So You Think You Can Dance 8 – Top 6 – Videos and Live Blog

Live blogging tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance right here! The Top 6 takes the stage with 2 routines and a solo.

Tomorrow night, Pia Toscano performs her single, “This Time”

Tonight’s  guest judges will be actress Christina Applegate and choreographer Lil’ C.  with All-Stars  Kent Boyd, Jaimie Goodwin, Pasha Kovalev, Janette Manrara, Ellenore Scott and tWitch.

Obvious Gatorade product placement in the video packages was really…obvious. Heh. My favorite routines tonight were Sasha & Kent Tyce routine,   Tadd & Ellenore and Caitlyn & Marko Sonya routines.

Caitlyn and Ricky will probably go home tonight.  Caitlyn had a fantastic night, but I can’t see her advancing ahead of the twin queens, Sasha and Melanie.  Ricky is lucky to have gotten as far as he did. He had a good run.   Sasha, Melanie, Tadd and Marko will make a most excellent Final Four.

Videos: IdolXfactor

Melanie & Twitch – Hip Hop – Nappy Tabs – “Roman’s Revenge” Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne – It’s the little red riding “hood” story. Maybe it’s little red who is the scary one? She’s buck!  I thought Melanie could have hit that a little harder, but she’s always watchable.  Love Twitch. Lil C congratulates Melanie for getting through the routine. Lil C is just raaambling on. But basically, he thought the beginning was shaky, but dug into it lately. Melanie gives Christina hope. Thought she was evil and down and dirty. Mary’s brother called her about Melanie, that’s never happened before. “You were on fire, ” says Mary. Hard hitting, committed in everything she does, says Mary. It was nice to see her get down and dirty. Nigel says Melanie is phenomenal and addresses that she only dances styles she’s good at. She’s good at everything, says Nigel. “Grandma what a great talent you have. WE’LL SEE YOU IN THE FINALE

Sasha & Kent – Tyce Diorio – Contemporary – “Fool of Me” Me’Shell Ndegeocello –  The routine uses a literal wall to represent when two people hit a wall in their relationship, with all the emotions we go through when somebody does us wrong. Sasha becomes very emotional talking about this piece. I would have not put these two together in my mind, but it’s working, even though Sasha is way fiercer than Kent. Sasha’s emotions are right up front here. Really powerful stuff. Kent is holding his own, but a more powerful partner would have made the piece even better Christina also loves Sasha, who makes Christina care. “Somethings hurt you and I thank you for sharing that with us.” Mary says, “That was absolutely intoxicating.” Mary cries, remembering her own pain (she’s been a victim of abuse). Mary loves Tyce’s work. Nigel appreciates that Sasha can bring people in. “You do this brilliantly and passionately…you’ve gone back to being me favorite dancer.” Lil C is trying not to cry. He’s not succeeding. Lil felt she was speaking to him the hold time. “I love the way you dance, I would have given anything to work with you this season. You are phenomenal.”

Marko and Janette – Paso Doble – Dmitry Chaplin – “Zorongo” by Antonio Gomez Ely – This is an odd routine. Instead of the Janette plays an animal activist who tries to keep Marko from slaying the bull. A modern twist? Besides one awesome lift, the routine was boring. Mary says, “I’m so ready to dance with you. The style, arrogance was absolutely spot lost your footing, but you mostly nailed it. Amazing.” For Nigel, it left him a little cold. He wanted a little more passion. Lil C loved watching him in this style. He loved the way he established his dominance. It’s all about the crotch! Committed and connection. Christina doesn’t really know how to critique it, but thinks Marko is a beautiful dancer. She thinks Marko should have “dropped it down” a little.

Solos will feature video clips of relatives discussing their loved one’s journey on SYTYCD.

Ricky – “After Tonight” – 1-888-836-7601

Tadd & Ellenore – Sonya Tayeh – Jazz – “The Gulag Orkestar” by Beirut – A period piece featuring a couple who have never had a “physical touch” before. When they do, all hell breaks loose.  Sonya is trying to “dirty up” Tadd. Hanging chandelier and a chair are props. Interesting. A very weird and sexy routine.  But I liked it. That was hot.  And I loves me some Ellenore.  I’ll be really disappointed if Tadd doesn’t make it into the finals.  Nigel is speechless. He would have liked a little more dancing. Too short. Lil C loved the way that she utilized the dancers fundamental abilities. Good piece, interesting…make each move last a lifetime. Christina says “Get a room”. She loved it. She loves Tadd too. She starts that whole “are you kidding! You’re a B Boy” deal. Mary says Tadd’s ability was extraordinary. Mary thinks he’s still growing. Thinks the choreo was daring. The prop was dangerous.

Caitlyn “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Katie Thompson – 1-888-836-7602

Ricky & Jaimie – Dee Caspary – Contemporary – “Inside These Lines” by Trent Dabbs  –  Ricky plays a man who feels his relationship slipping away, and in this beautiful, flowing routine, he uses sticks as a prop to “conduct” Jaime. Ricky is solid, if a little dull, he doesn’t keep my attention. Lil C congratulates them on dancing with a prop.  Whoa, C’s verbal diarrhea is so hard to follow! But suffice it to say, he loved it.  Christina thinks Ricky is a beautiful dancer, but he sometimes he doesn’t dance with the clearest intention. Thinks he could take it up another notch.  Mary says it was really beautiful and free flowing and thinks he’s saved himself again from the bottom. Nigel thought he danced it really well. He wants Ricky to feel the movement further down his body, but thinks his lines are beautiful.

Tadd – “We Speak No Americano” – His solos are full of win! CROTCH GRAB –  1-888-836-7603

Sasha – “Teeth” by Lady Gaga – 1-888-836-7604

Caitlyn & Pasha -Samba –  Dmitry Chaplin – “Drop It Low” (District 78 Remix) Kat DeLuna –  Caitlyn promises to lose the cheesy grin and be sexy.  Partial success–while she didn’t completely loose the cheesy grin, that performance was pretty damn hot. Christina was very impressed with and surprised by Caitlyn. Mary was looking for Caitlyn to improve this week, and felt she did. Thought her technique was fantastic–on fire.  Still felt she pulled her face around a little too much, though. Nigel warns that she does not have to pull sexy faces. Let your body do the talking.  Lil C thought she was amazing, but could have been more subtle.

Marko – “Wonderful World” by James Morrison – 1-888-836-7605

Melanie – “Cracks” – 1-888-836-7606

The contestants dance together next.

Sasha & Ricky – “Wacking” – Kumari Suraj – “Schoolin Life” by Beyonce – Remember this? It was demonstrated on one of the audition shows by Princess Lockaroo. She was like a helicopter. The arm movements aren’t as pronounced here. I feel for the duo, it’s never easy to introduce a brand new style to the show. This could hurt Ricky, who is on the cusp. Mary never really loved the style and doesn’t think they are on the level of Princess Lockaroo. Mary thought Sasha “wacked” a little better than Ricky. Nigel didn’t think the “wacking is lacking”. He enjoyed the fun of it. Ricky needs not to think so much, though. Sasha was fabulous. Nigel thinks Sasha is sexy. Lil C says it’s a funky, sassy style. He would have loved if they would have enjoyed it a little more. They needed to get more intimate with the routine, but great job. Christina enjoyed it. She thought Ricky should have “wacked” at Sasha.

Melanie & Tadd – Broadway – Spenser Liff – “Love Story” by Shirley Bassey – Melanie falls in love with Tadd, he takes advantage of that for the dance, she realizes at the end he was using her. BRUTAL! Nigel says her solo was one of the best he’s seen across all seasons of the show. She’s an incredible actress, as well as dancer. OK. Melanie is his favorite dancer again! He thought Tadd held his own with the fabulous Melanie. Lil C loved that Melanie has a quiet fire. It was technical and sensual at the same time. He says she’s so bucc and her solo was SO BEEFY. Tadd is growing in leaps and bounds. I guess everyone was freaking out during her solo. She’s taken dance to another level for Christina. She also has props for Tadd–his hands are beautiful. Mary agrees with her fellow dancers. America has fallen in love with both, she says.

Caitlyn & Marko – Jazz – Sonya Tayeh – “Heavy in Your Arms” Florence + the Machine – Marko is an overbearing controlling man, Caitlyn is trying to get away. Caitlyn is stepping it up in a major way this week. That was beautiful. She held her own with the fantastic Marko. She WILL be eliminated this week, but it she’ll leave on a high note, so good for her.  Lil C calls the routine “double hashtag bucc” Reckless & murderous, he says. Christina thinks Marko is “a beast”. His aggression was beautiful. Caitlyn had her moment, says Christina. Mary thought it was one of her best numbers, ever. Mary felt she brought “the true grit” to it. Oh yeah, Marko is a beast. Nigel thinks this makes up for the chandelier routine. “Caitlyn, you came of age tonight, ” said Nigel. Marko shows what a brilliant dancer he is every time he’s on the stage, says Marko.


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