Dancing With The Stars – Top 7 – Results

Michael Irvin and Anna Demidova and Lacey Schwimmer and Mark Dacascos are eliminated tonight.

From the Baltimore Sun Live blog:

DANCE CAPTAIN: Ben's Hardest Ch...
DANCE CAPTAIN: Ben's Hardest Choreography Yet with ANASTASIA

Now for the BIG results. Michael and Anna are out. Lacey is surprised; she and Mark will be in the dance off with Aaron and Karina.

Lacey and Mark dance a cha cha. It’s fun, and I can’t help but like Mark. Judge Len Goodman says it was clean, sharp and rhythmic. Judge Bruno Tonioli says he can turn more tricks than Heidi Fleiss! Ha! He says what cha cha there was was good. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba says the flow from the tricks to dance was effortless.

Aaron and Karina dance a jive. It is fun, too, and, well, superior. Go, Nick Carter’s little brother, go! Bruno says he can’t believe the couple are in the dance off. He says the jive was just as good as last night’s. Carrie Ann says she disagrees; it was better. Len calls him the comeback kid.

The judges unanimously want Aaron and Karina to stay. That means Lacey and Mark are out.

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  1. Well, I did pick the correct two that went home but in the wrong order. It is good that the fans voted Michael out tonight rather than the judges. I really liked Mark as a contestant! He improved so much during the competition. I also believe Aaron was humbled by the way it turned out. Either that, or he is a good actor.

    Whose idea was it to have a double elimination this late in the competition. I felt 16 celebrities were way too much. They should have had the second double elimination weeks ago.

    Derek and Mark singing…meh.

  2. As much as many seem to dislike him, Aaron did not deserve to be in the Bottom 3 and I’m glad Bruno said so. He and Karina’s jive was better than last night. Bravo to them!

    Poor Lacey was obviously still very ill. It was awesome that she came back tonight for Mark being as it turned out to be his last night. She must have sensed something.

  3. Lacey and Mark were the last couple I really liked. I guess I’m not going to watch anymore.

  4. I’m happy because my favorites, Kelly & Donny, were safe right away. Loved seeing Team Tango dance again. I was happy that Michael went home. It was time. I didn’t mind that Mark went although like him better than Joanna, Mya, and Aaron. I knew they weren’t going.

  5. Lacey and Mark were the last couple I really liked. I guess I’m not going to watch anymore.

    Yeah I’m probably not going to watch it anymore either. The show needs to cast better celebrities and Mark and Lacey were my favorite so no more dwts for me.

  6. Mya and Dmitry remain my favorite, along with Donny and Kym. I think Derick is counting on winning. Joanna as America’s favorite? Oh, no…

  7. I want Donnie and Mya in the finale, the rest of them can go away. Actually, Aaron might deserve a spot there too if he can keep improving the way he has been.

  8. I’m kind of hoping that Mya is the surprise boot at 4th because I still don’t think she should be there with her dance and choreography experience.

  9. I’m happy too. Got to love Donny and gosh darn it, I like Derek Hough. The kid can really dance. I was relieved that both of my favorite guys are still in it. I’m ready to see Aaron and Karina go. Something about him just bothers me even though he really is a good dancer. As much as I like Kelly, I really don’t think she belongs in this top group either. Plus, watching Alec and Edyta dance this week was a bonus treat. Just love both of them.

  10. I feel as you do ShariG. This will be an exciting Finale if Mya, Donny, and …Joanna are in it. I just don’t see Joanna going home any time soon.

  11. awww…aaron and karina are the best!and this “nick carter’s little brother”is so funny!haha

  12. awww…aaron and karina are the best!and this “nick carter’s little brother”is so funny!haha

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