So You Think You Can Dance 6 Top 12 Results

Karen Hauer

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is eliminated – VIDEO
Victor Smalley is eliminated

Eh, I think I would have rather Nathan had been eliminated, like Nigel said he wanted. But then, I think Nigel’s very dramatic declaration that he was outvoted by his fellow judges was all about the TV drama.

Still, Victor danced for his mother f*cking life (his solo totally pwnd Nathan’s) and it’s too bad it wasn’t enough to save him from elimination.   The good news is that the entire Top 12 usually go on tour, so all is not lost.

Videos and recap, after the JUMP…

Group dance by Napoleon and Tabitha “What’s a Girl Gotta Do?” Basement Jaxx feat. Paloma Faith VIDEO

Ashleigh and Jakob and Karen and Victor take the stage.   Ashleigh and Jakob are SAFE, Karen and Victor are IN DANGER. – VIDEO

After the break,   Mollee and Nathan and Kathryn and Legacy take the stage.   Kathryn and Legacy are SAFE, Mollee and Nathan are IN DANGER! Adam thinks they’re too young together–new partners will help them.   He also advises they be careful what they say in their video packages. – VIDEO

Next, it’s Noell and Russell and Ellenore and Ryan.   OH NOES!   Ellenore and Ryan are in danger!   Noell and Russell are SAFE.   Nigel is frustrated, but he’s looking forward to Ellenore and Ryan’s solos. – VIDEO

Ballerina, Paloma Perrera performs. – VIDEO

Solos: Karen “She Wants to Move” by Nerd, Victor (wow, he brought it!) “Village Attack” Blood Diamond (original soundtrack), Molly “Bulletproof” by La Roux, Nathan “Going, Going, Gone” by StarsVIDEO

Solos: Ellenore “Bottom” by Zap Mama, Ryan “Baila Baila Conmigo” by MissiegoVIDEO

Shakira performs “Give it Up to Me” – Scaled down AMA performance… – VIDEO


Girls: Nigel says Mollee fought for her place in the Top 10. She’s safe.   Nigel calls Ellenore a wonderful dancer. Karen steps forward.   She knows she’s going to get cut. Nigel says it felt like she was giving up. Karen is eliminated

Guys: Decision was NOT unanimous. Nigel namechecks Kelly Osbourne from DWTS as a person who has grew in competition. Nigel loved Victor’s solo.   Nigel says Ryan’s solos have not been impressive. Nigel says Nathan hasn’t grown yet. Nigel wanted to cut him.   But, Victor is leaving instead.


  • Ashleigh and Jakob
  • Kathryn and Legacy
  • Noell and Russell

In Danger

  • Karen and Victor
  • Mollee and Nathan
  • Ellenore and Ryan

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  1. This will be tough for Nigel. Can he cut Karen? I’m not so sure he can. We could be rid of Mollee!!!

    Unfortunately I think Victor is gone unless Nathan doesn’t show up for his solo.

  2. I agree, Victor probably sees the writing on the wall for him. I honestly wouldn’t be sad if he was cut – he just doesn’t really connect with me. I liked Karen coming out of auditions/Vegas, but she’s kind of disappointed me so far. I’d rather lose Mollee though.

    If the jidges kick Ellenore off, I will CUT A BITCH. I’m serious.

  3. big surprise that Ryan and Ellenore are ending up in bottom 3. It seems that Russel and Legacy really have big fan bases.

  4. Ok I’m sorry but Ryan and Eleanor were the best couple last night! Legacy though I appreciate him dancing very well for a hip hop dancer his second routine was not that good, it was the friggin tears that honestly is getting played.

    With that all said I think it will be Mollie and Victor who are cut. At least that is who I would pick. (though sadly) Eleanor and Karen are better then Molly (all around) and Nathan and Ryan are better then Victor. And neither Mollie or Victor are bad.

    I really think that Legacy and Noell should be the ones going.

    ETA-So far all the solo’s are outstanding-with Karen’s being the least impressive but Molly’s was a little too much and more acrobatic.

    Victor was impressive and Nathan was off the hook!!!!!!…..Now that is how he should be dancing all the time.

    Eleanor weakness is her solo’s she will need to spiff them up for top ten…

    Ryan-usually ballroom solo’s are not too exciting but this guy is a STAR…He is not going anywhere.

    So I stick with my original prediction: Victor and Mollie.

  5. I liked Nathan’s solo. Had some artistry instead of just tricks. Shows that he has some skill at interpreting. I like that. I reaaaaaally want to see him in a serious, grounded contemporary or jazz piece.

    Mollee can do tricks, but I’m not sure that she could be anything but chipper, upbeat, & cheery to save her life. That’s good sometimes, but it wears thin.

  6. Though I agree with the choice of sending Victor home out of the three that were in the bottom….That was just difficult to see him cut. However I think Nigel was too hard on Nathan because I actually think Nathan had the best solo with Victor coming in second out of All the dancers (guys and girls).

    I am not as sad about Karen but I still think it should have been Mollee who was cut. She is just too young in presence and I don’t think she can change that about herself.

  7. I don’t know what Nigel saw in Mollee’s solo…. I certainly didn’t see anything spectacular. Oh well…..

    Sad that Victor left. I liked his dancing.

    It seems that Russel and Legacy really have big fan bases.

    Can someone explain Legacy’s appeal? I don’t get it. IMO there have been far better and more exciting BBoys on this show in past seasons. That waltz was downright painful to watch last night.

  8. I didn’t think that they would force Mollee onto any of the other male dancers. She is the worse female partner of the whole top 20. Yes, her solos are energetic and exciting. But, my wife commented tonight that she looks like a failed gymnast who switched to dance when it became obvious she wasn’t going to be top tier. Well, at least next week Mollee will probably be gone. Hopefully she won’t take Jakob or Russell with her.

    Victor was a given. Despite his best week of the season, he landed in the B3. This is where making Adam the permanent third just bit Nigel in the rear. I think any of the other usual guest judges would have sided with Nigel. Nathan was to young, and should have been left in Vegas for another year.

  9. Victor was a given. Despite his best week of the season, he landed in the B3. This is where making Adam the permanent third just bit Nigel in the rear. I think any of the other usual guest judges would have sided with Nigel. Nathan was to young, and should have been left in Vegas for another year.

    Though I love Nathan and really think he is the best male dancer….I do agree with you. Another year of growing up would have made him unstoppable. Though I love the way he dances (His solo’s when he is on are just spectacular) I would vote for Ryan as the best (Favorite) guy. It’s time for a ballroom winner anyway!

  10. I wasn’t too sad to see Karen go, but I do think Mollee is too immature for this contest right now. Oh well.

    It was a much tougher decision for the guys. Their solos were all good in their own ways. I thought Ryans solo was the weakest by far, but then again, his partner work is solid. Even though Victor has some weaknesses here and there, I have enjoyed watching him dance. He just has a little less dynamism than the other guys and I think thats what did it. I think Nathan can be a terrific dancer when he’s fulling invested in the dance and I look forward to seeing what how he dances now without Mollee.

  11. Glad to see Karen go. Hopefully, Mollee will be the next girl cut. I can’t believe they cut Victor, though.

    I don’t get why the judges keep overlooking all of Legacy’s shortcomings. He may be one of the worst all-around dancers I’ve seen on this show. Poor posture for many dances, poor footwork, not as flexible, not as good a partner for lifts, etc…… why is he still there?

    Can I say that I just love Adam Shankman!! Constructive comments and hilarious … and love his honesty! Hope he’s a permanent addition to the judging panel!

  12. The reason they got rid of Victor and Karen is because they want the kiddies at home to keep watching SYTYCD who obviously vote for Nathan and Mollee even though they were in the b3.

  13. Thank goodness Rusell and Noelle were safe. This was a tough night because Karen and Mollee were the only girls deserving of going home and really, none of the guys were. I thought Mollee’s solo was manic and desperate. If that’s what Nigel calls fighting for her place in the Top 10, then okay. But I was totally turned off by it. All I could think of was how controlled Jeanine’s solos were last season, not even hint of desperation.

  14. I was pretty sure that Victor and Karen would go, even though I think Victor is a fantastic dancer. I do think he has an issue connecting with the audience, though, which is probably why he always ended up in the bottom. Karen is great in ballroom styles, but she doesn’t seem to be strong in other styles. I also found her to be without emotion when receiving critiques. There was no personality coming out there.

    I found it interesting that Nigel didn’t comment about the 11th/12th dancers going on tour like he did last season with Phillip and Caitlin. The season before the 13th/14th place dancers went on tour, yet there was no mention of this at all tonight.

  15. Almost lost Nathan. Sigh. Maybe next week.

    Carrie Underwood Holiday Special ad!

  16. Regarding Ryan and Ellenore, they were the best dancers last night so I think some felt they were safe and didn’t vote for them. I knew Victor would be going home, but seeing Karen leave did bother me.

    I felt Karen would have added some Latina sass to the line-up. Noelle is too much like other girls. I admit I was disappointed. Having gone through a divorce didn’t help but may have hindered her, IMO. I hope she is invited to go on the tour.

    It will be interesting to see the pair-ups next week, especially the break-up of Nathan and Mollee.

  17. i’m sad to see victor go. he was a really good dancer. he seemed to be coming out of his shell and trying to connect with the audience. i really hope they invite him on the tour.

    and i’m really really sad to see karen go. i feel she was a great dancer. i think she didn’t mean to put on the cold exterior but sometimes it’s a defense mechanism. when you feel you are being pick on because of race-color-sexuality – you put on armor. it seemed like the other dancers liked her. i really hope they invite her on the tour.

    now i feel like nigel is picking on poor nathan. nigel’s the one who put him on the show and now he feels he is too immature?

    and i’m so upset that ryan and ellenore were in the bottom three couples. it should have been legacy and kathryn, even though kathryn did a really good job.

  18. I’m okay with tonight’s results. I didn’t connect with either even though they are both strong dancers.

    I’m a fan of Legacy’s so I think I understand the reason that he is still in the competition. He has heart. And even though he isn’t technically as good as some of the others, he leaves it all on the dance floor. Besides the waltz last night, he has done a respectable job for a kid without any formal training. There have been a couple of other b-boys in past seasons who have also been given a pass. They were also very popular with the fans.

    Having said that, I must admit that part of his attraction is the chemistry that he and Kathryn have. So now that they have been separated, we will see how long he stays.

  19. I was very sad to see Karen leave – I’ve enjoyed almost all of her performances, especially last night’s tango. Maybe I’m imagining it, but I often felt like her flat expression was caused by her attempting to keep from showing her teeth. I think she felt uncomfortable with her teeth and was self-conscious when she smiled. Any time she was at ease and relaxed, she’d smile normally, but on stage she seemed to clamp her lips shut anytime she realized she was showing a toothy smile. Like I said, maybe I’m totally off-base, but she seemed to make extreme efforts to keep from showing her teeth. In turn that made her look “cold” or “snobbish”. I’ll miss seeing her on the show.

  20. (MJ — typo in the blog entry: It’s Paloma Herrera. You got carried away with the Ps!) Love Paloma. But if they were going to do Don Q, they needed to have her do the pas de deux with Angel Corella. Now that would have demonstrated a things about partnering! As well as about projecting, and *acting* in your dance, even in a dance that doesn’t have much substance to act *about*!

    Mollee can do tricks. But I’m still wondering, Can she actually *dance*? I think she and Nathan should both have been left on the cutting-room floor to wait for another year. There have been plenty people on the show close to their age, but these two just don’t seem to have the maturity. And I have yet to see any actual evidence of musicality from Mollee. I feel as if I’m watching a kids’ gymnastics exhibition when she performs. A very high-level kids’ gymnastics exhibition, but nevertheless…

  21. That was a tough elimination. I was a little shocked that Russell and Noelle weren’t in the bottom. I thought their samba was the worst dance of the night. Apparently Ameriker fell for the overwrought drahhhma of that Tyce contemp. Meh. I was even more shocked that Ryan and Ellenore were there. I choose to blame the accursed Lindy Hop. Die, Lindy Hop, die!

    Chicks: Karen’s solo was really weak, but she’s a much better partner than Mollee, and is capable of bringing teh sex. I fear for any of the guys who get paired up with lil girl Mollee next week. Unlike Nathan, I don’t think she will potentially benefit from another partnership. And Mollee’s solo, while physically pretty freakin impressive, didn’t show a lot of artistry. She’s like a little poodle jumping through hoops and doing all of these amazing tricks. The cuteness wears off after awhile. Also, I noticed that she kinda sucks in the group pieces too. If they would have cut Ellenore I would have held the jidges down for Sarah to do her worst. Nuff said.

    Dudes: Oh man. I really wanted to keep all three and send both Karen and Mollee home. THis one’s gonna be a longer analysis.

    Nathan’s soloing is fanfreakintastic. He’s got great musicality, plus I love, love his dance vocabulary and the way his body just naturally draws from different influences. Plus, those turns in full plie..freakin sick. He really is gifted, probably the second most naturally gifted male dancer after Jakob this season. While I appreciate and agree with the notion that Nathan isn’t living up to his potential in his partnering work, I also don’t know how they expected him to grow when they paired him with the one partner who would stagnate his growth. I mean, seriously, show. Have they noted how much he brings it in the group pieces? Plus, I don’t much get off on the way the Nigel talks to the kid and seems to be creating a character from that one unfortunate remark he made a while back. Honestly, I think that’s what Adam was trying to warn Nathan about. I am not down with making a teenager the reality show villain. Bad form.

    And then there’s Victor. I don’t think he has the more unique potential that Nathan has, but boy did he work it in that solo. Nice blend of technical show-offery and creativity. That speech that Nigel gave Mollee about fighting for it, well it should have went to Victor. And he really did deliver in the tango. He’s also a pretty solid partner. Buuuut….not as solid a partner as Ryan, who has definitely exceeded expectations week after week (krump notwithstanding.) Course, his soloing isn’t all that.

    All in all, I’m glad that (I’m guessing) Adam fought for Nathan, but tbh, I think Russell is kinda coasting on the whole “look what a krumper can do” storyline when I believe it’s disingenous. I don’t think he’s done anything outstanding partnering wise. Then again, he’s representing hip hop and there are a ton of contemporary specialists, so… And Legacy has been propped a little bit, although I just enjoy him and his energy, so yeah, just a tough elimination for the guys. I’m pretty sure Victor will be an alternate for the tour.

  22. I’m sad about seeing both Karen and Victor leave. I was a little surprised to see Karen go, because I thought Nigel really liked her, but her solo was the weakest. Interesting to see all the speculation behind her non-smiles. I think she’s just a serious person, esp. when receiving criticism. I’m pretty sure I would have the exact same expression when I’m on stage. I’m really sad about Victor because he really grew on me, and I thought his solo was FANTASTIC–best solo of the night. Oh well.

    I like Nathan, and I think he is an amazing dancer. I can’t wait to see how he does without Mollee. I will say he makes everything look like a breeze, and combined with that cute face of his, it might work against him. I’m hoping Mollee is out next week. Her solo looks the same every week, and I’m wondering what she can do aside from those back flips, aerials, etc. I know this is mean, but she reminds me of a cheerleader or aerobics instructor.

  23. i personally loved karen’s demeanor, that she always smiled respectfully at the judges without getting all emo. i guess the world of reality-show voting “connects” better with extroverts & a bit of immaturity better. so ppl who are well-raised, respectful, classy, and know how to conduct themselves under criticism get the shaft.

    i seriously wish karen would have stayed and mollee would have gone. karen on the tour with that tango and the car-mechanic hip hop would have been awesome. i’d be abs fine to not see mollee on tour at all – i can’t imagine what i’d like to see her do on tour.

    nathan’s awesome, brings so many styles to the table, and should be able to shine with another partner. victor… i wish we could have kept him and sent either russell or legacy home.

    Question: in past seasons, has anyone been on the Hot Tamale Train the entire season (like Karen) and yet not made it into the top 10? last season, Kayla was on the HTT all season and made it to top 4…

  24. I have been lukewarm about Victor until he did the tango. I thought they both did an outstanding job but MJ is right on the money! His solo was gorgeous and I didn’t want it to end! He did not leave anything on the table! I hope he is one of the alternates. I would have switched Legacy with Victor but that is just me!

    Excited to see the new pairings!
    Sad for the breakup of Ashleigh & Jakob – it’s hard to take your eyes off of them!

  25. omg does that mean Victors not on the tour?????? ahhh. I love him. he’s so strangely attractive and also his dancing was really good throughout. His solo was also ridiculously amazing.

  26. Reflections On Life, I don’t believe the Hot Tamale Train has been around more than say 3 seasons. Right from the beginning, I thought Karen would be in the TOP 10 and this was a surprise to me.

  27. Gee, I haven’t been able to comment about the show since I was sick as a dog this week and therefore I was not able to vote! Aagh! What the heck???? Victor is out and Nathan is in? Not surprised though, as I mentioned, I couldn’t vote for Karen & Victor. Although, Nigel mentioned that if it was only up to him, he would’ve picked Nate to get the boot and have Victor in the top 10. Stupid, stupid, stupid decision by Mary Murphy and Adam Shankman (whom I both love) by keeping Nate!

    I am so sick of Nate & Mollee. I cringe everytime I see them and hear them talk, especially Mollee ‘Brady’. Their hip-hop and can-can routine were a 6 on a scale from 1 to 10.

    Well, I’ll definitely make it a priority to vote next week and especially now that the voters have all the control. I’ll be voting from 3 lines.

    I love all the contestants (except for N & M of course) but my favorites are Legacy and Ashleigh. Wow, I never thought that I would actually like Ash let alone put her in my fave list. Well, she has grown immensely in her craft and her attitude is now refreshing and kind of modest which is very much appreciated.

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