So You Think You Can Dance Rule 2 Announced–Nigel Lythgoe Says Tomorrow’s Rule Will “Shock You”

Nigel Lythgoe tweeted another rule change for the upcoming Season of So You Think You Can Dance via twitter today:

@Dizzyfeet: Another rule change for SYTYCD this coming Season. The partners will change every single week.

That compliments the first change, announced yesterday, than only one contestant would go home a week instead of two.

Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Mig...
Baby - Justin Bieber covered by Miguel

However, how many dancers will there be altogether for the competition? If only one dancer is to be eliminated a week, that must mean fewer dancers will be competing on the live show, right?

Nigel tweets that we need to tune in tomorrow, “Check out tomorrow’s rule change. It will shock you.”

Alrighty then.

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  1. But it will mean there will be an odd number of contestants every other week, like 13 or 11 or 9, and so on? Somebody will left without a partner, unless they mix it up throughout those shows but won’t someone dance more than someone else? And that throws off the balance, doesn’t it?

  2. The question is… will it be random (my preference) or are the producers going to pick them?

    And I doubt I’ll be shocked tomorrow… I’ve seen just about everything done between the various countries.

  3. Hmmm, isn’t this change exactly what they did the first season? I thought I remembered them finding out who their partner would be each week…or maybe they just switched it up more that season?

    Probably something about same-sex partnering.

    Great guess!

  4. My guess is that the couples will do the choreography by themselves. By dumping the choreographers, they would save on money and give TPTB the opportunity to pick ringers/professionals. Also, I am tired of them always overpraising the choreographers.

  5. I guess we will have more solos, or even trios. Maybe they all have to Tap-dance, that would be a challenge, wouldn’t it?

  6. I hope they don’t go overboard with the changes….. if it ain’t broke!

  7. Didn’t they try this endless-changing-of-partners in, like, Season One? And didn’t it sort of prove to be just one too many difficulties for the contestants early on … learning new dance styles you don’t know, continually adjusting to a new partner, etc?

    I suppose it could it work out fine. But, really, it is not broken, Nigel. So why are you fixing it?

  8. Posted this in headlines, but then I remembered that this actually had its own thread:

    This apparently is the rule change that Nigel promised will shock you!!! Here is today’s tweet from Nigel.

    This Season will not have a top 20. The pieces are falling into place. More tomorrow.

    about 1 hours ago via Echofon

    Really Nigel?

  9. I agree with the “if it ain’t broke” sentiment. And having odd numbers is going to be weird. What are they planning to do, give a different person a break every week? Or have the odd person out be an assistant to one of the choreographers and judge them on their assistant choreography skills instead? Sheesh. They might as well, since they put so much focus on the choreographers anyway, it’s practically becoming “So You Think You Can Choreograph.”

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