So You Think You Can Dance 9 – Meet The Top 20 – Recap and Videos

The Top 20 will be revealed tonight on So You Think You Can Dance. Let’s see if the spoilers are correct!

Next week is July 4. SYTYCD returns on July 11.

It’s the 200th episode of So You Think You Can Dance! Pop the champagne! This show, a Meet the Top 20 special, was taped only earlier this week. Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and guest judge, Zooey Deschanel will watch and comment on performances from the Top 2o.  The taped reveals occurred in Vegas in front of a larger panel. The lives of 35 dancers are now in the judges’ hands!

This year, there’s a change! We’ll have TWO winners. America’s Favorite Girl and America’s Favorite Guy.

Contemporary Dancers

Alexa Anderson– She was eliminated at the Top 20 last season. She’s the dancer with the “dead eyes.” and She’s IN! – YES

George Lawrence II – The panel loved him during Vegas week. YES

Will ThomasYES

Megan Branch – Mary was in her corner! – NO

Colin FullerNO

Amber Jackson – She’s a vet of the audition process. Last year when she was cut, she vowed never to come back, but she swallowed her pride and returned.  And finally… YES

Amber, Will, George and Alexa perform a contemporary routine by Tyce DiOrio.  Beautiful! The music was a soulful cover of “We Found Love.”

Nigel thinks all the Top 20 are superstars!

Ballroom Dancers.

Nick Bloxsom-Carter – He wept before he faced the judges. He’s still weeping. Deborah Allen tells him to quit crying because he’s in the Top 20! YES

Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold face the panel together.  The judges fake them out, behaving as if only one will make it. FAKE OUT. They both do. YES

Whitney, Lindsay and Nick perform to “Dance Again” by Jennifer Lopez – Mary LOVES Witney and Lindsay.

Ballet Dancers

Eliana Girard –  YES

Daniel Baker – Left a dance company to audition for SYTYCD. Daniel was great, but didn’t impress in his solos  – YES

Chehon Wespi-Tschopp – He had some hiccups, but danced great solos!  Daniel and Chehon were given the news together. Yes, there was an attempt at a fake out- YES

The trio perform together. Desmond Richardson and his partner  Dwight Rhoden choreograph.


Tiffany Maher – Watched the show since Season 1. Debbie Allen told her she invisible until she stepped it up toward the end of the week. – YES

Audrey Case – YES

Abigail, Kaitlyn, Rebecca, NO

Janelle Isis – She’s a Palestinian belly dancer. The style has never been represented in Vegas –   YES

Audrey and Tiffany perform a Sonya Tayeh routine Janelle sits in the audience–she’s not feeling well.  – To Zooey everything is wonderful! In the quirkiest way possible of course!  Nigel introduces Melanie Moore from the audience. She won Season 8. Nigel tells them they both look like two dancing Pebbles as in The Flintstones.

Joshua Alexander – His Vegas week ended with an accident. He couldn’t perform his last solo. – NO

After a few more NOs, there are 7 spaces left.

More Contemporary

Matthew Kazmierczak – YES

 Dareian Kujawa – He’s got lousy feet, but he’s part of the Top 20 anyway! – YES

Janaya French YES

Amelia Lowe – YES

Jill – NO

Dareian, Janaya, Amelia and Matthew perform a Stacey Tookey routine. –  Mary is excited about Stacey’s contemporary routine.

Three more spaces are left!

Hip Hop (Sort of )

Cole Horibe – He performs a mixture of contemporary with martial arts. – YES

Both tap dancers are eliminated.

Brandon Mitchell – YES

Devon takes the stage with Brandon. They are both steppers. Devon is eliminated. NO

Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer – He was a member of Atlanta’s Dragon house. Two of his fellow dancers dropped out of Vegas, but he stuck it out.  YES


Cole, Brandon and Cyrus perform a baseball themed routine. Cross promotion for next week’s All Star game!  Nigel and Mary wear baseball hats. Christopher Scott choreographed the clever routine. The trio are 3 of Mary’s favorite dancer.  A popper (Cyrus) a stepper (Brandon) and a martial artist (Cole).

Lauren Froderman announces National Dance Day on July 31.

The girls perform a Travis Wall routine. That was beautiful!

Next, the boys perform a routine by Sonya Tayeh.  “Having a pack of men is like releasing a pack of wolves to the masses. She loves body contact.

The Top 20 perform a Mia Michaels routine – “Welcome home, mama. You’ve been missed!” says Nigel to Mia.


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