So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20 Results – Recap

Hey! I got all my points in the pool! This week’s elimination is not a surprise. Rayven and Jamie were unseen and they performed first. The judges criticized Rayven for not dancing on pointe when she danced for her life. You would think she’d pull out all the stops. Jessica and Will finding their way into the Bottom 3 was a bit of a suprise. Though they got rave reviews from the judges, they don’t appear to be connecting with the viewing audience.

The Pussycat Dolls were just…sh*teous. I mean, WTF?

The Matt and Kourtni duo: I think Kourtni saved Matt’s ass. She already has a following, I don’t think he’s very popular. If they wind up in the bottom 3 again, and if there is a suitable left over partner for her, I’m betting the judges send him home and keep her.

The most popular couples right now, are Katee and Joshua and Chelsie H and Mark. I expect them to go deep in the competition.

I love that the judges pick the ultimate bootee. It really takes a lot of the manipulation of the contest itself out of the equation.

  • Nigel Lythgoe tied to a chair? The Wade and Angela Robeson choreography (Song: “Cobrastyle” by Robyn) was pretty awesome! – VIDEO
  • Cat Deely calls Kherington and Twitch, Chelsea T and Thayne and Chelsie H and Mark to center stage. They are all declared safe. VIDEO
  • Matt and Kourtni find out they are in the Bottom 3. Susie and Marquis find out they are safe. Comfort and Chris and Matt and Raven are center stage. Comfort and Chris are safe, Matt and Raven are in the Bottom 3. VIDEO.
  • Katee and Joshua are Safe. Jessica and Will and Courtney G and Gev take center stage. Jessica and Will are in the Bottom 3. Courtney G and Gev are safe. VIDEO.
  • Popper Pete and Sho Nee perform – VIDEO
  • Kourtni, Matt, Rayven and Jamie dance for their lives – VIDEO
  • Jessica and Will dance for their lives – VIDEO
  • The Pussycat DollsVIDEO
  • Rayven and Jamie are ELIMINATED – VIDEO

Bottom 3

  • Kourtni and Matt
  • Rayven and Jamie
  • Jessica and Will

Rayven and Jamie are ELIMINATED

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