So You Think You Can Dance – Season 5 – The Final Performance – VIDEO

Nigel called the contest for either Brandon or Jeanine. We’ll see.   They are both well-rounded, sensational dancers with the right mix of personality and technique, but I don’t think Evan and his mighty army of fans can be counted out…

Tonight, the Top 4 complete, and tomorrow night, America’s Favorite Dancer will be crowned!

For the first time, the SYTYCD Finale takes place in the Kodak Theater.   Ooh. Shiny, shiny stage!   The amazing new set excites Cat!   So does the huge audience! 3000 peeps!

Live blog and VIDEOS after the JUMP…

Adam Shankman is the guest judge.   He says it’s awesome that 3, 000 peeps are in the audience to see dancers. Mary: 3, 000 fans!   Mary challenges the audience to SCREAM!   This is like a gunfight in the OK Coral.   They’ve got to earn the title of Favorite Dancer, says Nigel.

Group Dance – Pop/Hip Hop   – Wade and Amanda Robson – “Boys Boys Boys” by Lady Gaga – Two football jocks hit on two cheerleaders and the cheerleaders are “more than they can handle.” I dunno. That was kind of silly. I’m left feeling meh. – VIDEO

Next is a sneak peek of the next season of So You Think You Can Dance, beginning September 9.

Jeanine and Evan – Jazz – Sonya Tayeh –   “Heartbreaker” – Evan plays Jeanine’s punching bag in a relationship gone wrong.   More incredible choreography from Sonya, and both Evan and Jeanine are hitting it. Adam says “that was great” He says that he never saw Jeanine coming, and that she’s dominated week after week.   He never saw Evan coming either. “This season will never be the same without you.” I agree with Adam, Sonya choreographed to the pair’s strengths.   Mary thought they were a good pair, but Jeanine stood out a little more. Nigel thought Jeanine had the strength. He more or less said Jeanine throwing Evan around made him look weak. Eh. Backhanded de-pimping from Nigel.   There’s a very good chance Evan is going to win this whole thing. – VIDEO

Cat interviews each of the Top 4 before they perform their solos. –

Brandon’s solo – “Dies Irae” – Brandon says he misses Janette. Their tango was his favorite routine.   He didn’t think he’d make the show.   Shirtless Brandon powers through a strong routine.   Adam says, “You threw that down on the floor.” It felt a bit frantic to Adam, but he says that’s what he calls “competing.”   He gave Mary goosebumps “you defy gravity…you were born to dance.” She gets choked up like she did during his audition. Nigel calls Brandon amazing and says, “You just wiped out the opposition.” – 1-888-836 -7601VIDEO

Kayla and Brandon – Broadway – Tyce Diorio – “Bye Bye Life” from All That Jazz (soundtrack)   – The way Tyce was describing the routine in the video package, I was expecting total cheese.   But the routine is really good, with lots of tricky moves that Kayla and Brandon execute beautifully. Adam says, “THAT WAS SO GOOD. I am so stoked.”   He’s not surprised to see Brandon and Kayla in the finals.   Mary says, “YOU GUYS ARE TERRIFIC.” she likens them to rockstars. Nigel calls them superb and strong. He congratulates Tyce.   He says the pair filled the stage and entertained. “I think the show is beginning now, ” says Nigel. – VIDEO

Jeanine’s solo – “Por Una Cabeza” – Her mom forced her to dance. Hm. She talked about the panic of Russian Folk. Her fav was the Travis Wall contemporary piece with Jason.   Travis is standing and clapping. “Are you kidding?” says a gobsmacked Adam.   Her pirouettes were fabulous.   I love Jeanine’s solos.   He brings Jeanine to tears when he calls her warm and beautiful. Mary thinks she’s always been a standout. “You have elevated every single dance partner.” She calls her solo the best thing she’s ever done. “So brave…you pulled it off…you are in the final 2 as far as I’m concerned, ” says Nigel. 1-888-836-7602VIDEO

Brandon and Evan – Hip Hop – Laurieann Gibson – “Nasty” by Janet Jackson – Brandon and Evan are fighting over that #1 spot. Oh boy.   Adam says, Evan “got dusted” on that one. Boos from the audience. He says that Evan could not hide his natural sweetness.   Mary asks Evan what’s the nastiest thing he’s ever done. Evan says, “The list is so long.”   She says Brandon was sharper and more dynamic. Nigel compliments Evan on his work ethic, but says he doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body. He says straight out that Brandon out danced him.   It’s true, but the disparity isn’t massive.   This whole choreo was a setup to make Evan look bad.   Seriously. – VIDEO

Jeanine and Kayla – Contemporary – Mia Michaels – “The Four Sections” – The dance is a journey–from stage left, to stage right. And as they perform, they shed another piece of clothing, like sloughing off skin or old baggage. It’s quintessential Mia. Both dancers are up to the complicated choreography. Adam called the routine “special” and “risky”. He said it was like watching two thoroughbreds. Mary called it relevant and says they laid their heart and soul out on the stage.   She says they are the strongest two women they’ve ever had in the finale. Nigel says the routine didn’t go on long enough. Hm.   He tells Jeanine that she’s peaked at the right time. Woah, Nigel pimping my girl, Jeanine! – VIDEO

Evan’s solo – “The Best is Yet to Come” by Michael Buble – He almost didn’t audition again after not making Season 4, one of his college teachers talked him into auditioning.   He gets choked up talking about his brother, Ryan, who did not make the show.   The “butt” routine with Randi was his favorite. Eep, am I spying some underarm sweat? Not one of my fav Evan solos.   Adam says it was interesting, because it was like his audition routine, it could either totally work, or backfire. Mary says Evan is unique and does his own thing. Nigel says he thinks he has something special, the “aww factor, isn’t he cute” but does not think he has grown on the series. He says he wasn’t as strong as either Jeanine or Brandon. 1-888-836-7603. – VIDEO

Kayla and Evan – Jive -“T.R.O.U.B.L.E.” by Travis Tritt – Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin – It’s a country western jive! – Adam didn’t think it was a finale level routine. He’s looking for a bloodbath.   I have to say I agree. The routine was a snore. He compliments Evan on the lift series. But he didn’t find the dance competitive. Mary thought the routine was phenomenal.   Mary criticizes Evan’s technique and reminds him he’d done it before.   She tells Kayla that she stole the show. Nigel says they both came out with their guns blazing.   The crowd starts chanting “Evan…Evan…”   Evan seems unstoppable.   Nigel adds, “Evan was there for you” and asks Kayla where that personality had been all season. He says if her personality had matched her technique, there would have been no stopping her. – VIDEO

Kayla’s solo – “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by the Eurythmics – She talks about her proud grandparents and says her favorite piece was “Addiction.”   Adam says, he thinks the solo is fine, but doesn’t show who she really is. But–Kayla is one of the best dancers the show has ever had.   Mary calls Kayla “gifted, ” and loves her solo. Nigel says, more or less, that they pimped her so much, it turned the audience off or made them complacent. He says she deserves America’s votes. 1-888-836-7604. – VIDEO

Jeanine and Brandon – Paso Doble – Louis Van Amstel – “Tetsujin” from The Matrix – Louis calls the pair “Amazing” – Wow that was sensational. The audience is standing and cheering–so are the judges. Adam says, “The movement never ended…it had so much strength and power….you guys shredded.” Mary screams, “This routine was absolutely phenomenal…I couldn’t be prouder or happier.” She gives them a huge “Whoo hooo”. Nigel screams back. “You really did carry it off, ” says Nigel.   Nigel says “I really wanted to do it to her too.” Perv.   He calls it for Jeanine and Brandon–he crowns them the frontrunners. – VIDEO

Adam says he’s not going to try to call the winner. And Mary won’t call it either. Nigel tells Evan he’s a lovely lad, calls Kayla beautiful, and wished her personality had come out sooner. But he thinks the winner tonight is going to be Brandon or Jeanine.

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