Siobhan Magnus – Hyannis Fall Festival and Halloween Performance

It was a beautiful fall day today. Perfect to set off for Cape Cod to check out the big Hyannis Fall Festival, featuring Siobhan Magnus in a Halloween “Parade of the Horribles” and a performance afterward!

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OK, I was off to a late start, so I totally missed the parade (Siobhan was also supposed to receive the key to the city beforehand). But I got there in time to see her Dad and his cover band play a few tunes.

And then, Siobhan appeared, looking radiant, to sing “House of the Rising Sun” with her father. After a little time to set up, her band, Lunar Valve joined her on the stage to sing 4 songs.

There was a nice crowd there for the festivities, ranging from babies to senior citizens. I have to admit I got a kick out of the WTF looks a few of the townfolk expressed when the band launched into their Cure-inspired goth rock. Heh.

The one song I didn’t manage to record (Cut me a break, I had to hold the camera above my head for most of the filming! Ow my arms!) was a hot bluesy number that really went over with the crowd.

After the jump, check out “House of the Rising Sun” and 3 of the 4 Lunar Valve songs.

UPDATE: Added “Ball N Chain” via tokillamurderer

Video after the JUMP…

House of the Rising Sun

Siobhan Magnus and Lunar Valve – “Boot2Boot”

Siobhan Magnus and Lunar Valve – Ball N Chain

Siobhan Magnus and Lunar Valve – “Where Demons Lie” – (Siobhan introduced this as a brand-new song)

Siobhan Magnus and Lunar Valve – Final Number – “I’d Love to Change the World” – Ten Years After cover

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  1. Siobhan’s persona is fascinating. dress, hair, voice, personality. she’s unique, as is Lunar Valve.

    i hope they get the chance to expand their presence outside of the state of Massachusetts.

  2. Thanks so much MJ! Wow, we really get to see a different side to her voice, especially in song 1. Technically Siobhan sounds better than ever to my ears, but the genres are nothing like I expected from her in the beginning.

    There’s one video of “Ball and Chain” on youtube, but it’s not full LINK.

  3. Wow, she’s a TOTAL throwback to a singer named Annie Haslum and a band called Renaissance. They were popular in the 70’s. Interesting.

    I don’t care for Siobhan as a singer, she always feels like she’s pushing too hard. But I wish she could channel all that energy – she could definitely act.

  4. Siobhan…. talented… she is meant to do something… agree that she needs to channel all that creative energy. She is so young and so different.

  5. Thank you so much, MJ! You were so lucky, plus you got a lovely Autumn day. I haven’t heard the videos but I have heard so many good things about Siobhan and her performance on other forums. This young lady WILL have a career; I just hope some record executive gets to hear her music.

    I wonder what she wore for the parade? Something wild, I’m sure.
    This is so exciting; I hope it leads to other events for her. Go Siobhan!!

  6. MJ, I don’t know how you held your arm up for that long! Thank you!

    I really enjoyed seeing Siobhan with her band. I love her uniqueness.

  7. After watching a couple of these clips, I’d say Siobhan has an impossibly long way to go before she’ll achieve relevance. Seems highly amateurish.

  8. when i saw siobhan on AI,i knew from her deep vocal and tatoo that she be more like punk rocker.what does it mean,amateurish?
    i love her.i seem shocked she said she didnt get record label.

  9. Relevance is –pun intended–highly relative. Subjective. I’m guessing this is lightyears from your style of music, negativo, which makes it no less valuable an expression for those who do like this genre.
    I loved seeing Siobhan again, and hope so much that doors will open for her. I think she is immensely talented and also just so appealing. Winsome is an old-fashioned word to use for such an edgy girl, but I think it fits, crazy makeup and all.

  10. It’s funny that you say that, negativo. I think Siobhan is the only Season 9 contestant who doesn’t sound amateurish or irrelevant.

  11. Yeah, Siobhan sounded better than ever here and very PROFESSIONAL. BTW, Song 1 is a cover of Horrorpops Boot2Boot, only Siobhan:)

  12. Hooray for Siobhan and the love she got from her hometown (and beyond!! a number of dedicated Siofans journeyed to the Cape).

  13. Lovin’ me some Siobhan! This gal was the only person that truly interested me last season.

  14. Oh, Siobhan, my only motivation to watch S9, you just need the right crowd, right venue, lutz-ah lasers, and outrageous costumes/makeup, and I’ll be roaring with you!!

  15. Not digging it but I hope she does well.

    The crowd seems to be a bit despondant. It doesn’t look like it’s her target audience.

  16. Wow, thank you so much for wearing out your poor arm and hand for those videos, MJ. Much appreciated to see someone I loved watching on AI. There is just something about Siobhan that I love. She is all kinds of contradictions but so appealing – at least to me. Love her voice and that Joplin song – wow.

  17. Siobhan’s music is certainly light years from my style of music but she is an interesting character (like the way she dresses and her hair/makeup etc)hope she does well on her chosen path.

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