Sharon Osbourne Says Simon Cowell Doesn’t Like Overweight People

The X Factor 2017 Judges during the judges tour, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Dermot O'Leary, Nichole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell

Former X Factor UK and America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne is bashing former boss Simon Cowell again.

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She claimed that he “doesn’t like people who are overweight.” Although he’s been careful not to criticize a woman’s weight to her face in the past few years, it would not be surprising to find that he’s held on to that particular prejudice.

Speaking on the Siriusxm Honest AF podcast, Sharon said Simon has “very dated” views. Speaking to show hosts Daniella Clarke and Barbaranne Wylde, Sharon said: “Simon doesn’t have an ability to see individuals. He doesn’t like people who are overweight. Seriously.”

“That’s why he turned down Jennifer Hudson, that’s why he wouldn’t champion her on American Idol. But it’s the truth. He’s very dated.”

Jennifer reacted to Simon’s criticisms of her during the singer’s Idol season 3 run: “Simon told me I was ‘too big’ in every way. I think he meant my hair, my voice, my personality, my songs. “I didn’t really understand how that was a negative thing. I said, ‘Is big not what a star is?’”

Simon’s show America’s Got Talent garnered negative headlines earlier this year when it came to light that he fired Gabrielle Union from the judges panel because he considered her a troublemaker on set. According to reports, producers considered her hairstyling “too black.” Julianne Hough was also fired in the shakeup. The current season brought back Heidi Klum and added Modern Family star Sofia Vergara to join Simon and Howie Mandel on the panel.

Sharon hasn’t spoken with Simon in years, according to what she told Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain back in November. “I’m talking but I haven’t spoken to him in so long, last May was the last time. Not this year but the year before. So it’s been a while.”

Sharon was fired from X Factor after ripping into Simon on the Howard Stern show in 2018. She called Simon a  “f***ing pain in the ass” and said the contestants who audition for X Factor  ” all suck,” adding, “It is like hey is this f***ing karaoke or what?”

No love lost there, I suppose.

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  1. We’ve all known Simon is very superficial ever since Idol premiered. He told one girl in S1 that she was too big and said that if Aretha Franklin had auditioned for the show, she wouldn’t have won because of her size. He called the three blond triplets in Season 4 “overweight Jessica Simpsons.” Of course, the infamous marks about Mandisa’s weight. I think the backlash he got from those remarks are what made him tone down his harsh comments about people’s looks in later seasons.

    I think he mostly doesn’t like overweightwomen because he never seemed to mention Ruben’s weight or Scott Savol’s (I may be wrong on this. I know Simon didn’t like Scott but I can’t remember any weight related comments.)

  2. So weird. I am watching Season 5 for the first time. I just watched when they were ruling on Mandisa making live shows. I love Mandisa’s singing.

  3. Simon disliked and didn’t champion many contestants and they were not all overweight. But Jennifer used her exposure and talent and made a huge career for herself. It is not all in big album/single sales or touring or #1 chart positions but it is big nonetheless. Thankfully Simon could not make or break her spirit or career. Not sure what purpose Sharon has for bringing her into her feud with Simon. Sharon worked with Simon for many years, so she should have some firsthand knowledge and examples to report on instead of using a contestant from 17 years ago when she had no involvement.

  4. This isn’t surprising. I’ll never forget how horrible he was to Mandisa, and when he made a fat comment to her it literally broke my heart. How sad and upsetting that must have been to her. I liked her a lot, and loved her voice. Now she’s a Grammy winner and very successful in the Christian music.

  5. It is like Simon thinks that people who are overweight don’t have feelings.

  6. Where are you able to watch old seasons online? I’ve always wondered this.

  7. Anyone who watched Idol in their Glory years knows that Cowell had distain for almost everyone; it’s what made him so popular. Changing times/attitudes made him soften his remarks but one can still catch a glimpse of his true feelings by watching him closely. He thinks he’s superior. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. Imho of course.

  8. youtube. Albert Makalew has almost all the years on his page. Scroll down and you will find. Or you can search and there may be others but he has them all very organized. There are remnants of other shows too, but the Idol stuff is presented sans commercials and in order.

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