SMASH – “The Movie Star” – Discussion Post (UPDATE: Recap Added!)

Hey guys, sorry if I’m late getting the discussion post up, but here ya go!

In the meantime, let’s rip Uma Thurman apart! Haha. I don’t know why, but I feel like she’s going to bug me. Prove me wrong Uma!


SMASH – “The Movie Star”

First, let me apologize for not having this up sooner. You know those nights when you have DVR issues? Yeah, let’s just say I could’ve recapped the last half of the show (the only part I managed to record), but I didn’t want to ruin it for myself. Besides, I’m sure I would’ve had a hard time recapping from half way into an episode. Actually…with the pace SMASH moves at…I probably didn’t miss too much. Juuuust kidding!

Let’s get down to business, I’m secretly watching the episode online this morning at work. Wish me luck! Heaven forbid if one of my coworkers caught me watching a Marylin Monroe musical all morning. haha. Seriously though–I’d be pretty embarrassed. Anyway, here we go! *Play*

Yay! We’re starting right off in a rehearsal scene. No lame drama from one of the character’s personal lives. Apparently when Karen throws on a black leather jacket and curls her hair a little more, her friends assume she’s glamorized herself beyond recognition in order to impress the movie star. (Seriously?)

Sam and Tom are back to flirting before rehearsals get started, and Julia totally calls the two out on it. She then proceeds to make them dinner reservations (while sitting directly in front of them), insisting they go on an official date. Love the Tom and Sam thing. Love Julia. Loved that scene. Moving on…

I’ll do my best to only refer to Uma by her character’s name, but it’s so hard! For some reason “Uma” just has ring to it! Anyway, REBECCA, sings “Let Me Be Your Star” for the first time in rehearsals. Oh wow. That was bad, but Uma (Sorry!) is already winning me over. And yes–I’m surprised.

As we move on, we see Tom, Julia, Derek, and Eileen in a panic over Rebecca’s bombed performance. While Tom and Julia assume everything’s ruined, good ol’ Eileen is living in her happy land where everything seems to fall into place at the end of every episode. (Didn’t she make friends with a millionaire rock star last week and get $7 million or something? *rolls eyes*) Derek is continuing the recent phase of “nice Derek” and insisting they use “the Cartwright girl” more or bring Ivy back. (Does Derek EVER refer to Karen as anything else other than “the Cartwright girl”? Say it with me Derek: KAAAAA-REN…)

We’re back in rehearsals, and guess what? Iiiiiivy’s baaack…and Karen’s not happy. *cuts to commercial*

Oh wow. So now we see Karen and Ivy actually teaming up a little to form a coalition against Rebecca. Guess we’ve suddenly set aside the cat fighting? That was pretty easy. Now Derek calls Karen over and informs her, “he won’t be needing her anymore…for Marilyn, of course.” And her we go. Derek’s back to his “Karen turns into Marilyn” fantasy land. Gah! I’m so torn here! On one hand, I immediately smirk at my computer screen when Karen jumps into her “Marilyn moment,” but on the other, it’s so refreshing to see Katharine play somewhat of a character finally. And I really do see what Derek is seeing in these moments. I know the “team Karen” numbers are dwindling more and more each episode, but I really do think Katharine can do a great Marilyn. She really does do something very different with Marilyn than Ivy does, and I think it works. Call me crazy I guess. I do find Derek’s jaw-dropping expression/gaze of wonder he gives during every “Marilyn moment” pretty hilarious. haha. It’s as if he’s suddenly “seen the light,” and all life’s mysteries have been unveiled.

We cut to a “Dev and Karen” scene, followed by a “Frank and Julia” scene. Ugh…can’t decide which one of these two story lines I’m gonna ignore in this recap. Maybe both? Honestly though, I am really pissed off at Julia for cheating on Frank. But regardless, let’s get back to Bombshell, shall we?

Rebecca ignores Karen approaching her and goes on to discuss cutting out some of the music in the show so she can focus on Marilyn more and “really dig into her psyche.” Okay, I take it all back. Uma ISN’T bugging me like I thought she would. She’s really making her character likable, even when we’re supposed to hate her. Right?

Now we’re seeing Tom and Sam start to heat things up on their date. They skipped dinner and head straight for drinks at Tom’s instead. (Or is it Sam’s place? Can’t tell.) LOL at Tom asking Sam, “Are you a Republican?” after Sam explains he takes things slow and views sex as “holy.” Sam convinces (sorta) Tom to see it his way and take things slow.

Let’s move back to Rebecca, who’s rehearsing a Bombshell scene–hilariously, I might add. And I thought Ivy overdid Marilyn! Now I can see the difference between embodying her (Ivy) and actually “overdoing” her (Rebecca). Anyway, here we go…back to SMASH being ridiculous. An “intruder” comes into rehearsals to drunkenly speak with Rebecca–that is until Eileen stands her ground like Wonder Woman (replace rope with pepper spray) and INSISTS the man leave her friend alone–or else… *double–even TRIPLE eye roll*

Now Eileen is insisting even though Rebecca can’t sing and her personal life is a wreck, “she is still REBECCA DUVALL.” If she wants a longer scene with more dialogue, she’s gonna get it!

Oh no. We’re back to a “Dev and Karen” scene. I know I’m ignoring them today guys, but I have to address Kat’s acting when she’s “upset” and confronting Dev because he lost his job and didn’t tell her. Gosh, as a huge Kat fan, I can’t ignore her poor performance sometimes. Now back to ignoring these two…

Rebecca is loving the new scenes (not music) being written by Julia. So much, she has even more ideas and wants to get the team together for a “pow-wow.” Haha. I love it how she always says “pow-wow.”

I forgot to mention Rebecca invited everyone to a private screening of her new movie–a sequel to Casual Friday. LOL at the fake movie scenes they had Uma do. Oh, and then one of my favorite parts of the episode happens. Dev doesn’t show up to the screening and Karen and Ivy bump into each other in the bathroom. After Karen tells Ivy she thinks the movie is funny, a look of disgust forms in Ivy’s face. She then proceeds to explain to Karen, “Don’t lie! She’s terrible! We hate her! She STOLE our part!” Thank you Ivy for voicing to Karen what everyone watching the show is thinking. Why does Karen ALWAYS have to be so good?!

The pow-wow is taking place at Tom’s (so it was his place earlier), and Rebecca shows up very late. But I’m immediately impressed with her when she confesses that everyone has to be honest with her if she’s going to make this part work. She asks them to lower the key on all the songs, have the chorus give her more support, and change up the “Dig Deep” number. “I just can’t handle a ballad like that!” she explains to Tom. This was an awesome scene. Can I ditch both team Karen and Ivy for team UMA!

Ivy continues her new job of being the audience’s voice for the character of Karen by informing Karen that once Rebecca Duvall’s out of the picture, she’s gonna have to pry the role of Marilyn from her cold, dead hands. She then tells Karen that Dev’s probably hooking up with someone else while they’re sipping on cocktails. Then Karen grabs her stuff and storms out of the bar saying, “I don’t know why I even talk to you. You make me feel bad!” *rolls eyes AGAIN* Ivy yells out, “You need a thicker skin Iowa!” Amen! How about a wake-up call while we’re at it? Karen needs one–BIG TIME.

Insert annoying “Julia with her family–notably, a son incapable of acting” scene.

Oh yeah, and Ellis has been fighting with Rebecca’s agent. The one he hooked up with to get Rebecca involved in the project. Right? That IS what happened? They’re having some sort of fling with each other, right? Cause we were supposed to believe Ellis was “straight” earlier in the season. So now he’s having some sort of gay affair? What happened to his girlfriend? I guess he could swing both ways. Whatever the case, I’m just confused by this whole little story line. Someone help me. Haha.

Finally, we get to see the reworked version of “Dig Deep.” Rebecca’s proving she didn’t get to the top by being talentless. She’s got talent alright–a talent for making it LOOK like she has talent! Meh, this musical number was just okay for me. I love Uma for the way she plays Rebecca, not Marilyn–or…I mean, the way she plays Rebecca when she plays Marilyn. Wait. I’m confused. Haha.

Anyway, my conclusion: Uma is awesome, and this was a great episode. Nothing earth-shattering, but still–I enjoyed myself. Sorry, I’d delve into more of a review, but I actually have to get some work done today. And besides, you guys are the best at that anyway! Sound off in the comments below! Here’s to next week. See ya then! Thanks.



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