SNL Bit Compares Donald Trump to American Idol’s Sanjaya (VIDEO)


File under: We didn’t see that one coming. Who would expect Saturday Night Live to make a Sanjaya Malakar reference in the middle of Weekend Update in 2015?

Well, it happened! Pete Davidson, doing a bit as the WU “resident young guy” went off on a Donald Trump rant, comparing the Republican presidential candidate to the American Idol season 6 contestant who wouldn’t go away. It’s actually an apt comparison, if you think about it!

“When Trump announced he was running,” said Pete, “I thought it was funny. But that was 4 months ago, and he’s winning. It’s not funny anymore!”

“I think America has to stop doing things, because it’s funny.” See where this is going? Pete goes on to explain why The Donald reminds him of Sanjaya from American Idol. “Remember Sanjaya? He had weird hair and sang like garbage?” Pete reveals the two were actually friends 3 years ago (!!!), but didn’t elaborate. “That’s another update,” he teased.

Pete went on to describe how Howard Stern rallied his fans to vote for Sanjaya as a joke, but then the prank got out of hand. “The first few times it WAS funny,” explained Pete. “But then, one by one, everybody’s favorites started getting eliminated, and it really wasn’t that funny anymore.”

“Then it got down to the final 4 and…WHAT THE HELL IS SANJAYA DOING UP THERE. NOW WE HAVE TO GO VOTE.” What he said isn’t false! Well, except that Sanjaya left in 7th place, before the final 4. But the rest? TRUFAX.

So there it is in a nutshell. Just like Sanjaya, Donald Trump has gotten too close to to “the crown.” NOW WE HAVE TO GO VOTE. Fellow Americans. MAKE SURE TO REGISTER TO VOTE. We can’t have another Sanjaya-like travesty on our hands.

Watch the clip right here.

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