So You Think You Can Dance – Top 12 Results – Recap

Comfort Fedoke and Thayne Jasperson are eliminated tonight VIDEO

Group Dance by Tabitha and Napoleon – Song – “Closer” by Neyo. – VIDEO

Cat Deely says the Top 10 will go on tour in September.

Quitter-boy Robert Murain will get more camera time! That Philip guy has agreed to a dance-off in the finale. Pretty sweet deal for someone who picked up his toys and went home.


  • Comfort and Thayne and Katee and Joshua take center stage. Comfort and Thayne are in the Bottom 3. Katee and Joshua are SAFE. Duh! – VIDEO
  • Jessica and Will and Chelsie and Mark take center stage. Chelsie and Mark are SAFE. Jessica and Will are in the Bottom 3. Nice fake-out, Cat! You almost had me going. – VIDEO
  • Courtney and Gev and Kherington and Twitch take center stage. Kherington and Twitch are in the Bottom 3. Courtney and Gev are SAFE. YAY! – VIDEO

Members of Alvin Ailey Dance Theater perform Revelations – Song: “Sinner Man” by Billy Porter – VIDEO

Dancing For Their Lives:

  • Comfort Fedoke – Song: “Oh Timbaland” by Timbaland. Thayne Jasperson – Song: “Come Home” by One Republic. Jessica King – Song: “Best for Last” by Adele. Will Wingfield – Song: “Daraijan” by Kodo. – Holy COW, Will’s solo was AMAZING. Now that the pairings are through, he should just begin to fly through this competition. Joshua, Twitch and Mark–watch out! – VIDEO
  • Kherington Payne – Song: “All We Are” by One Republic. Twitch – Song: “We Gonna Win” by Miri Ben-Ari. – VIDEO

Katie Perry performs “I Kissed a Girl” – Fake lesbianism gets on my nerves. So do terrible singers. Wow, wow, wow, that was sh*teous. – VIDEO

Eliminated tonight:

The Girls – Nigel asks Kherington to step forward. He tells her that she’s reminded everyone this week that she’s not just a pretty face. He tells her she’s danced brilliantly and asks her to sit down. Kherington is SAFE. Comfort and Jessica are left. Nigel says he’s had his mind changed in the course of conversations with the other judges. He congratulates Comfort, “You really pulled it out with your solo.” he tells her. Does that mean he’s going to keep her? He tells Jessica that they were somewhat disappointed with her solo, but that she’s had at least one routine a week that’s been absolutely stunning (don’t make me go back to the tape Nigel! Jessica has had some good performances, but not one a week) Because of the good routines, Nigel says, the judging panel has decided to keep her. Jessica is SAFE and Comfort is Eliminated.

The Guys – Nigel asks Twitch to step foward. “I’m glad you were in the Bottom 3, ” he says, “It wakes everybody up…it also gives us the opportunity to see your unique style and musicality. Nigel tells him he’s SAFE. Will and Thayne are left. Will and Thayne are left. Thayne has got to know he’s a dead man walking. Nigel compares Will to the Alvin Ailey dancers who had just performed. He tells Will that his work is superb and that “we certainly can’t lose you tonight.” He asks Will to sit down. He is SAFE. Thayne is eliminated.

Nigel tells Thayne he wishes he could have eliminated TWO girls tonight, and kept all the boys. Oh, I agree! To Thayne, Nigel says, “You have been superb on this series, your work is excellent, and I know that Mia Michaels will be working with you soon, she’s very upset at losing you tonight, although we have been unanimous in our decision.” A nice send off for Thayne.

Comfort Fedoke is Eliminated. Thayne Jasperson is Eliminated. – VIDEO

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