary, Comfort/Mark’s Hip Hop, and Chelsie/Joshua’s tango so far, and Joshua’s and Courtney’s solos. Although I always think of how fabulous Ivason’s tango was and it is rather difficult for me to like other tangos!

    Comfort’s solo was not good, and Will’s was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. I really didn’t think that Will/Courtney’s hip hop was very good at all.

    And Nigel…why do you have to make comments to Comfort and Mark like “If you end up in the bottom 2….” That really isn’t necessary. He’s trying to do them in already.

  8. And Nigelà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦why do you have to make comments to Comfort and Mark like à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“If you end up in the bottom 2à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦.à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬  That really isnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t necessary. Heà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s trying to do them in already.

    Not to defend Nigel – but I think he made that comment because of the little “we will not be in the bottom” note.

    I’ve actually enjoyed a lot of tonight’s show so far. I liked both of Twitch & Katee’s routines. I also liked the Chelsie/Joshua tango. I did think that Will & Courtney did a good job with the Samba. And, I loved Will’s little James Brown solo – the wig cracked me up.

    I liked Mark & Comfort’s hip hop, but I was not a fan of the slow hip hop with the ghost theme.

    Actually, my favorite thing about Mark & Comfort is that I can be pretty certain neither of them will do a solo to freaking Celine Dion. That woman has a song on this show every dang week. Ugh.

  9. Actually, my favorite thing about Mark & Comfort is that I can be pretty certain neither of them will do a solo to freaking Celine Dion. That woman has a song on this show every dang week. Ugh.

    Hee! Thank you, but please get out of my head.

    And that foxtrot? Ouch. After the rest of the numbers tonight, that one sticks out like a sore thumb. I haven’t thought that all of the routines were as good as the judges seem to think, but that one was as bad as they thought.

  10. My favorite routine of the night was Twitch & Katee’s contemporary, which I thought was fantastic. Other standouts for me were Will and Courtney’s samba and Mark and Comfort’s hip-hop. I’m in the minority it seems, but I just didn’t care for Joshua and Chelsie’s tango, and I disagreed with the judges that this one was better than the one she did with Mark.

    Mark reminds me of Jason in the way that just watching him makes me want to smile. Its corny of me to say but just like with Jason, I feel happy when I watch him, LOL

    Now, being a Twitch fangirl, I have to say I think he did a very good job tonight. I hope he doesn’t get sent home tomorrow.

  11. Loved both of Chelsie and Joshua’s routines, tango was all kinds of hawt (thanks so much dmitry) and the disco left me speechless, Chelsie you are brave my girl to be spun and twirled and lifted by Joshua, omg, I am dizzy…
    I didn’t get the hip hop slow routine with Courtney and Will, was distracted by the odd headpiece with feathers on Courtney, wtf
    Comfort bores me, i hope she goes home, tomorrow, please

  12. Yeah – that foxtrot was pretty crappy. There were a few spots, where Mark was by himself, that he looked good. But all of the partner work was just bad. And, the badness was only intensified by the fact that there were so many good routines tonight. Luckily for them, Toni gave a shout out to their hip hop.

    The lifts in that disco were insane. Funny enough – I saw a few obvious boo boos in that routine. They missed a step at least once, missed their connections a couple of times, and I could have sworn Joshua almost face planted after his first spin.

    A dance as trick filled as that one makes it nearly impossible for the dancers to nail the whole thing from beginning to end. Fortunately, the parts they nailed were the money shots. Chelsie is definitely the only female dancer left on this show who could have gotten in and out of those lifts that gracefully. That was really impressive. Of course, Joshua’s biceps spoke for themselves tonight.

    The one great thing about tonight is that at least if Twitch goes home tomorrow – we got to see him looking super-fine in that wife beater.

  13. I didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t get the hip hop slow routine with Courtney and Twitch, was distracted by the odd headpiece with feathers on Courtney, wtf

    That was Will actually. Poor Will – no one even remembers who he is lol.

  14. Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m in the minority it seems, but I just didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t care for Joshua and Chelsieà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s tango, and I disagreed with the judges that this one was better than the one she did with Mark.

    I don’t know that I thought it was the best danced tango ever…but I felt like it was the best choreographed tango that I’ve seen on SYTYCD. I don’t think it was as good as the judges seemed to think, particularly on the part of Joshua (however much it pains me to say it).

    Actually, out of all of the guys, I felt like Twitch was the only one that turned in 2 solid performances and a great solo. Mark had one outstanding performance, one really pretty bad performance, and an awesome solo. Will had one outstanding performance, one decent performance, and an interesting solo. Joshua had two pretty good performances (though I struggled not to gag over another freaking disco), and a pretty good solo.

    I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow night with the guys. The four that are left all have something different going for them, and I could easily make an argument for each of them being in the final 4, or even winning.

    With the girls, it’s not such a difficult thing for me. Comfort needs to go home. Again. And stay there. She was fabulous tonight in the hip hop with Mark, but her solos consistently suck donkey balls, and she was the biggest part of the problem in the foxtrot tonight. She has shown time and time again that while she may be a good hip hop dancer, she is not really all that good at anything else. She needs to go.

  15. I didn’t like the disco at all. I don’t generally like disco, anyway, but that one looked out of control and sloppy to me, as if everything was hanging on by the skin of its teeth (and not very well). The lifts they all liked so well looked really shaky to me and not good. I also didn’t really like Joshua and Chelsie’s tango, so… Not sure what’s going on with me tonight, since Chelsie is my favorite girl. But I really wasn’t feeling her or Joshua in either dance.

    I did like Twitch and Katee’s contemp with the door, but I love the song and that helped. Otherwise it was a little sloppy, too. And I didn’t care for their Broadway, mostly because it wasn’t nearly good enough to be on Broadway, not even for singers who dance. (Plus Twitch in suits has those hunchy shoulders. Love Twitch. But not in suits.) Toni Basil was so annoying, and one of the most annoying things she said was that those two were better than B’way dancers. Cram it, Organic Street Ho.

    I loved Will and Courtney’s samba, but not their hip hop so much. And I loved Comfort and Mark’s hip hop, but not their fox trot AT ALL (thanks to Comfort, who looked Un.Comfortable. Mark did okay, except for the stupid hat, which wasn’t his fault.)

    In solos, Will’s was the only one I really loved. Katee, please. Celine? You got to be kidding me. Comfort’s looked phoned in, I didn’t like or dislike Joshua’s or Courtney’s one way or the other, I liked Mark’s fine but the whole cheeky monkey thing gets old, Twitch’s wasn’t as good as he’s capable of, either, and Chelsie’s was just kind of stupid, as the ballroom people’s solos often are.

    I guess I’m cranky tonight or something. I would definitely send Comfort the Albatross home, and maybe… Well, Joshua, although I know that won’t happen. Twitch is such a sweetheart, Will is so freakin’ talented, and I have a soft spot for Mark, so Joshua it is. (He ain’t goin’ anywhere. I predict Twitch and Mark will be the B2, and Mark will be outta there. We’ll see.)

  16. Oh I wasnt feeling Courtney and Will so much in the Samba – spenserj where are you?? I was soooo loving Twitch and Katee with the door – loved it and thought of you right off. I bet Mia was that girlfriend a time or two. Ok back to the show – off to see the rest

    Willie you do have personality – were you reading Mjs last week? Mark – I LOVED your hip hop, yeah Comfort i am sure you did well again but we all know that you will in your genre (lets see how you do in something different) – so – I just enjoyed Mark.

  17. As much as I love Joshua, I thought it was Twitch’s night tonight, even though his solo wasn’t his best, imo. I loved his contemporary with Katee. Man, she throws herself into everything, as does Chelsea. Brave, brave Chelsea. That spin thing where she TURNED OVER FROM HER BACK TO HER STOMACH HOLY SHIT was amazing.

    Even so, I have to give it to Twitch tonight.

  18. Mansie was my favorite couple of the night, by far. I give them extra bonus points for even being able to somewhat pull off the two most technically difficult routines of the night. Could anyone else out there on that stage have done what they did with that insanely hard choreography? I doubt it.

    Favorite routines: Both of Chelsie/Josh’s. I actually really loved that tango, especially on second viewing. Katee/Twitch’s contemporary. I’m convinced that Katee was playing an Amy Winehouse character. LOL. Ghetto!Mark and Comfort’s hip hop (FINALLY, NapTab! FINALLY!!). Those were my 4 faves. I also liked Katee/Twitch’s Broadway and Will/Jessica’s Samba, but didn’t LOVE them.

    Favorite solos: Courtney’s, Will’s, Josh’s, Twitch’s. Didn’t love Mark’s, Katee’s, or Chelsie’s, sadly. And I take away points for Katee dancing to freaking Celine Dion and Chelsie for dancing to freaking Danity Kane.

    – Dmitry DOES need to be a regular choreographer on the show (is this coming over LOUD & CLEAR, Nigel?? Besides the fact that his choreography just ROCKS, it would be a great story arc. Contestant turned regular choreographer.)

    – I actually got busies voting for Josh and Courtney for the first 5 minutes. The others I voted for (everyone but Comfort and Will), I didn’t get any busy signals for.

  19. spenserj where are you?? I was soooo loving Twitch and Katee with the door – loved it and thought of you right off.

    I’m here! Yes – that was a lovely, lovely dance. I actually felt bad for being so hard on Mia, once I saw the kick-ass choreography she gave to my fave :)

    At this point, I too could make a case for any of the guys to be in the final 4. I’m almost neutral on the girls outside of Comfort. For me, Chelsie, Courtney and Katee are all so good in their own ways. It’s not hard for me to believe that the rest of America is having a hard time figuring out who to vote for too.

    It’s a really tight race at this point. Even though Twitch is my personal favorite, I can easily see why someone would prefer Will, Joshua or Mark.

    Actually, out of all of the guys, I felt like Twitch was the only one that turned in 2 solid performances and a great solo.

    I agree, but I’m not objective LOL. Actually, I think Will kicked a lot of ass tonight as well. He was hampered by choreography for me, but he danced the shit out of that drek.

    I also agree with Sarah’s alter ego – Joshua and Chelsie were given a lot of challenging stuff tonight, and they definitely brought the goods.

    I can’t say enough good things about Katee. She’s so committed to everything she does, and she’s very technically gifted.

    I voted for Twitch tonight, as usual, and I didn’t get any busy signals either. So, I may cry tomorrow.

  20. I really love how genuine Mark is, and I hope he stays. Will is an amazing, trained dancer, but he doesn’t make me feel anything. I love watching Mark no matter what he does; Will, not so much.

    As much as I love both Chelsie and Joshua, I thought the disco was a trainwreck. The lifts were impressive, but that was it.

    However, I must say, I’m still breathlessly stuck on the HOT kiss Twitch laid on Katee…. OMG. Watched it about a dozen times. So far. Screen cap please?

  21. Joshua and Chelsie were wonderful – he was right there for and with her. Give that boys muscles a break – I still love him. I pretty much liked them all tonight. I really did except the foxtrot

    At the beginning of the foxtrot – Mark looked wonderful out there by himself until he was joined by that messy mess. Comfort is all gangly tripping over herself, akward – arms and legs all over the place. Wow – in not a good way at all

    and oh – I did get Will and Courtneys slow hip hop – I was pretty close to loving that one. the end

  22. Spense, Twitch got most of my votes, too. He and Joshua are my faves. Of the girls, I like them all, too. Courtney is probably my fave. My mom loves Chelsea.

    I think Twitch is popular, so I hope Will goes home if Mark manages to survive.

  23. I loved “Gangsta Mark” and Comfort’s Hip Hop best. After that probably Will and Courtney’s Samba. I’m sorry, I wasn’t feeling Twitch and Katee’s Contemporary, though I did love the part where she’s banging on the “outside” of the door, and he’s on the “inside”, just grinning. That was cute. I actually liked the routine, but I didn’t see much … dancing … if that makes sense. I also wasn’t loving Mark and Comfort’s Foxtrot – though I didn’t think he did half-bad. Besides it being (imho) a rather sucky routine, he was dancing a ballroom with … Comfort. Gimme (and Mark) a break!

    I loved Mark, Katee, Joshua’s and yes, Comfort’s solos. Shocking, I know. But I really hope it’s Comfort going home tomorrow, and for the guys: anyone but the one I suspect it will be: Mark.

    I called 100 (or so) times for Mark. No busy signals.

  24. I feel bad not voting for ghetto!Mark now. *sigh* Jeez, I’m so lazy.

    However, I must say, Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m still breathlessly stuck on the HOT kiss Twitch laid on Kateeà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦. OMG. Watched it about a dozen times. So far. Screen cap please?

    I second that! :)

  25. I’m still not liking how Courtney is all over her last two partners (Joshua being “such a MAN” with his “BIG arms and now her rubbing Will’s chest/abs, hugging, and fawning all over him). Especially, after wincing at Gev’s attempts at hugs at times. Gev was not unmanly, if you will, and shouldn’t have been treated like he had cooties, lol. Oh well, maybe she just didn’t want to encourage Gev any more than he was encouraged on his own.

  26. My favourites: Twitch/Katee’s Contemporary (because it was a different contemporary; AND because the kiss was hot!), Comfort and Mark’s HipHop.
    I loved Will’s and Courtney’s solos!
    I really really don’t want Mark to go home because he’s my favourite but I have a feeling that he will (coincidently being paired with Comfort). I want Joshua to go instead for some weird reason even though he’s probably the most popular one.

  27. I loved how there were no superlatives used to describe Mark and Comfort’s hip hop routine. *ROLLS EYES* If any other contestants (*cough* Will *cough* Chelsie *cough* Katee) were to have danced that, the judges would have pimped it to the high skies.

    Neither Mark or Comfort are judge favorites? WHO WOULDA THUNK?!

    *bitterly leaves to make picks in the pool*

  28. I can’t stop watching Twitch and Katee’s comtemporary…it was my fave of the night, and thanks to that kiss, probably one of my favorites of the season! So entertaining! Their Broadway was really fun to watch as well.

    I really like Mark and Comfort’s hip hop, Chelsie and Josh’s tango and Will and Courtney’s samba (in that order.) Really, other than the foxtrot, there were no truly bad performances tonight, and overall it was a pretty entertaining show!

  29. This show rocks.

    Am I missing something? Was Nigel ever a dancer in a former life? He said something tonight that made me think– What did he ever have to do with dancing? I just thought he was a producer of insanely popular reality shows. ;>

    Sorry, Comfort, you have one sort of style down and that’s it. She’s not the overall dancer she is trying to be for the show.

    I like all of the male dancers. They all “do it well” (and wasn’t MERCY Hot Hot Hot?)

    I hope she doesn’t bring him down with her but if any male is forced to leave tomorrow night, I am guessing Mark. Ouch.

    And you guys are cracking me up. Toni Basil knows one word: “Street.”
    “Oh Toni you’re so fine, memorize another line! Hey Toni, hey Toni!”


  30. Enjoyed all of the performances to varying degrees except the foxtrot.

    Katee and Twitch are the most organic dancers…they are really incredible.

    First time I I really enoyed Chelsie and Courtney. I find Chelsie’s tomboy personality adorable.

    Will is a superb contemporary dancer…he dances other styles extremely well, but he is Alvin Ailey all the way. When he dances other styles there is a tiny something missing.
    Thought his James Brown impression was cute but it was just an imitation.

    Mark and Comfort are really the weakest dancers. I have students (and a number 2 daughter) who dance hip hop far better than she does. Mark is quirky but so what? Quirky does not a dancer make.

    Joshua is another untrained organic dancer. Love how he throws himself into every single performance.

    Twitch and Katee’s contempoary routine was by far the best performance of the night. Have I mentioned before that Mia is a goddess?

  31. JUDY– Oh me oh my! Thank you for THIS clip. I had NO idea! This is … ding dong hysterical!

    I’d love to hear Mary’s reaction to this. Hot tamale or… Cold Burrito??!

  32. Oh no… I go on vacation and miss not only a Disco number but Dmitry as well! Tonight I will be going to see the American Idol concert, with hopes of meeting Jason!

    It is good reading your comments. I wanted Comfort to go home last week, so I imagine those feelings remain. I also like all the guys, but it sounds like it may be Mark who leaves?

  33. Wow, I’m totally hooked on this show! I don’t want anyone to leave, well…except maybe for Comfort, but all the rest are great. I think it’ll be Mark and Comfort leaving though.

    Bring Lil’ C back! He’s a much better judge than Toni “Street Organic” Basil. She was definitely annoying, even more than Mary Murphy! LOL

  34. While I also enjoyed Twitch & Katee’s contemporary routine, to me it was more of a performance piece for Twitch–Katee did all the dancing, and he just stood against a door. That is the second routine Mia choreographed for him (the bed being the other) where there was barely any dancing required of Twitch. While I love his personality and solos, his well-roundedness in dancing is the most lacking to me.

    And I thought Josh & Chelsie’s disco was a hot mess. Granted, that is of course because it was a Doriana disco, and she had someone with muscles, so she put in 87 lifts, but the actual dancing was very messy and heavy. They weren’t very in sync, I saw a very obvious missed connection where Josh kinda stood there for a sec not knowing what to do, and he also fell out of his pirouette in the beginning.

    Josh is my second fave, and will be my new fave when Mark gets voted off, but it has really started to bother me that the judges don’t draw attention to these mistakes on EVERYONE.

    And yes, I liked Josh & Chelsie’s Arg Tango, but to even imply that it was better than the one she did with Mark??? If I remember correctly, when the judges critiqued Mark & Chelsie’s AT, MARK got better reviews from them–Chelsie had a hard time with the intensity/sexy aspect of it. I’m hoping that’s what Mary meant, that Chelsie was better in this AT than that one, but she had to pull Mark’s name into it, to try to influence the voting lemmings just a little bit more.

    UGH. Can you tell I was bugged by last night? :) The Mark & Comfort hip hop was probably the best hard hitting hip hop of the season, but they get no Mary squeals or YES YOU ARE’s from her. And Nigel even uses part of their critique to poorly critique Comfort’s solo–how rude was that? No one else had their solo critiqued. Oh wait, Will’s got a standing O–shocker there.

    And while the foxtrot was another hot mess, that was because it was Comfort doing ballroom. Mark’s stuff by himself in the beginning was great, but they just judged them as a lump, never implying even a tiny bit that he was better than Comfort in it.

    /crabby Marktard

  35. lala, count me in as another crabby Marktard

    I just hope that next year they bring back Mark to choreograph. His solos are always the highlight of the show for me.

  36. Josh and Twitch are amazing……They are hip hop dancers, and there not just doing other styles of dance, they are doing them really well…….It’s insane

  37. I want to see a show of hands from everyone who thinks the judges want Will to win this show. Yes, I think he’s a good/great dancer but as the judges have said all along, this is more than just a talent show. And Will doesn’t do it for me after you get pass the talent.

    I love Mark but I really think he’ll be on the chopping block tonight. Having the partner he did sort of sealed the deal.

    Still loving Joshua and Twitch. I am continually impressed to see their abilities outside of their natural styles. And could Katee please not get Broadway again? Enough already.

  38. Josh and Twitch are amazingà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦They are hip hop dancers, and there not just doing other styles of dance, they are doing them really wellà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦Ãƒ ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦.Ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s insane

    My sentiments exactly! Although I just don’t see Will leaving before either one of them. I don’t think NIGEL would would do that to Debbie Allen’s protege. Isn’t it funny how personality plays such a huge part in these shows… Idol, SYTYCD, AGT..

    I think Will and Chelsie are amazing technical dancers but I don’t feel much when either one of them dances no matter how perfect it is. haa…my daughter says.. why do you have to FEEL anything…it’s just dance.. and Will is beautiful to look at.. LOL. All in all..I guess either of the guys is worthy of the final four…

    For the girls..Chelsie came off a bit full of herself in her clip yesterday so it turned me off so I hope it’s Katee and Courtney for the girls.

  39. I think the judges want a Twitch/Katee/Joshua/Chelsie F4. If they really wanted Will to win, they would never have given him 1) Jessica as a partner, 2) disco, 3) quickstep or 4) samba with Courtney instead of Chelsie. They also would have been more enthusiastic about his audition.

    I love all four guys at this point, Mark the most, so that’s my perspective from my tiny slice of the Love-All-Four-But-Mark-First section of the grassy knoll. I hadn’t voted yet this season, but I did throw Mark a few votes last night. I think he may benefit from being B2 last week, and stick around another week. If he does, I think Will be O-U-T, and after his wonderful solo, that would be a shame. But at this point… None of the boys deserves to go. It’s heartbreak for me (and apparently Cat) every week when one has to leave, just like Gev last week.

  40. My favorite part of last night’s show was Will’s James Brown solo. That was awesome! I just wish it had been a little longer.

  41. UGH. Can you tell I was bugged by last night? :) The Mark & Comfort hip hop was probably the best hard hitting hip hop of the season, but they get no Mary squeals or YES YOU AREà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s from her. And Nigel even uses part of their critique to poorly critique Comfortà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s soloà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’how rude was that? No one else had their solo critiqued. Oh wait, Willà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s got a standing Oà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬’shocker there.

    lala, I noticed the same thing. What’s with the standing “O” on Will’s solo? It was actually my least favorite of all 8 solos. And critiquing Comfort’s solo (which I happened to like, even though I want her to go home tonight) poorly? What the …? I have never seen SYTYCD so blatant in their pimping/anti-pimping as this season. The solos are supposed to pass by without comment from the judges and to leave America to decide whether they like it or not.

    I voted a few more time for Mark after my earlier post. I hope there’s some way he makes it through. I didn’t even glance at DialIdol this week since they’ve proven they suck at “predicting” anything except American Idol (where they rule!).

  42. Am I the only one who LOVED last night’s show? Katee and Twitch’s contemporary and Chelsie and Joshua’s disco stole the show for me, but I also loved Courtney and Will’s samba…I thought they were a fabulous couple. Mark and Comfort seemed to be thrown under the bus a bit. Comfort deserves to go this week, but Mark seems to be getting the “sacrificial lamb” treatment from the judges.

    My ideal top 4: Mark, Twitch, Chelsie, Courtney. But I also love Will and wouldn’t mind seeing him in the top 4. I love Katee too, just not as much as Chelsie and Courtney.

    If the judges have their way, the top 4 is going to be Josh, Will, Katee, and Chelsie but tonight and next week can always be “surprises”

  43. According to DialIdol (I know that these numbers can’t really be trusted, but I wanted to brace myself, just in case) it looks like Comfort and Twitch got the least votes. Mark got the most for the guys and Katee for the girls.

  44. AInoob, those numbers of votes are the number of votes placed through the DialIdol software on behalf of people signed up with DialIdol – and who those people want to win. (At least, that’s how I understand it.) I hope they’re right, but the only thing DialIdol “predicted” with 100 % certainty last week was that Comfort was going home.

    If you look at the DialIdol Score Stat, (under the “Stat” drop-down menu) that shows Mark dead last with a score of “zero”. (You can see the actual scores by placing your cursor on the yellow circles to the right of the dancers’ names.) Of course, last week that’s where they had Comfort with a score of “zero” too.

    Go Mark!

  45. I didnt mind the blatantness with Comfort at all. She just needs to go – she is an ugly dancer and I dont mean her looks or her face at all. She is just a mess of arms and legs – she doesnt know what to do with them – her hands hang down at the ends of her arms – her toes dont point, ugh! Not a pretty site. She is a wonderful hard hitting popper which is great but geesh she needs to leave this show because it is NOT just about hip hop – but she will probably still be there. What I did mind was that they did not critique Mark alone as they did with Will and Jessica before because, even though he is not my favorite, I could certainly see that it was such an unfair advantage to him to have to dance with her and he sure started that foxtrot out very nicely!!!

  46. I think the judges want a Twitch/Katee/Joshua/Chelsie F4.

    No way in hell are we going to have both Twitch and Josh in the Top 4. I’m just speaking from observation and deduction so I could very well be wrong, but since Twitch and Josh both do popping, I get the impression they’re splitting most of their votes. Because of that, they WILL end up canceling each other, and I think it’ll be Twitch to go before the Top 4. Besides, the stupid judges in their oh-so-obvious pimping this year have made it more than damn clear that they want Will in their Top 4. I still don’t think Will’s connecting to the audience, so I’m guessing the choreographers had him take his shirt off for a couple of pieces to expand his fanbase and draw a shitload of swing votes. /anti-Will-ness

    Speaking of the pimping, what the FUCK is up with the OTT pimping and de-pimping this year?! That hat is not freaking random! Mark ended up with Kherington and a freaking two-step last week; now Comfort and a foxtrot which he did fine in, although since he was with Comfort and the judges want him gone, he was left devoid of any compliments. Good Lord. And to think I liked this show because the pimping wasn’t so in-your-face and flat-out obvious. Jeez. (Yeah, count me in as another crabby Marktard.)

    And before I leave, I just want to say how much of a wacko I think Toni Basil is and how much she never needs to judge again for the sake of the little kiddies out there (like me) who don’t want to lose any more freaking brain cells trying to decipher what the hell she’s saying.

    Okay. I’m done.

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