So You Think You Can Dance – Top 16 Results

Miranda Maleski and Robert Taylor Jr. are eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance

The couple eliminated tonight were so obviously cannon fodder from the get-go.  It didn’t even matter that Miranda performed her heart out when she danced for her life tonight. The die was already cast.  Nigel knew what he was going to do well before any contestant set foot on the stage to save themselves tonight.

His little spiel was so rehearsed, that Nigel effed up big time–as Rickey from observed.  Nigel told Chris that he liked his “Woody Woodpecker” routine.  Yeah. It was Robert and Miranda who performed that routine, Nigel. WHOOPS. /scripted /fake.

Miranda got two more weeks than I thought she’d get. I expected her to disappear week 1. Oh, and according to Lyndsey Parker, who was sitting in the audience:

Lauren Alaina was in the audience tonight!

So, that’s cool.

Live blogging the So You Think You Can Dance Top 16 results!

The opening dance routine is from “The Incredibles”


Kristin Chenoweth pimps her country album. I love her, but I bet that sucks. We’re looking at the music video right now. Her crazy eyes are scaring me.

Lil C has also rejoined Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy on the judges panel.

Remember…National Dance Day is July 30th. Nigel explains the 3 routines that will be posted on the web–choreography to learn for the big day.

First 3 couples: Melanie & Marko are first. Of course they are safe. Oooh a shot of them backstage kissing again! Ashley & Chris are next. The are in the BOTTOM 3. Ryan & Ricky are up. This week, Ryan & Ricky are SAFE!

Three more couples take the stage. Jordan & Tadd are first. (Jordan has to pee!) They are SAFE. Sasha & Alexander and Miranda & Robert are next.  Miranda & Robert are IN DANGER. Sasha & Alexander are SAFE.

Back from break. Clarice & Jess and Caitlyn & Mitchell take the stage.  Caitlyn & Mitchell are the final couple IN DANGER!  Clarice & Jess ARE SAFE.

The dance troupe, Axis, consists of performers with disabilities. An able-bodied dancer performs with a dancer in a wheelchair. That was pretty amazing. via IdolXfactor

Solos: Ashley is first – “For You”, David Ryan Harris , Chris is next – “Your Gonna Make It”, KJ-52 feat. Bianca Reyes, Miranda performs – “Unthinkable”, Maria Zouroudis, and then Robert– “I Don’t Need It”, Jamie Foxx.

Solos: Caitlyn is first – “It Doesn’t Hurt”, Katie Thompson, Mitchell is next – “Rolling in the Deep”, Adele

Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian via IdolXfactor

This routine was remarkable! Some incredible moves that looked impossible to do. Lovely and ethereal.


The girls are up. There is no question we love all 3 girls, says Nigel and WE ARE NOT UNANIMOUS THIS EVENING. Miranda steps forward. Nigel says she was the most improved, but he is sending her home anyway.


The guys are up. The judges are unanimous with this decision. Nigel asks Mitchell to step forward. Nigel says Mitchell does well when he dances for his life, but he’s not connecting with the public. Chris is next. He danced with passion in Dance for Your Life. He’s doing a good job, but he has to grow quicker. He’s not quite there yet. And as it turns out, Robert is going home.


  • Melanie & Marko
  • Ryan & Ricky
  • Jordan & Tadd
  • Sasha & Alexander
  • Clarice & Jess

Bottom 3

  • Ashley & Chris
  • Miranda & Robert
  • Caitlyn & Mitchell
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