So You Think You Can Dance- The Top 20 (SPOILERS!)

The gang at IdolForums have figured out the Top 20 for SYTYCD. If you wish to be spoiled, click and continue…

1. Alexis Juliano (tap)

2. Amy Yakima (contemporary)

3. Brittany Cherry (ballroom)
(Audition not shown, but she was featured on Dancing With The Stars)

4. Hayley Erbert (contemporary)

5. Jasmine Harper (contemporary) aka Cyrus’s Ex

6. Jasmine Mason (jazz)
(her audition this season wasn’t shown, so here’s her audition from last season)

7. Jenna Johnson (ballroom)

8. Makenzie Dustman (contemporary)

9. Malece Miller (contemporary)

10. Mariah Spears (hip hop)
(Her audition was montaged this season, here’s her audition from last season)

1. Alan Bersten (ballroom)
(Audition wasn’t shown, but he’s had a few moments in Vegas. Here’s a video from another competition)

2. Dorian ‘Bluprint’ Hector (hip hop)

3. Carlos Garland (contemporary)
(Audition not shown, so here’s a highlight reel)

4. Curtis Holland (tap) aka Wayne Brady’s little brother

5. Emilio Dosal (hip hop)

6. Fik-Shun Stegall (hip hop)

7. Jade Zuberi (hip hop)

8. Nico Greetham (contemporary)

9. Paul Karmiryan (ballroom) aka the Guy Who Already Won SYTYCD In Another Country

10. Tucker Knox (contemporary)

1. Alex Kessinger (jazz)

2. Gabby Marquez (jazz)
(Audition Unavailable)

3. Justine Lutz (contemporary)
(Audition Not Shown)

4. Kayla Bingham (contemporary)
(Audition Not Shown)

5. Marissa Milele (jazz)
(Audition Not Shown)

6. Megan Branch (contemporary)
(Audition Not Shown- Her Audition From Last Year:)

1. Aaron Turner (tap)
(Audition Not Shown)

2. David Lorenzo (contemporary)
(Audition Not Shown)

3. Gene Bersten (ballroom)

4. Markus Shields (hip hop)

5. Ryan Johnson (tap)
(Audition Not Shown)

6. Serge Onik (ballroom)
(Audition Not Shown, But He’s Been On Dancing With The Stars)

7. Yiannis Logothetis (contemporary)

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