So You Think You Can Dance 7 – Top 6 Redux – Performance

Lauren Froderman is with the Medics! – Right before sign-off, Cat Deeley reported that Lauren was with the medics, but had no more information to share. And after the judges got done bragging there were no injuries…

Billy Bell finally got his props tonight, and it’s about time! It looks like he’ll be making it to at least the Top 4, although I still think the judges’ dream Top 3 is Robert Roldan, Lauren Froderman, and Kent Boyd.

It’s the Top 6 again! Bill Bell is well enough to perform tonight, and there were no eliminations last week, so it’s 6 dancers performing this week. Tomorrow night, we lose 2 dancers.

Also, tomorrow night, it’s the awesomely awesome Allison Iraheta performing her single “Don’t Waste the Pretty” with Orianthi on guitar. YAY.

Live blog and VIDEO after the JUMP…

Cat announces that nobody is injured tonight. HOORAY.

Everyone will dance 3 times tonight. With an all-star, with each other and a solo. Cat introduces….your JUDGES. Ballroom dancer, Toni Redpath is a guest judge this week.

Cat tells Nigel that she’s angry at him! Cat, and everyone else. Hell yeah.

Kent Boyd and Anya – Cha Cha – Jean Marc and France – “My First Kiss” – Kent gets to kiss a lot of girls! This is Kent’s second shot at the Cha cha. Anya is a school teacher, Kent is a bad boy. Kent is totally unconvincing as a “bad boy” if you ask me. Nigel says, “I thought you had a good strong base, you need stronger hands. Really good effort.” Toni says, “This time, it was better.” she said he sacrificed his posture to seem “macho.” Mia says, “The hips can get in the way in ballroom, you did do it. The whole piece was a little crunchy. It felt choppy. You’re not taking the note about your face.” Ken says he’s been working on the face, but he can’t help it. Adam says, “Super solid performance, but you needed to dance with more length, and breath, and know how fantastic you are. Just own it.” – VIDEO

Robert Roldan and Kathryn – Contemporary – Stacey Tookey – “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” – The story is about the last moments a couple spend together before going off to war. It’s one of those–a touching contemporary routines designed to pull at the heartstrings. A dancer can’t lose with one of these. Oh twist! It’s Kathryn who is going off to war. That was pretty cool. Nigel says, “I loved the connectivity of it, loved Stacey’s twist at the end..just lovely things going on. Robert, you’ve been goofy, but you’ve grown enormously. I think you are growing to become even better than I thought you’d be.” Toni says, as a ballroom dancer, she focuses on the partnering, “To me what it comes down to, would I want to be the woman you were dancing with? The answer is ‘Oh Yes'”. Mia says, “The beginning of that piece was so sacred and so tender, it’s mature to pull back and allow the story to go first. That shows me how much you’ve matured. Allow your emotions be the catalyst of your movement. Beautiful job tonight, really well done.” Adam says, “The way you two danced tonight..I was so proud. Kathryn you were stunning, and Robert, you came up to her.” Robert was decent, but I thought Kathryn outdanced him. I could not take my eyes off of her. – VIDEO

Jose Ruiz’s solo:  pre-solo vid has the Top 6 describing the dancer – “Giant Squid” by RJD2 – 1 (888) 623 7801 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1 (888) 623 7801      end_of_the_skype_highlighting VIDEO

Adechike Tolbert and Courtney Galiano – Jazz – Tyce Diorio – “Manteca” by Dizzy Gillespie – It’s a sexy dance in a jazz club. The dancers are supposed to “become the music”. Adechike is strong and acrobatic, but something was missing for me. I could not take my eyes off the fab Courtney. Adam says, “Tyce great..that was so much fun. That was just dancing…balls out dancing…You are completely there…total joy. I’d like to see you loosen up your back and your hips…a little more groove. But you did a tremendous job.” I agree with Adam, who realizes that he just said “balls” on TV. Whoops.  Mia says, “That music is everything. It was a great performance, but you have to find a balance of style, everything focuses on your strength, but I need to see more style and finesse from you.” Toni says, “I loved it, I loved the weight you used in your connection. Well done.” Nigel says, “There wasn’t enough of that abandon from you for me. You threw enough energy in there, there were too many lines almost, I need you to look like you’re letting yourself go. Just enjoy it now.” – VIDEO

Lauren Froderman’s solo – “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin – Lauren’s fresh do the dish before she dances – 1 (888) 623 7802VIDEO

Jose Ruiz and Comfort – Marty Kudelka – Hip Hop – “Try a Little Tenderness” by Otis Redding – Jose tries to pick up Comfort with his dancing. Hm. Clunky and awkward. Not really loving the choreography, either. Nigel says, “I loved the routine, it was old school in places.” Nigel explains why Jose has not been in the group dances the past few weeks–because he has a pulled groin. Nigel continues, “It was a bit flappy for me, I was a little uncomfortable in places for me.” Toni disagrees, “I feel the character of the dance.” Toni did you not get the memo! Everyone is over Jose’s “personality”. Mia says, “There was no swag there. You did not tap into Marty’s gift…you needed to tap into Marty. It did not work for me.” Adam says, “I know what they are all talking about. You have to dance the intention. It becomes about the relationship and the story. What should have been darker and more intimate, was more fun.” – VIDEO

Billy Bell’s solo – “Lights Go Down” by Telepath – His fellow dancers call him messy, focused and helpful! – 1 (888) 623 7803VIDEO

Kent Boyd’s solo – He’s the cutest competitive farm boy! “A Song For You” by Elliott Yamin – 1 (888) 623-7804 ELLIOT YAMIN!!!! – VIDEO

Lauren Froderman and Allison – Tyce Diorio – Broadway – “Who’s Got the Pain” from Damn Yankees – They’re out to prove they can out dance the guys! Another semi-crappy Tyce Diorio Broadway routine. That did nothing for me. But Lauren danced it well. Adam says, “Lauren, I think of you as an all-star already. You’ve graduated into that further level. I got nothing to criticize.” I think Adam should not go first. He seems at a loss for words when he does. Mia says, “There’s nothing to critique. You kind of forged ahead of everyone. The piece shows your strength and ability to dance.” Toni says, “Strong is sexy! To me you hit the facial expressions just right.” Nigel says, “I think this wasn’t quite as exciting as [the original routine]. Whether you win this or not, I feel you’re going to be in the finale.” Nigel slipped and said “American Idol” Ha ha! Wonder what he’s thinking about! – VIDEO

Robert Rolden’s solo – He’s the class clown of the group. – “A Beautiful Mess” by Jason Mraz – 1 (888) 623 7805VIDEO

Billy Bell and Ade – Stacey Tookey – Contemporary – “Mad World” feat. Gary Jules – Michael Andrews feat Jules – Billy plays a homeless man. Ade plays a high powered business man. And, it’s another twist–not playing to type. They realize they are old friends. – Standing O from the judges! Maybe Billy will finally get some props? Yes he will! There was some really beautiful dancing going on there. Nigel asks about his knee first. “I’m really pleased we made the decision we made last week, we would have lost the privilege of watching that….there was a lot of wonderful mature dancing. Thank you for combating everything you’ve been through to be standing where you are.” Toni says, “A choreographers dream. You stop seeing the step, you start seeing the heart beat…that was one of those pieces.” Mia says, “You are very respected up and coming artist in this industry.” Nigel says, “I think you were just born on the show. You were dropped into the zone, buddy. You heard the music, you knew what you were dancing about. I was with you on your entire journey. That was art.” So, finally Billy gets some praise! And one of “those” pieces that the judges usually like. Billy should breeze into the Top 4. – VIDEO

Adichike’s Solo – “Pretty Wings” by Maxwell – 1 (888) 623 7806VIDEO

The dancers perform with each other

Jose Ruiz and Kent Boyd – Spencer Liff – Broadway – “From This Moment On” Kiss Me Kate – Who will get the girl? The smooth guy or the goof ball? Choreography is so much better than Tyce’s! Jose does not look good dancing next to Kent. Eep. Adam says, “This is the first time I’ve seen a 50’s style musical…it was fantastic. Kent, you’re like…I want to train you a little bit more, but you are born to do this. Jose, for a hip-hop dancer, that was a journey.” Mia says, “Frigging fantabulous. Kent I feel like you’ve found your home. You can even do your faces, and it works! I love seeing you do this style. Jose–no you’re not the trained dancer, but son you kept up, you did.” Toni says, “The characters suited the both of you perfectly. It allows you to be less physically adept. Kent, you’re a contender hun.” Nigel says, “I don’t think there’s anything we’ve thrown at Kent that he hasn’t done brilliantly. Absolutely superb. I haven’t seen that style since Evan was on the show. Jose, having to do it with Kent showed up that you don’t have that style…but you should be very very proud.” Aw, Nigel is trying to give Jose a nice send-off. He’ll surely be eliminated tomorrow. – VIDEO

Lauren Froderman and Adechike Torbert – “Fever” by Beyonce – Jean Marc and France – Foxtrot – It’s very sultry and sexy! Adechike continues to leave me cold. Not seeing the sultry nor the sexy here. Nigel says, “Some little steps don’t sit right with me as a ballroom routine. The connection was there, but….” Nigel wasn’t impressed. Toni says, “It’s new and different for you. You don’t have the muscle memory for ballroom. It’s not being danced the way a ballroom dancer would…a lot of things were off. But if felt like you got into the character of the dance.” Mia says, “Adechike, you had some great moments as a partner, as you step way from her, you lose that. Lauren your grace, sensuality and presence…it looks like you’ve done it a million times.” Adam says, “Lauren you weren’t competing, just dancing, you’ve danced everything we’ve thrown at you. Adechike, you looked concerned for her, but you shouldn’t look it.” – VIDEO

Billy Bell and Robert Roldan – Nakul – Bollywood – “Ganesh” – Two guys fighting for one role in the biggest Bollywood movie. WOW. They both danced that really well. Billy was a JOY. Nigel congratulates them both. Says it was the best Bollywood with two guys. Nigel says, “It’s going to be really tough this week.” Toni says, “Everybody’s pretty fantastic…Robert, I really loved what you do.” Mia says, “That was so injuries!” Mia preferred Billy and thinks they both won the starring role in that film. Adam says, “Billy this has been a huge night for you…great. Robert that was brilliant. I don’t want anything to do with this any more.” – VIDEO

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