Smash – Discussion Post – UPDATED: Recap

Okay kiddies, it’s been two weeks, but Smash is back! Who’s excited? Well, not too many people if the dismal season premiere ratings are any indicator. I just hope the show can be saved somehow. We need to get some buzz going or something, otherwise I’m very worried about a cancellation announcement in the near future.

Regardless, let’s get the discussions, analysis, and trash talking going, shall we? Recap to come late tonight or early morning tomorrow.

Alright, here we go. I’m ready to start this week’s episode and see what Smash has to offer.

We start with Karen and Derek, well…should I say Karen as a solo? Even though it’s in fantasy land, she’s performing one of the the songs from Jimmy and Kyle’s “hope that it actually happens” musical. Derek doesn’t seem to be intereseted, but after some leg pulling, Derek agrees to have a meeting with the two about their “hope that it actually happens musical.”

Now Tom and Julia meet with producer Eileen, who’s hired what we call a “dramaturg.” This must be some muscial theater term I’m not familiar with, because honestly, I have no idea what the eff it means. Dramaturg?

After some random scene of Ivy desperately auditioning for another show, we cut to Derek listening in on a rehearsal of Ronnie (AKA: Jennifer Hudson) singing a song from the muscical, “The Wiz.” She’s pretty amazing, am I right?

Before we cut to commercial, there is a new, exciting intro to the show. Wow, is this how we’re “revamping” the show, “Gossip Girl” dude? Nice!

What’s this? Julia is meeting at “Dramaturg’s” house, where he calls her writing in Bombshell “two dimensional.” Ouch…

Now we’re back to focusing on Jimmy and Kyle’s big meeting with Derek. Very obvioulsy, we’re supposed to care about where Jimmy left his notebook for the proper arrangement of their “hope that it will actually happen musical.”

Kyle looks grim. “We can’t go back there, Jimmy,” he says.

Yeah, it may be obvious, but I really do care! Where did you leave the notebook, Jimmy?!

What’s this? Ivy and Tom are besties? Although this is true, I totally forgot about it until now. Ivy stops by Tom’s place to mention that she has a huge auditon for some show. Typical… Wonder if she’ll get screwed out of this one as well. Tom tells her to “bring what she did the to the Bombshell audition, and she’ll do great!” Really, Tom? You know she didn’t get the part of Marilyn, right?

After Julia and Eileen have a mini confrontation about her writing skills, Julia decides to confront Peter (AKA: the Dramaturg) about his opinion on the book for Bombshell. This leads to a heated conversation where Peter tells Julia that she missed the true Marilyn in her writing–the sexy hot pot Marilyn.

“I broke up a perfectly good marriage for heat. I sacrificed everything for it. I know heat better than anyone,” Julia says to Peter.

“Then prove it,” he replies.

Next it’s the typial Ivy versus Karen scene where Ivy jealously watches Karen rehearsing Bombshell scenes with Derek. The only awesome part of this is when we get to see Ivy do a short cover of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own.”

Ooo…quick take of “bad boy Jimmy” breaking into this mysterious place where his notes for their “hope that it will actually happen musical” are located. Some dude catches him, and it’s dramatic fight time. They cut away, but somehow Jimmy manages to escape with the notes and only a fat lip.

Now we go back to the rehearsal space where Tom and Julia have come up with a new number to take care of the “sexy Marilyn” they seemed to be missing before.

If you wanna call this scene with Kat McPhee and the random dude playing Kennedy sexy, so be it. I just think it’s semi awkward and weird. Especially when it ends randomly with bad boy Jimmy showing his appreciation with a slow clap that embarrases the s*** out of everyone. Seriously, Jimmy? What are you even doing at the Bomshell rehearsals?

At least Eileen is happy with the new Kennedy scene. Conflict arises afterwards in Time Square though. Julia, Tom, and “Dramaturg” Peter clash over who should get credit over the new number. This isn’t important though.

Even though Jimmy is convinced Karen will never give him and Kyle their shot at meeting with Derek, he’s dead wrong. Derek and Karen show up unexpectedly at their apartment, and Derek is finally ready to hear about their musical.

Jimmy suddenly turns from douche bag to excited boy talking about his potential musical. He spouts off about a rich girl with an incredible voice who steals all of her hit songs from some poor boy who’s in love with her.

Derek seems interested, and this is the big moment of the show. Finally, a musical other than Bombshell has some footing and might be going somehwere. So of course, we end the episode there.

What will happen next week? Will Derek stay on board with this new show? It seems as if he’s now dedicating his time to a new show with broadway star Ronnie. Between that and Bombshell, will he have time for these newbie songwriters? And the previews for next week tell us that Karen seems to be getting some criticism from the new head producer of Bombshell, Eileen’s evil ex-husband.

We’ll have to tune in next week to see what happens! Unfortunately, I will be out all next week and am unable to provide a recap. I know…I’m sorry I’m not as dedicated as MJ, but I will be on a cruise in the Southern Carribean. I’m pretty excited to say the least. :) I will be sure and watch next week’s Smash as soon as I’m back though! So be sure and tune in and meet up here to discuss!

I’ll see you in two weeks Smash viewers!