So You Think You Can Dance – Top 12 – SPOILERS

Here they are from Idol Forums:

Mia Michaels is this week’s guest judge

  • Chelsie and Mark – Salsa by Alex de Silva + Broadway by Tyce Di Orio (Song: “I’m a Woman”)
  • Comfort and Thayne – Hip Hop by Napoleon and Tabitha (Song: “Can We Chill” by Neyo) + Contemporary by Mandy Moore (Song: by George Michael)
  • Jessica and Will – Contemporary by Tyce Di Orio + Quickstep by Jean Marc Generaux (Song: big band by Barry Manilow)
  • Courtney and Gev – Cha Cha by Anya and Pasha + Jazz by Mandy Moore
  • Kherington and Twitch – Krump by Lil C + Smooth Tango Jean Marc Generaux (or maybe Tony Meredith & Melody La Patin, the spoiler is a little unsure)
  • Katee and Joshua – Viennese Waltz by Jean Marc Generaux (Song: “Iris”) + Bollywood


Katy Perry performs “I Kissed a Girl.”
Three members of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will perform part of Ailey’s “Revelations.

Remarks from the spoilers:

Mia was being a “bitch” during the whole show and got on Marks case (grrrr!). But she said Marksie did great!

Will was “almost naked” again.

“Bye bye Comfort & Thayne”. They performed 2nd.

Mark & Chelsie did the best, but “everyone but Comfort & Thayne had great comments on at least one dance”. Another poster who was at the taping said Thayne got compliments on their second dance.”

Courtney & Gev were “2nd best of the night”.

Nigel said Twitchington “murdered” their second routine, and he didn’t mean it as a compliment.

Bollywood was cool.

Another poster who was at the taping said:

The Jessica/Will contemporary dance was practically “sex on stage”.

One of the judges said Courtney and Gev were not the best dancers, but had the most chemistry. The video prior to their Cha Cha had everyone speaking Russian, and Courtney looking confused…

Kherington was “gangsta” but only for the first half of the Krump routine.

About Joshua and Katee, “On their first dance, they said joshua was too bouncy..but i think mia said katee was a gift to dance or some ish like that.”

After their Quickstep, Nigel said Will was carrying Jessica.

Thinks Twitchington will be in the bottom this week because, “Kherington’s krump died towards the end and the judges didn’t like their second routine.”

And yet another poster:

Mark’s shoulder was sore for the first dance–the judges said it was OK (Chelsie and Mark’s Salsa) but it wasn’t Super.

Twitchington was saved by their Krump — The Tango was supposed to be a “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” type routine, but it was just OK. The judges called Kherington out on getting tired near the end.

About Courtney and Gev: “Both their routines were awesome. Their jazz was them as a couple traveling in the jungle and they both were fighting over the map.”

Khourtni Lind was in the audience.

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