skerdypants’ American Idol Tour 2009 Kansas City, MO Recap

Let me start off by saying that a few days before the concert even took place, I was already getting butterflies. I was so excited to see these talented singers live. I was mostly excited about Adam, not really a surprise. I am a huge Adam fan, but he’s not the only one I like. He is my favorite artist of all-time already, but I also love Kris and Allison so much and got tickets to the concert to see them, too.

This past season of Idol was the one I got into the most and I spent a lot of my time discussing with people about the show and the singers on online forums all season long. I’m not planning on watching next season for, to me, obvious reasons, so I wanted to make this night a night to remember. I spent weeks shopping and getting ready for this concert. I got up at 9:30 am on the dot and had worked on my outfit, makeup (that’s a first), and the things I needed to bring until 5 when we, me and my mother, left’ ¦ this was my first concert, OK? I went sort of Kradam style; blue/black plaid jacket. And I had on the rainbow lips shirt; if you’re an Adam fan, you remember what shirt I’m talking about. Equipped with blue glittery eyeshadow and eyeliner, flower perfume, money, and my Adam Rolling Stone magazine – one of five that I own – I was ready. We got there at 5:30 and I wanted to go earlier cause I thought the place would be packed and it would take forever to get in. It didn’t. There weren’t many people there at that time and it only took about 20 minutes to get in. It was pretty cloudy outside, I was afraid it was going to rain on the Idols after the show.

When we got inside, I went straight for the merch stands. The lines were long. The people who would scan our tickets to let us into the part of the venue where our seats would be said there were more stands outside the section entrances. We got up there, and there weren’t many people buying at those stands at the time (about a half hour later, the lines ended up being long, though). I only had enough money for a t-shirt and three pre-signed pics and that’s what I got. An Adam t-shirt and the pics of Adam, Kris, and Allison. Amazing pics, by the way. They’re all hot. I was thinking if I got to meet all three after the show, I would have Adam sign my Rolling Stone magazine, and have Kris and Alli sign their separate pics. I had printed out the group tour picture of all the Idols, too, for the others to sign.

Then after, I met up with a friend I had only talked to online before. It was so great to meet her, and we talked for a bit. She’s also an Adam fan, and she took a bunch of great pics at the concert. After talking a bit, we found a security guard and asked him where the barricades would be after the show to meet the Idols. He said around the venue from our section entrance and over to the loading docks. Outside. Great to know beforehand. I was set. Then we got into our respective seats – my friend was right across the arena from me and my mom – and waited for the concert to start for about 50 minutes. I decided to get lower level cause me and my mom are too short to get the floor seats in the middle of the floor section offered to us on Ticketmaster back in May. We wouldn’t be able to see above people’s heads. The lower level seats were great, though. They were on the right side from the view of the stage to the back of the arena, and we were in one of the sections closer to the stage. And since I’m near-sighted, I brought binoculars. They worked perfectly, great view of the Idols’ whole bodies and facial expressions. Even though it was like viewing the Idols from another television tube, at least I wasn’t looking at a moving blur all night long. I paid attention to the Idol videos on the screens for about ten minutes and just decided to tune everything out and wait for the show to start. Finally, it did’ ¦

10 – Michael Sarver: I didn’t really care about him that much on the show. To me, he was just another one of those contestants who can sing but don’t really have that superstar quality. He was great on stage, though. He moved around a lot when necessary, and he wasn’t as throaty – for lack of a better word – as he was on the show. He got a little gobbled up by Bandzilla during In Love With A Girl, but you could still hear him just fine. I liked his softer notes the best, which is why Closer was my favorite from him. He did so great on the verses. Since the people in my section were boring, while regarding crowd reaction, I consulted the people on the floor. The crowd loved him. He knew how to work the crowd. Great opener to the whole show.

Favorite Song: Closer. I’m not gonna do least favorite song, cause it’s a concert! I didn’t wanna pick out any bad performances. Only if they came my way, and I just had to notice them.

9 – Megan Joy: Honestly, I was expecting the Frankenstein fro she’s started sporting for the past few shows to pop out onto that stage when I saw her name on that screen. But it was a little different. I don’t know how to explain it, but it looked like a’ ¦ frohawk? A mix between a fro and a hawk, my mom was absolutely scandalized. I got used to it after about 10 seconds. I really believe she and Adam get along well. Anyway, she was the only singer who I thought didn’t really sound that different live than through the television. She did sound good, though. Just when she tried hitting some big notes is when her voice gets a little sharp. I always thought that that was what was really wrong with her voice. Well not wrong, per say. Just the kind of voice that I don’t see people listening to all the time. No offense to anyone who does. To each their own. It didn’t happen a lot, though, and I enjoyed her set. What I could’ve done without: ‘ ¦ all’ ¦ that’ ¦ pink. It blinded me. My eyeliner was starting to run’ ¦

Favorite Song: Put Your Records On. The second song was good, too. I don’t know the name of that song, though.

8 – Scott MacIntyre: During his run on the show, I thought his voice got more and more out of tune, and when he was gone, I thought it was the right thing for him to not stay on the show. But then I kept hearing from a lot of people how he was so much better on the tour. So I was expecting a lot more from Scott than I usually did while he was on the show. He didn’t disappoint. The only thing that I didn’t really care for were the songs he chose to sing. A little boring, but he sang them well. His falsettos were painful, though. Still needs to work on those, in my opinion. The first song, which I also don’t know the name of, felt like it went on forever. His second song, 1000 miles, was much more enjoyable. His voice wasn’t so off-pitch. The time he got between the show and the tour did him well. And the jokes? I already knew which ones he would do; like the high-five one? But they were funny, I have to admit.

Favorite Song: 1000 miles

7 – Lil Rounds: First thought that popped into my mind when she came on stage and sang Be Without You: ‘OH MY GOD, SHE’S SO SPARKLY, ME LIKEY!!!’  I can have those moments if I want to! And her outfit really was fabulous. Sparkles around her torso area of her dress and glittery shoes. I swear she stole them from Adam’s part of the Elle magazine photoshoot. Looked a hell of a lot like them. Maybe not, but still. Now moving on to the performances, the first half of Be Without You was just meh. Not bad, but I wasn’t going all gung-ho about it. Something snapped in the middle of the song, though, where it started getting more upbeat and I was really feeling the music. Her voice did sound a teensy bit hoarse. Like she had a cold (not surprising, this must’ve been one of their coldest cities). But she held her own. I honestly don’t remember No One very well. I remember waving my arm around with her and the rest of the crowd for about 30 seconds then setting it back down. I guess it was just another average performance. Single Ladies was pumpin’, though. I’ ¦ don’t understand why they had the lyrics on the screen’ ¦ did they think we wouldn’t be able to understand her? Would she forget the lyrics? ‘ ¦ Did they think we’d enjoy the pretty gold letters on the screen more than her? I don’t know. But it was pretty distracting’ ¦ uh, her singing was the best on that song, in my opinion. Her Beyonce dancing was odd, and it was hard not to notice her butt, but I like to think I have a good attention span. Well, anyway, the whole song was pretty fun to listen to and watch and it was the best upbeat song thus far. I was dancing in my seat.

Favorite Song: You guessed it. Single Ladies.

6 – Anoop Desai: I’ve followed the whole tour, every concert, and every time Anoop came on I always heard someone say that he was sexy. To be honest, that left me a little confused, because I never really thought of Anoop as sexy. I always thought he was a little safe? Something like that. But when he started singing Always On My Mind, I finally understood. He’s not the kind of flamboyant, glambulge-in-your-face sexy like Adam is, just the quiet, subtle kind. And fangirlies swoon over that. Always On My Mind was beautiful. Then came Mad, and I had always thought that while he was trying to be R&B/Hip-Hop on the show, he wasn’t really the right kind of singer for it. But after hearing him sing Mad, it must’ve been the wrong song choices i.e. Caught Up. He really pulled it off, and I think he can really do something with some melodic soft R&B. Maybe I’m wrong, sometimes I don’t know the hell I’m talking about, but he did great on the song, anyway. Then came My Prerogative and that got the whole floor going nuts for him. My mouth dropped to the floor section in shock at how well he pulled off some of those gyrations. Never expected it from NoopDawg. And there were no flaws in his voice. Completely smooth. It was funny how when everyone was shouting ‘NOOP NOOP NOOP NOOP’ , it sounded like boo’s. Bet he got used to that sound coming after his set. Also after Mad, I heard someone from the back of the floor section yell their intestines out ‘I LOVE YOU ANOOOOOOP!!!’  It was so loud, it reverberated from the arena walls (exaggeration. But everybody in the stadium heard it, though). Still don’t know how that could happen. Anyway, overall, he was way better than I thought he would be.

Favorite Song: Mad/My Prerogative. They’re both different, and I can’t really choose. They were really great.

5 – Matt Giraud: He tore up the whole arena with Hard To Handle! All I have to say. After Kradison, Matty is my next favorite, and he was another performer that I always heard great things about on tour. So I didn’t have any low expectations for him. They were very high, and he met them to the fullest and beyond. Hard To Handle was the perfect upbeat song for him, especially since he has nice thighs. Just saying. When he got to the piano during the performance, that’s when everything really started to take to new heights. After he was done, the couple in front of me stood and clapped for him before Georgia On My Mind. That was the first time someone in my section stood. Well deserved. Georgia was gorgeous. I missed it on the show so I was glad to see what all the hype was about that song and seeing him perform it. Hello, fedora! I don’t know why that thing is so special, but it is. Then his last song, You Found Me. When he sang this on the show, it was the week after he was left in the bottom 3, and you could tell he was trying too hard to impress people with the performance. No trying too hard here. It was very moving. Liked how he got up off the piano bench, finally, and stood in the middle of the stage, took his hat off, put it against his chest, sang the last note, and then fade out. He was gone. And he was the first REAL entertainment of the night. And my mom can testify to that!

Favorite Song: Hard To Handle. Way hot.

Beggin’ Medley: I had never seen this group performance from vids online, so this would’ve been a whole new thing for me. Starting with Megan coming on stage right and singing. There were all in different outfits. Then Lil came out in stage left and they started singing together. I didn’t know how this singing pair would turn out, but Megan’s higher voice and, for that night, Lil’s deeper one meshed well together. Then from below the stage came Matt and Scott’s dueling pianos. One of the highlights of the show! It was so fascinating, the sounds coming from it. I suddenly want to learn how to play the piano just so I could maybe attempt to do what they just did right there. Can’t even describe it. And again, Scott’s higher voice to Matt’s lower one complimented each other. Now this is where the momentary lapse in my mind comes in. I wish I didn’t forget to take my notepad. YES, I was going to take notes. But anyway, I do remember after the dueling pianos disappeared, Michael came from stage right like Megan and started singing. Somewhere in there came Megan, Lil, and Matt leading Scott onto the stage over to his spot. I remember Anoop came from the back of the stage, in those glasses I heard so much about, and his voice was sweet. This part when they were all together was my favorite part of the medley. The choreographed dance moves in front of the mic stands – all lined up at the forefront of the stage – were pretty decent. I didn’t really care for their moves, but they sounded perfect altogether. Mixed well together.

And there’s the ridiculous 20-minute intermission. I don’t understand why it’s that long. I completely ignored the same five videos they show over and over again and started tweeting. My name is @skerdypants on twitter. I had already tweeted a lot of what happened on during the second half, but there’s more, I promise. Nothing much happened during intermission. I tried that Ford backstage pass thing for the second time. Knew it was of no use. And my mom had to go to the bathroom for the 5th time, but that’s pretty much it. I was anxious to see my own Top 3 very, very soon. And then the lights dimmed. *squeal*

4 – Allison Iraheta: Here comes the girl that made me realize that I was bi. That’s right, she’s a f**king hot little firecracker and she takes no prisoners! From performances in other cities I have seen on YouTube, it looks like sometimes she would squeak or her voice would crack at a few points, but that didn’t happen very much in this set. The only time I ever heard a squeak was at the very first note of Cry Baby but you could barely hear it. The rest of the time, her voice was FLAWLESS! Pure rock, raw powerful energy, she fired up that whole stage! She did have some mic problems though, not her fault. Apparently her mic went out during So What but I didn’t notice that. I did notice during the last part of Barracuda cause I saw her lips moving but no sound was coming out. I was like ‘Uh-oh’ , but it came back on. Bet she wasn’t happy about that. Other than that, her whole set was perfect. She was moving everywhere around the stage, I could see my mom looking a little confused. She’s young – hard to realize how young she is, ain’t it? – and she is so hyperactive. I smiled big watts the whole time. She really brought a nice, fresh feel to the show, and I just wish that she got to sing one – more – song!

Favorite Song: Barracuda! I could feel the guitar reverberating in my chest. Such a good rock song. And Alli was so fierce on it!

3 – Danny Gokey: He is my least favorite of the group, or at least one of them. I wasn’t really trying to enjoy his set, and maybe I should’ve at least tried, but it was getting too close to Adam and I was impatient. By my tweets, I was really harsh. And I actually didn’t really enjoy PYT or My Wish. His voice is just not my thing, and I think at some points he does stuff on stage that doesn’t really fit him at all. His performances weren’t AS bad as I was making it out to be by my tweets now that I look back on it. It was just anticipation for Adam, and I thought that Maria Maria and What Hurts The Most were pretty damn decent, as a matter of fact. I don’t enjoy his part-cheesiness and his yelling notes instead of belting them at some times. That’s why I didn’t like PYT. And My Wish just went on forever. But What Hurts The Most looked pretty genuine, and I do know that it actually was genuine, and you know why. He may have sounded hoarse at times, and I still didn’t enjoy some of his set, but he certainly wasn’t so terrible. He exceeded my expectations, really.

Favorite Song: Maria Maria. People jump on his back about it and I understand why. It was my favorite from him because his voice was the best in this one. His dance moves were very’ ¦ odd coming from him, but by the view coming from my ‘noculars, he did them pretty well.

2 – Adam Lambert: *deeeep breath* Oh boy. OK, so once Danny was done with his set, everybody in the whole stadium stood up for the first time for Adam’s set. The floor section were up on their feet the whole time, but only a few times throughout the lower levels did they stand up. I was standing there, shaking in my boots, clutching my ‘noculars, whispering ‘this is it, this is it, he’s coming’ ¦’  Then we all hear a big BOOM and everybody in the stadium goes WILD. Seriously crazed. I always looked forward to his intro. It has an epic feel to it and it felt so exhilarating, anticipating what was in store for us. The last boom and out he comes.

Strutting over to the mic stand – which had finally passed out from over-adamgasming the previous night – spiky emo hair, fabulous shiny spiked jacket, and pants that fit’ ¦ very well. Then he starts singing and it’s like you’ve been pulled into his own little world and there’s no turning back now. Sorry if I sound so cheesy, but I’m reliving it, so deal with it. He was a true rock god up there during Whole Lotta Love. I remember a certain note he hit while singing ‘waaaaayyyy down insiiiiiiide’ ¦’  It was during the ‘way’  and it was the longest I’ve ever heard him hold that word in this song. And he did it without missing a beat. That one note was just special to me there. And of course, the mic stand straddling was our breaking point. By the end of that song, I felt so hot in the face, I was surprised it didn’t burst into flames right then and there.

Then came Starlight and I immediately whipped out the blue glow sticks. People say something about a helium effect during that song, and my mom thinks she heard something like that. I figured that’s just how he sang it. Maybe it was a sound issue or something, but it didn’t take away from the entrancing performance. The way he held his arms out, like he wanted to hold us all (ahem, it’s part of the song lyrics, not wishful thinking) made me want to hold out my arm as well. Yeah, this is around the time my brain has dribbled out of my ears. The way he was moving his arms and how his voice hit almost every note possible was just unbelievable. I don’t remember hearing the echo they have every once in a while at the end of the song or not. I was just focused on him, not no echo.

Next was Mad World, and I’ve seen many vids where I can’t pay attention to him performing it cause I’m always hearing someone in the background screaming their skinny ass off, and it bothers me. Why can’t you keep quiet just a little bit during Mad World? It’s not Whole Lotta Love anymore. Much to my relief, no screaming got in the way of me enjoying that performance. He really gets into it, like he really is the tortured character singing it, and God help me, I was tearing up by the end of it. That’s how much Adam affects me. And yes, people in my section sat down during that song. Just because it’s a slow song doesn’t mean you have to sit down. Oh well.

And the moment I was waiting for, my two favorites, Adam & Allison performing Slow Ride arrived and my head is just about ready to blast off. I’ll never forget the way he said Kansas City right before re-introducing Alli. Like he wanted to play with us. Cue the blush. He called Alli his ‘kid sister.’  Again, flawless performance. They were so in sync with each other and had the most perfect chemistry. They’re voices compliment each other and completely mesh. My view through the binoculars hit a spot on the right side of the stage (the view from the crowd) where I saw a sparkly white feathery pile right there. I was later told it was a boa. Thought so. It was ignored, though. There were two, maybe three things thrown during Adam’s set. He ignored all of them. Wasn’t in the mood with playing any toys last night, I guess. Anyway, I also remember catching Adam putting his arm around Alli’s shoulder. I forget at what part of the song, I do remember they were in the middle of the stage. Probably before the second verse. They are so affectionate towards each other, they might as well be real siblings. It’s so much fun to watch and they lit up the whole stadium with their energy.

Then last, the Bowie Medley. I’ve probably over-watched this performance to an impossible extent. Watched about half of them already from various cities over and over again. Didn’t take away any feelings I had during the performance. Not one bit. It really is different when you experience it live. His most theatrical side comes out during Life On Mars. He had the best facial expressions (thank you, ‘noculars!!). Then in Fame, I don’t know where the hell he developed those moves. It’s like he was a human slinky! Unreal. He also gets so silly during Fame. Now this is entertainment! Also, a little mistake of mine, I got a little too excited, my hands were flailing, and I *accidentally* smacked the old man’s bald head who was sitting in front of me. My bad. I said sorry, but then I went right back to the show. I’ll also never forget the HUGE high-high-high note on the very last ‘fame’  said before Let’s Dance. One of the best notes I’ve ever heard in my life, not gonna lie. Again, mouth on floor section. Next time everybody stood up again was when Adam told them to before singing Let’s Dance. And we were all dancing. This is the kind of style I see on Adam. He says he wants to make people dance, write sexy songs, this represented his style perfectly. ‘Dance with me and I’ll set you free’  and a hip roll, I’m surprised I didn’t faint. Right on that one last fantastic note, I was gasping for air and my hair was in disarray. So surreal. I’ll never forget the night I first saw Adam Lambert live.

Favorite Song: Bowie Medley. Was my favorite since the first time I ever saw it and will always remain to be my favorite of his whole Idol set.

1 – Kris Allen: Papa Allen G! Mah homie! Heartless was rockin’ and he really brought it to life for us on that stage. The curtain bothered me for a split second, but then I focused my attention on Kris. The crowd was still standing after Adam and looked like the last thing they wanted to do was sit down during Heartless. The crowd was so into it. That just sorta went by in a blur, still recovering from FireBabe, but hottie the pocket got me with that Killers song. MUCH better than No Boundaries would’ve been; was a smart choice to replace it. It was a strong rock song that Kris owned fully. He told the crowd to sing along during him repeating ‘I have soul but I’m not a soldier’  over and over again, and in my opinion, that was one of the single most powerful moments of the whole concert. That really WAS soul.

Then when Ana–Ain’t No Sunshine came on and he sat on the piano bench, people started to sit down in the lower level. Not me. I kept standing. I don’t care if I was the only one, I was enjoying Kris and I want to stand up for him, I’ll stand up for him, glammit! Ain’t No Sunshine was sung beautifully. His voice shined in that one. Bright Lights came fast. Yes, there was a malfunction with the curtain, stopped about’ ¦ halfway I think? I wasn’t really paying attention to that. Kris still had me. But it was fixed. Anyway, Bright Lights was already my favorite from him before (I watched too many vids) and live, it made me feel’ ¦ [enter cheese] complete. He could keep his butt on that piano bench and that alone was entertaining to watch. Damn, that boi was bopping up and down on that thing. Oh, to be that bench’ ¦ He finally got his ass up (I could’ve sworn I saw him pat his crotch, it might’ve been the bench between his legs, but I swear’ ¦) and went by the guitarist and got his own guitar and started to TEAR IT UP! He can really do a damn good rock riff, and I was jumping up and down by then. Finally, that was over.

Then came Hey Jude, and that was always another favorite of mine. He does a couple rock ‘half-screams’  and you can never imagine it coming out so great out of that mouth, but it does. I say that he could really do something great with acoustic rock, although I don’t know much about his upcoming album. We’ll see. Needless to say, the winner definitely deserved his spot, no matter if Adam was my favorite or not, they’re both just so great.

Sorry to say, I skipped Don’t Stop Believin’. I know, I know, I could’ve missed some epic Kradam and such. But I wanted to get a good spot at the barricades. And I did! Me and my mom were right up front – I met up with my friend again – and we were able to stay in that spot the whole time. We walked right past the buses on our way to the barricades. They were huge! Well’ ¦ I would hope they would be. But yeah. We were smack dab in the middle. We weren’t at either end, so we had no idea who came out and who didn’t until they walked around our way.

We waited for a half hour until finally one of them came out. I tweeted about what mostly happened, but I’ll put in more details. Anoop was the first one to come out. What would happen when one of them came out was we would hear a short, sorta quiet scream at the end where the buses were at, and we would wait for word of who it was to come down to the middle where we were. I had my group tour pic out, he signed it, I said thank you. While he was around my area, we saw Sarver walking right past us, waving at the people as he walked by. He was heading to the other end. How sweet! Speaking of, on his way down to us, he got lots of gifts from people. I think he had already tweeted about them, and they were very sweet. He was so moved by it. He hugged them. Then he came down my way, it was the same thing with Anoop. Then when he was done going down the line, he went up to the girls who gave him the gift and hugged them again. We all went ‘awwww!’ 

Then came Scott, he was led by a lady I’ve never seen before. I pointed to the spot I wanted him to sign at, on his jacket on the pic, the lady pointed there and he signed. I said thank you, he said you’re welcome. My experience was pretty much the same for the first three. Anoop, Sarver, and Scott were all so nice and tried to get to everybody they could. I heard a chant for Adam to come out for a few seconds, but it quickly died down.

Gokey was next. He was wearing a wife beater. I thought Adam was the only guy with delicious guns! I have to admit, I liked Danny’s arms. Anyway, when he came around, I decided to be snarky and since I’m always being pestered by my parents to wear glasses, I asked him if I could borrow his glasses. He laughed and said ‘Then I wouldn’t be able to see.’  Got his autograph as well.

Then out came Alli’ ¦ for a short while. She ran out, stared at us for a second, then ran back in. That’s my girl! Then she came back out and started hopping down the line, scribbling an A as she went. She was so fast. And she’s so little! Now I can really believe she’s only a year and a half older than me. Since she was one of my biggest favorites, I said ‘Alli, I love you so much!’  She smiled and said thank you while signing the separate pre-signed pic I had of her. I was so happy. When she was a couple people down from me, I said to my friend ‘Victory is mine!’  I guess she heard me cause she looked back at me and smiled. That inspired me to say more than thank you, at least to the people where I would actually know what to say.

Then came the Golden Man. No, not Adam, but Kris. Now HE is little, too, my God. He was one of the people who talked more to the fans while signing autographs. Since I was on a roll, here comes back out my obnoxious side. I wanted to make the Idols laugh, let them have a good time along with myself. When he came to me, I held out my separate pic of him and said a little quietly ‘I love you, Hot Pocket.’  He burst out laughing and said ‘That’s’ ¦’  and didn’t finish his sentence. So cute. He either thought it was funny or creepy, I don’t care. The people behind me were scrambling to what the hell made Kris Allen laugh, though, and once they heard what it was, they all went ‘awww!’  I think they did, anyway. I was too focused on Kris still. I genuinely said after that, no jokes ‘I really do love you’  and he said thank you and smiled. Thought that was pretty cool. Love his face.

Then the last out for the night was Matt. Now HE was a TRIP! He was my favorite experience at the barricades, he was so interactive with everybody, cracking jokes, talking more than Kris to everybody. I saw him jumping around a bit, touching his hat every now and then. One of the first things I tweeted that night was SIGN MATT GIRAUD! And I’m serious, he really should get signed. I hope he knows how much some of us want him to. When he came up, I sincerely said ‘Matt, I think you really, really should get signed’  and he looked into my eyes and said thank you. Then he brightened up a bit and joked about how a few people down, a girl asked him if Adam is coming out and said mockingly-jealous ‘We-we’re not good enough’  And I laughed and he touched my hand and moved on. Oh, and I got the autograph while saying he should get signed. That was my favorite moment outside.

Adam didn’t come out. The security guard said it was because he had a photoshoot in LA and was on his way there. I don’t know how true that is, but word finally got down to the middle saying that he got in a limo and waved at the people as he was driven away. If only I was at the end. *sigh* Oh well. My main goal was to see him live, and I had gotten that. If I wasn’t going to meet Adam, I’m completely fine with that because I understand why. Whether it be because of a shoot or if he’s tired, whatever’ ¦ I’ll just try to meet him during his solo tour. See how that goes. Anyway, I don’t know what Megan and Lil’s excuses were, but I was good for the night. They were all extremely nice and looked like they were happy to meet us.

Then I come back home and hop right back on the computer. All day today, I thought about the concert. And any audio I had of previous concert vids, I always thought ‘I wish I could see this again live’  It was such a great experience, and I’m glad I took the chance to go.

Notes: I only heard about the protesting of Adam when I got back home. I heard absolutely nothing about it there. Nothing. They must’ve been on the other side of the venue. Nobody was talking about it around me. Must’ve been low-key or people just didn’t wanna talk about it. I don’t know. I honestly don’t wanna think about it, because this ridiculous and pointless protesting makes me angry, and I’m not about to let it ruin my night.

And no, I’m not from ontd_ai. I read your comments. ï Å  Thank you for reading my recap, hope it wasn’t a tedious long read.

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