So You Think You Can Dance – Top 14 Results – Recap

Khourtni and Matt are eliminated

If the elimination was based solely on which girl danced the worst solo tonight, Comfort should have gotten the boot. She stepped it up this week, but overall, she’s been pretty mediocre. As a chick hip-hop dancer, she’s one of a kind on the show right now, so I get why TPTB want to keep her. But, still…BAH. Khourtni and Matt were both under-appreciated in this competition. For instance, I thought their dance last week was brilliant. Wierd, but brilliant. I’m going to miss Khourtni’s quirkiness and unique style. Although Matt’s elimination is a loss too, all the guys danced beautiful solos this week, making their lot tougher to sort out.

And, oh yeah. Jessica’s ass is still soo being saved by her brilliant partner, William. She danced the best she ever has this week–but still. As soon as she manages to hit the Bottom 3, she’s a goner, I suspect. Finally, I totally agree with Nigel–Courtney and Gev are the underdogs. I totally heart them.

Group number – Choreographed by Tyce Diorio – Song: “Money Money” from Cabaret. Check out the photo on the money at the end of the number… – VIDEO

Video clip featuring Tyce – Not, not blown away…AT ALL! – VIDEO


  • Kherington and Twitch and Katee and Joshua – HUGE screams from the audience. Uh, I think they are safe. Ugh, Cat is attempting a fake-out. Who believes this sh*te? Not me! Both couples are SAFE. – VIDEO
  • Khourtni and Matt are the first couple in the BOTTOM 3. Courtney and Gev and Chelsie and Mark are next. Courtney and Gev are in the BOTTOM 3. Chelsie and Mark are SAFE. – VIDEO
  • Jessica and Will and Comfort and Thayne take the stage. Comfort and Thayne are in the BOTTOM 3. Jessica and Will are SAFE. – VIDEO

Robert Murain from the LA Auditions comes back to perform (Song: “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” by C+C Music Factory) – Why is he getting so much attention? He quit Vegas without even trying. I can’t watch this double-jointed weirdness… – VIDEO

Dancing for their Lives:

  • Khourtni Lind – (Song: “No Man” by Nina Story) Matt Dorame – (Song: “Sweet Contentment” by Bradley James and the Roadies) Courtney Galliano – (Song: “What’s Another Day” by Maria Mena) Gev Manoukian – (Song: “Everybody Loves a Carnival” by Fat Boy Slim) – VIDEO
  • Comfort Fedoke – (Song: “Hit the floor” by Twista feat. Pitbull) Thayne Jasperson – (Song: “I Want to Break Free” by Queen) – VIDEO

One Republic performs “Say All I Need” – VIDEO


Khourtni Lind and Matt Dorame – The girls were first. Nigel says it was a tough decision and that it was not unanimous. He asks Courtney to step forward. Nigel tells her she has always risen to the occasion, and for that reason, she is staying. Courtney breaks down into tears before she leaves the stage. Nigel asks Comfort to step forward. Nigel tells her she did not get his vote, because he felt her solo was not strong enough. However, the rest of the panel voted that she stay. That means, Comfort stays and Khourtni is eliminated. Comfort begins to cry. There’s an awkward moment as she turns to hug Khourtni as Cat congratulates her. She leaves the stage distraught. Khourtni thanks everyone for an amazing experience. She is excited for her future. Next, it’s the boys. Nigel asks Gev to step forward. Nigel thought his solo was fantastic–he’s not going anywhere. He tells Matt that he came into the competition at a really level, that he hasn’t really grown. For that reason, he’s the guy going home tonight. VIDEO

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