So You Think You Can Dance – Panty Flash Plus the New Orleans Auditions – VIDEO

Before I dive into tonight’s highlight post, I have a question for you peeps.

On today’s SYTYCD panty flash controversy:

Do you believe, for one minute, that a dancer who was SERIOUS about making it on the show, would arrive at auditions in a short skirt and NO PANTIES?   If the dancer was actually pantiless, wouldn’t she have flashed the judges and the other dancers sitting in the audience, many times, while performing her routine? Common sense people! (and blogosphere!)

Nigel says the dancer was wearing flesh colored dancer’s pants, and I believe him.

Now, on with the highlights from New Orleans…

Adam Shankman and Lil C joined Mary Murphy on the judges’ panel while Nigel Lythgoe was in England receiving an   honorary doctorate.

Cool Bonus:   A pair of dancers performed a routine to Kris Allen’s version of “To Make You Feel My Love”.

Next week, the Vegas Rounds begin.

Video after the JUMP…

Shelby “Skip” Skipper – 20 Laplace, LA – He introduces a native street dance to the judges called “New Orleans Bounce”.   The style obviously takes a lot of control to perform, but watching a dancer basically have a seizure on stage is not fun to watch.   Amazingly, they send him straight to Vegas. I suspect Shelby would have never survived choreography.   Nigel must believe he’ll be good TV in Vegas. – VIDEO.

Jonathan Litzler – 18 – Loveland OH – Wow EEE Wow!   Jonathan is a tumbler and a contemporary dancer and he melds it all together beautifully and seamlessly.   The judges send him straight to Vegas. VIDEO.

Alison Nance – 19 – Warren OH , Calvin Turner Jr. – 18 – Mobile, AL, Edward Spots – 19 – New Orleans, LA – A quick glimpse of three dancers who make it to Vegas.   Who knows? One of them could be the winner! – VIDEO.

Justin Kenney – 23 – New Orleans, LA – Justin is a street dancer who is working his way back from a bad car accident. He’s pretty good, but blows the choregraphy.   Nevertheless, the judges decide to take “a huge gamble and advance him to Vegas. VIDEO.

Kimalee Piedad – 25 – Fort Walton Beach, FL – Kimalee and her partner perform a form of partner dancing called “theater arts” that’s like ice skating…but not.   The style involves a lot of scary looking lifts that take a lot of strength and control to perform well.   The couple’s routine is set to Kris Allen’s “Make You Feel My Love” and I’d forgotten how beautiful the studio version of that song is.   The judges are very impressed–Kimalee is sent straight to Vegas. – VIDEO.

Jakob Karr – 18 – Orlando FL – A contemporary dancer with some strong, unique moves. He gets sent straight to Vegas.   – VIDEO.

Diana Drexler – 29 – Lexington, KY – She’s a good dancer, but her deal is her backstory. The day before her audition, her grandfather died.   Her family urged her to audition anyway.   She manages to get through her routine without waterworks, but other than that, she’s an emotional wreck. The judges feel empathy as they advance her to choreography.   Eventually, she advances to Vegas. Otherwise, Grandpa, wherever he is, would have been very disappointed. – VIDEO.

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