So You Think You Can Dance – Top 18 Performance and Results – VIDEO

Bianca Revels and Phillip Atmore are eliminated tonight.VIDEO

Two tappers gone tonight?   I have a feeling Nigel wanted to keep at least one of them.   Based on his remarks to each dancer, I think he would have sent home Noell rather than Bianca.

It’s a shame–both Bianca and Phillip are fantastic in their styles.

Next week, the SYTYCD schedule will be back to   normal with the performances on Tuesday and results on Wednesday. Yay.

OMG. Nigel has moved the “Paula Abdul” chair next to Adam. “She’s forever my girl, ” says Adam.

Billy Bell will be joining the Top 100 in Vegas next season. Brandon, who was eliminated last week after taking Billy’s place, will be able to audition for SYTYCD Season 7.

More recap after the jump…

Noell and Russell – Hip Hop by Jamal Sims – “Move Shake Drop Remix” by DJ Laz, Flo Rida and Casley – Hip-hop routine with tennis racquets is gimmicky, kind of silly. The judges don’t like the dancers, but I wonder if these two aren’t the victims of bad choreography. Adam says, “…I felt like it was overwhelming you a little bit.” Lots of rambling there, Adam. “For me, Russell, you won the match. This is your style…it got a little bit labored toward the end for me…Noell, you gave me more than I expected.” Nigel says, “It was just so fast, you didn’t get a hold of it…Noell, I’m not sure it’s going to be strong enough to keep you out of the bottom…a little disappointed.” – VIDEO

Ashleigh and Jacob ‘ Viennese Waltz by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin – “At Last” by Etta James – “This piece is the couples first wedding dance together, ” says Melanie. Very pretty. But, it’s hard to get excited about the waltz. Adam says, “You guys can still do no wrong in my book…but it was a little ‘lifty’ to me..” Adam is criticizing the choreography. Mary says, “The lift sequence was very good, but I expected more from you…but you were there for her 100%…Ashleigh, I think you were wonderful…you guys are getting closer to the Top 10.” Nigel says, “Jacob, you are such a beautiful dancer…Ashleigh…you need to be careful with your arms a little bit…very strong routine tonight.” – VIDEO

Bianca and Victor – Broadway by Tyce Diorio – “Maybe God is Tryin’ to Tell you Something” The Color Purple (soundtrack) – The routine lacked chemistry and could have been danced with more energy. Adam says, “…what happened for me…you danced it well…I wanted to see you guys lose it.” Mary says, “It was good…but it didnt’ really go there…there wasn’t abandonment there.” Nigel says, “The characters weren’t strong enough…Victor you looked like a fish out of water. It didn’t sit very comfortably for either of you…disappointed with this routine.” – VIDEO

Mollee and Nathan – Bollywood by Nakul Dev Mahajan – “Azeem O Shaan Shahenshah” Jodhaa Akbar (soundtrack) – The story involves a warrior prince, and his unhappy princess. I love Bollywood! Nathan is a revelation! These two are cute together and are developing a terrific chemistry. Adam says, “You guys are such an exciting couple. Mollee you’re coming into your own…you embraced stillness.” Mary says, “The beginning of that was just like a Hollywood movie…the two of you are bringing something new to the stage.” Nigel says, “I thought it was fabulous…Nathan, tremendous stuff.” – VIDEO

Channing and Phillip ‘ Samba by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin – “Maracatu Funk” by The Samba Squad – Neither dancer is familiar with the Samba. Channing had some great hip action, but the lifts are really labored and sloppy. They’re going to get creamed. Adam says, “I could see you guys struggling with the style, Channing…great hip action…some really wonderful interaction.” Mary says, “It didn’t quite get done…a lot of the rhythmical elements were there. Phillip, you weren’t helping Channing…beautiful hip action.” Nigel says, “The chemistry between you didn’t work…” – VIDEO

Karen and Kevin ‘ Hip Hop ‘ Tabitha and Napoleon – “Ice Cream Paint Job” by Dorrough – Kevin is a mechanic, Tabitha is the hot girl who walks into his shop – Ha cute routine. Pretty sexy, too. Karen is amazing–so much personality and confidence. The pair have tons of chemistry. They really inhabited their characters. OMG I think Karen is turning Adam straight. j/k. Adam says, “Karen…you tore that up…Kevin you were fantastic.” Mary says, “It was hot for sure, yes miss thang you are still on the hot tamale train…Kevin you’re phenomenal…of course he’s on the hot tamale train.” Nigel says, “Kevin we expected you to be great…but Karen…you really are a real pleasure to watch.” – VIDEO

Kathryn and Legacy ‘ Contemporary by Stacey Tookey – “2 Steps Away” by Patti LaBelle – The story is about a woman struggling with fear, the man is “fear”. A powerful piece beautifully danced. Wow. Adam says, “Legacy you are a different man than I’ve ever seen…you turned a corner, buddy…Kathryn, you are bringing out something beautiful in him.” Mary says, “It really was abandonment into the routine..Legacy, the growth we’re seeing in you…Kathryn, you just keep nailing it every week.” Nigel says, “It was a very touching routine, Legacy…you have grown and risen since then…Kathryn you were under the radar…you’re proving them wrong.” – VIDEO

Pauline and Peter ‘ Jazz by Wade Robson – “Little Green Bag” by George Baker Selection – Discarded painting elements from “Starry Night” come back to haunt Van Gough. Erm. Ok. Back away from the ‘shrooms, Wade! – Adam says the piece will be controversial, nevertheless, both dancers sold it. Mary says, “I loved the concept, and the costumes…I don’t think it’s going to take you anywhere right now.” Nigel says, “Wade makes a statement with his dancers. I think Peter, your shoulders are tight. Pauline, that’s the first time I’ve seen you dance to the full extent…very good indeed.” – VIDEO

Ellenore and Ryan ‘ Argentine Tango ‘ “Violent Tango” by Astor Piazzolla – Miriam Larici & Leonardo Barrionuevo – Ryan is so strong…the lifts are tremendous. I really dig Ellenore and all her quirks. She’s a beautiful dancer. Her skirt was caught in her heel, and she didn’t miss a beat. Adam says, “The laser like connection you two maintained..Ellenore…you had a stillness and maturity…congrats that was unbelievable.” Mary says, “Ellenore…it was just phenomenal….Ryan you were spot on…you were totally there for her.” Mary stood and screamed. Nigel says, “I don’t know another couple that could have done it any better than you showed us how to do it.” – VIDEO

Elimination time. Noell and Russell, Bianca and Victor, Channing and Phillip – the bottom four dancers will come from these three couples. Russell and Channing are asked to step back.

Noell, Bianca, Victor and Phillip are in the bottom 4. They will dance for their lives after the break.

Noelle (“For A Reason” by Zhane), Victor (“Navras” Matrix Revolutions (soundtrack)), Bianca (“Tootsee Roll” by 69 Boyz) and Phillip (“Almost Like Being In Love” by Nat King Cole) dance for their lives. – VIDEO

Eliminated: – VIDEO

The girls: The decision is not unanimous. Noell is staying, Bianca is going home. Nigel says they felt Noell danced for her life tonight.

The boys: Nigel says he’s upset. He tells Phillip that he’s   going home. “Two tappers are going home tonight, and it breaks my heart.” Hm, I have a feeling Nigel was overruled somewhere…

OMG. Phillips father died a couple of weeks ago, the entire cast is in tears right now…Sniff.

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