So You Think You Can Dance Season 6 Spoilers

From SYTYCDism:

After the jump, check out a list of spoilers of the dancers who made the Top 38.     The Green Mile episode, featuring the kids who made the T0p 20, has not been filmed yet.


I linked the dancers names who were featured in audition rounds to their videos from the show.

Next week, the last audition city will be featured on Tuesday, and then the Las Vegas rounds begin begin on Wednesday.   Two more Las Vegas episodes will follow on October 14th and 21st.

On Monday, October 26th, there will be a special “Meet the Top 20” special, and on Tuesday the 2th, the live shows begin. Yay.

Spoilers, after the JUMP…

Top 38


Jakob Karr – audition city: New Orleans – (contemporary)
Nathan Trasoras (contemporary/hip hop) (He was the Season 5 contestant who was too young at the time. Nigel gave him a ticket for Season 6 Las Vegas)
Billy Bell – audition city: Altanta – (contemporary)
David Hovhannisyan –   audition city: Los Angeles -(ballet)
Brandon Dumlao -audition city: Los Angeles -(hip hop)
Victor Smalley – audition city: Atlanta – (contemporary)
BBoy Legacy – audition city: Phoenix – (breakdancing/hip hop)
– Peter Sabasino (tap)
Phillip Atmore – audition city: Los Angeles -(tap)
– Jeroboam Bozeman (contemporary/ballet?)
Gene Bersten – audition city: Boston – (ballroom)
– Ryan ? (ballroom)
Russell Ferguson – audition city: Boston – (krump)

– Paula VanOppen (contemporary)
– Jacki Ford (contemporary/jazz) – Joey Dowling’s sister
Mollee Gray – audition city: Los Angeles – (contemporary)
Bianca Revels – audition city: Los Angeles – (tap)
Alexie Agdeppa – audition city: Los Angeles -(contemporary)
Channing Cooke – audition city: Boston – (contemporary)
Amber Jackson – Audition city: Atlanta – (contemporary) – auditioned season five
– Ashley ? (ballroom)
Karen Hauer – audition city: Boston – (ballroom) – hot tamale, auditioned in Boston with husband Matthew
Ellenore Scott (contemporary) – word on the street says she’s a GENIUS.

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  1. They should just go ahead and rename this show “So You Think You Can Contemporary Dance”. Even their suppose “hip hop” winner, Joshua was really a contemporary dancer.

  2. So I’ll start watching Wednesday. I really dislike that auditions are 73.2% backstories. I just want to see them dance.

  3. primeminister
    October 4, 2009 at 2:53 pm
    Nathan Trasoras! Hope he makes it.

    Yeah, where is he? he was amazing!

    ETA: Nevermind, i just saw him. Yay!

  4. MJ,

    Thanks for this nice post. I did not have time to watch the auditions and now I feel caught up!

  5. so happy russel is there. what happened to kimalee? i thought she was awesome. i later read that they came in second int he world.

  6. Where is Jonathan Litzler. He was my FAVORITE. (well besides Nathan Trasoras)

  7. Ryan is the twin brother who didn’t make it last year. His brother was top 5 last season. Ryan’s Phillip’s roommate. I think Ryan dances Fred Astaire style whatever that is.


    I am sooo glad we get to Vegas this Wednesday. I *hate* the auditions.

  9. Ummm… why are people saying there aren’t any tappers? There are 2 guys and one girl listed above.

    I wonder if this is the ballroom couple – Ashleigh and Ryan?

    I’m all for letting him on the show! I love male ballroom guys. The show isn’t the same without them. :lol:

  10. butte009, I thought Matt and Karen Hauer are the married couple. They did a very sexy dance audition. Maybe it is Ashleigh and Ryan? I missed half of the auditions because I was watching DWTS. (I am unable to record both shows at the same time.)

    I’ll have to check back on MJ’s notes. Yes, where is Jonathan Litz?

  11. I cannot remember all the names! Gee… but there are plenty that I definitely would like to see in the top 20 and that would be… when I see their faces tomorrow night! ;-)

  12. I did not watch this show until last season and it’s just so interesting, the judging here is soooooo much better than AI. And I like watching the judges’ reaction, which you never get to do on AI.

  13. I thought Jonathan Litzler was kicked off last week.. he’s the acrobatic flipping blonde contemporary dancer right?

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