So You Think You Can Dance 7 – Vegas Week Part 2 – Recap

Vegas Week continues on tonight’s So You Think You Can Dance, as the Season 7 contestants vie for a spot in the Top 10.

Tonight, the kids’ dance Broadway with Tyce DiOrio. Contemporary with Travis Wall and a group round. Plus, Kris Allen’s “Alright With Me” will be featured, so look out for that!

After the Top 24 dance for one last time, the Top 10 are chosen. Except it doesn’t happen on the Vegas stage. The judges visit the contestants at their homes to give them the news.

Plus, the Top 10 are revealed tonight! Tomorrow, your Top 10 are introduced…

The Top 10 Top 11 results

Toni visits Cristina Santana – Ballroom – Cristina’s very large family is there to hear the good news – Top 10

Mary visits Adrian Lee – Contemporary – Mary gets choked up as she delivers the bad news. She tells him to come back next year. Adrian is crying too. – Eliminated

Some peeps get the news by phone call. Nigel delivers bad news to Several contestants.

Nigel calls Lauren Froderman (contemporary), who sits waiting in her Phoenix living room with her family. But guess what! He’s actually at her front door. After Nigel sits down, the tells her she was one of the best. He messes around with her a bit, but then finally tells her she’s in. Hugs all around! – Top 10

Mia visits Anthony Burrell in Harlem NY. to deliver bad news. Mia tells him to come back next year. “It hurts, ” he says, before he sheds some tears. Mia gives him a pep talk along the lines of what-doesn’t-kill-you-will-make-you-stronger. – Eliminated.

Lil C visits Ashley Galvan (contempory). Lil C says she is his favorite dancer from Vegas. After faking her out, he tells her she made the show. – Top 10

Nigel makes some bad news phone calls on his way to Columbus, OH.

Meanwhile, Tyce is in Miami, where he visits “untrained” dancer” Jose Ruiz (B Boy). Tyce tells Jose he’s got a great personality, he mumbles around awkwardly before he tells him that he made the Top 10 – Top 10

Mia tells Melinda Sullivan (Tapper) the good news in New York, at the home of her mentor – Top 10

Tyce visits Alex Wong (ballet) in Miami. Alex gave up his position at the Miami ballet to try out for the show. His boss, Edward Villella, who seems none two pleased. Tyce utters more awkward-cakes (he’s not good at this!) until he finally delivers the good news. Alex makes it – Top 10

Oh, Nigel is lost in Ohio. This is so fake. He’s pretending he can’t find his way to Kent Boyd’s hometown.

Meanwhile! Mia visits AdéChiké Torbert (contemporary) at his mom’s home/day care. Mercifully, she doesn’t mess with him much as she delivers good news. He’s in the Top 10. Adechike was the dancer who was almost cut, before he danced for his life. – Top 10

Nigel speeds his way to Kent’s house in his yellow sports car…until he stopped by a cop. Uh oh.

Tyce tells Jocelyn she didn’t make it. – Eliminated

Two girls are left. Alexie and Ryan are intercut for maximum drama!

Mary visits Alexie Agdeppa (Jazz) in Rowland Heights, CA. She was a big hit in Vegas! Mary delivers the news…crying as if she she were going to say no…and then screaming YEEES! at the last minute. – Top 10

Lil C. visits Ryan Ramirez in San Jose, CA. Ryan’s mom is in tears before Lil C even gets to the door. And unfortunately, the news is not good – Eliminated.

Three guys are still waiting to hear whether they made it or not. Adam Shankman, on crutches, visit Billy Bell (contemporary) and Robert Roldan (contemporary) at a show where they are performing. So, only one can make it. Right? WRONG!!!! There’s a Top 11 this year… THEY BOTH MAKE IT. Of course, Adam tells Robert first…pretends for a bit that Billy didn’t make it then springs the news. “You’re awful, ” says Billy. – TOP 11

Nigel finally makes it to Kent Boyd’s (contemporary) house. Nigel uses the bathroom first. The toilet flushes. OMG. Nigel says Kent is a fine dancer….blah blah blah….you made it! Nigel says, “Do you think I would come all this way if you didn’t make it?” – Top 10

Top 11


Cristina Santana (salsa)
Lauren Froderman (contemporary)
Ashley Galvan (lyrical)
Melinda Sullivan (tap)
Alexie Agdeppa (jazz)


Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz (breaking)
Alex Wong (ballet)
Adé Chiké Torbert (contemproary)[
Kent Boyd (contemporary)
Robert Roldan (contemporary)
Billy Bell (contemporary)

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