SexyEvey’s American Idol Tour Tampa Recap

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WOW!! What a night and I am excited to share some personal experiences with you that I had with the Idols!! I’M THE ONE WHO THREW THE BEDAZZLED BRA! I posted a day earlier I would and I lived up to my word!! I should let you know my favorites are Adam (I’m a total Glambert and dressed the part!) and Matty G. I even chatted w/Matt at the end of the show/signing and got hit on by him! (More on that later!!!) I MET EVERY  IDOL BUT  ADAM!  I talked to Kris  while everyone around me was speechless (more later also).

I’ll go through each Idol’s set and then my meet and greet experience with all of them. I posted my pics w/Allison and Matt.  I hope you guys like it! It’s long but pretty detailed, juicy,  and might offer some insight from this show and the Idols you might have not heard before! Sorry so late…hopefully worth the wait!

OK.. I’m not going to lie. I got to the show during Scott’s set  but missed Michael and Megan. (I had to work till  5:45)  I am such an avid fan of MJ’s blog that I knew Megan had made some ears bleed  and I probably didn’t miss much LOL! Michael, eh, I can live without seeing him live. Scott sounds freaking amazing live. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL voice. I did love him on the show and even shed a  tear when he was voted off ;( It was so cute during the meet and greet… I told Scott that I cried when he left and felt we were cheated a few more weeks hearing him sing different genres!  He seemed  VERY happy to  hear that and was  smiling ear to ear. He said, “I know right! I had so much I wanted to show America! “He told me to check out his pre-idol album. I told his brother, “It looks like you have an awesome  opportunity here and the ultimate job security… your brother is a superstar and you get to tour with him and  see  the world!” he  was so happy and told me that he  actually  was  moving to Tokyo in  about a month and that he was a singer too! He told me  his  name was Todd and Scott turned around and said, “He’s Great! You should check out his website,!” I told them to do a duet together! I asked them  if they loved  the beach and they said oh yes! That made me smile. I actually did go to his website and felt kind of bad for just assuming he was riding Scott’s coattails. I’m sure he will get a little more recognition for his talents though now that his brother is a household name.

Ok back to the concert..Next up was LIL. Holy  cr@p! She can sang! I was  thoroughly surprised and how beautiful she sounded. I really REALLY liked her and wouldn’t mind watching her in concert again. She looked  beautiful and had on so much bling bling on her shoes, outfit, etc. that complimented her really well! Everyone was up and dancing to  “All the single ladies”.  When I met her at the meet and greet I told her she looked amazing and that  it looked like she had lost alot of weight (she really did look like she lost 20 lbs since the show ended). She told me, “Oh my God thank you for noticing! I have been working out so hard!” I also told her I loved the bling and thought she looked like a superstar and she thanked me. She was very warm.

Next up was Anoop. He was another wonderful surprise!! (Maybe everyone should skip the first two and show up for Scott onward LOL) I started to like Anoop during country week and hearing “Always on my Mind” was like coming full circle in my eyes. My favorite of his was “Mad”. I was there with my Best Friend who also happens to be my recently ex-boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. His name is Jim. We watched the show together and he was the one to scream, “EVEY COME IN HERE AND LISTEN TO THIS GUY ADAM!” (audition Boho rhapsody) So technically he introduced me to my happy daily obsession with Adam and Mj’s! He is an Adam fan too and  even wore a black rockstar looking top..something like Adam would wear.  I couldn’t get him to  wear the nail polish.  Anyways, he leaned over and complimented the background for the song (Mad) and pointed out how much more appeasing to the eye it was compared to that “horrible background Lil had during Single Ladies”. LOL has he been reading any reviews? Anoop should really go in the R&B direction as he has the vocals to go far. He was sexier in person than I expected. He didn’t wear the  silly glasses and even said he spends Thanksgiving’s here in Tampa and this was like a second home for him! That made me happy as I have lived here my whole life and to imagine Anoop with his loving Mom and Dad and the rest of his fam eating turkey..well that’s just the most Utopian, loving vision I can think of! I am an only child too and had a mother who loved me with all of her heart and soul and Anoop’s parents remind me so much of my belated Mother who passed last year. I was sad during the M&G that he happened to end up at my section the same time Matty got there and they overlapped. I got his sig but didn’t get to have a mini convo or connect with him. I focused my efforts on Matty =)

Next up, MATT!!!!! I was standing the whole time and God did I feel soooo connected to him. He looked so comfortable and happy up on that stage and I could see he still has the innocence and dumbfounded wonder as to how people are there cheering for HIM! IHow  special is that? To see a star grow before your eyes who  still has  stardom virginity  is touching! Here’s a pic of him during “Georgia”. You can see how close we were.

OK.. MEETING MATT.. WOW! First, he came around and I told him that he was one of the only three I cried when he was voted off (Scott, him and Adam). He grabbed my hand and said “thank you so much! It means so much to me!” I asked for a picture and he winked at me after he signed my program and said he would be back. Well, he lived up to his word! He came back and started chatting with me asking ME if I had a twitter account so we could K.I.T. and asked me if I could come to the Ft.Lauderdale show the next night. I told him my twitter name and asked him if he enjoyed the beach and he said he loves it here. I said its a shame you cant spend another night here on the beach and he said “oh I am spending the night here again and plan on going back out on the beach tonight” he then told me to please tweet him and he would read it! He said he reads EVERY ONE of his tweets! I asked for that pic and the girl next to me tried but my camera took it at the wrong time  when we were laughing so he grabbed the camera out of her hand laughing and said, “I got this”. He held it out in front of us and we get really close and were still laughing and he said “WOW this has to be the longest picture ever hehe” were laughing our @ss off when the flash went off again. We look like a couple of friends that have known each other forever! They are not 2 very flattering photos of me but are so cute because of the raw emotion in the moment. I had Matty sign a shirt I had that said “Heartbreaker” on it  and told him I knew he was the biggest flirt and it would only be appropriate he signed my shirt! He denied being a heartbreaker (of course). The people around me were just kind of staring at us like WTF is going on?? We were acting like we were just 2 normal people flirting and chatting with each other and no one else was around!  I REALLY was so happy to  talk to Matty and would love to one day maybe see him again!! I was dressed kinda sexy and it seemed to work to get his attention lol! I had to find something to wear  that was appealing for both Adam and Matt! Oh and the  Jim was not at the meet and greet. He had to go home due to a broken foot (and still owes me all the best pics and videos!) but when I told him about the Matt experience he was so excited for me (he really is my best friend and the coolest guy ever). He said, “go hangout with him, chances like that don’t happen everyday!” Oh to have the confidence he has. Maybe that’s why I love Adam so much. I love confidence!

Now we have the group medley……Great!   They all descended downward and it was intermission. Time to head to the bathroom to finish my makeup   for Adam’s set (glitter eyeshadow and tons of liner of course! (My nails were already painted black!)

I got back to watch Allison and she is so vocally mature. Her set is very entertaining!  She is  going to be huge! Afterwords I was STUNNED at how mature she LOOKS for 17!   I got an awesome pic with here and we look like we are friends! Look at her face and makeup!  I don’t know if I would card her lol!

Danny came out next and this was probably the dullest moment of the night. I really don’t like Gokey. I did like him in the beginning, however his story got soooo old to me and it was like he was still around ONLY because he lost his wife tragically. He’s not musically diverse at all. He sounds the same in every song and just seems so fake. My BFF Jim leaned over and said, “there is just something so fake about that guy!” I remember Jim calling me into the room to see Danny’s story and audition and story and we both liked him but somehow over the course of the competition we both were disgusted by him. When I saw him at the M&G I just smiled and held out my program and said thanks when he autographed it. He was offering hugs (yuck!) to people but I did not join in on the opportunity for a Danny embrace. I would have rather hugged either of the women standing next to me. The best part of his set was  knowing who was up next!!! (I’m sorry to all you Danny fan’s out there). There were alot of Danny fans here and maybe I’m being a little hard on the guy. Matt seems to like him alot.

Drumroll please….rock god emerge from below-oh fierce one!! ADAM!!! God he sounded phenomenal! I was a little disappointed at only one microphone thrust as I had great seats to see every crotch grab and innuendo lol. I kind of started to feel like he was holding back..not sure why but I got that feeling during WLL. Then Starlight and Mad World. Total perfection. I did feel like Adam wasn’t making as much eye contact as she had during his earlier shows and that kind of bummed me out. I was standing up the whole time and so was basically the whole venue, however  the section to the right of me (I was to the left of the stage, closest to the stage, 5th row) did not stand AT ALL! WTF?!?!?! This isn’t stars on ice, this is the Adam Lambert Show and you are privileged to even be apart of it! Now Allison and Adam start Slow Ride and    I knew my moment had come I had been anticipating… I somehow unfastened my sequined “bedazzled” bra that I was wearing under another rhinestone embellished bra and saw my moment.. no security, direct pathway to the stage and one goal in mind..throw like I’ve never thrown before! I was SUCCESSFUL! He caught it and did the overhead spin (as everyone saw later lol) and threw it back into the crowd. I was so proud. That was one of my fav. party bras that (in Adam’s terms) I have worn many a night partying in Vegas, but to show Adam a little piece of MY love, I sent it flying. I was the first one to throw something.. WOOHOO! I ran back to my spot and was beaming ear to ear.

When the Bowie Medley came on and I saw the whips and cuffs I must admit-I felt sooo proud of my hometown for  showing Adam that we love and accept him (at this point I had not heard of a stalker or any anti-Adam protesters). When he left I felt a part of my heart die =( I hope he appreciated my gift of glam since if he has to sling a bra… at least make it a sparkly one! I left during DSB and got a fab. spot at the barriers. I was front row with a fellow MJ blogger to my right (yeaa!) who was a Glambert, and a Kris fan to my left. I asked them if they felt like Adam was holding back tonight for some reason and some nosy b!t*h from behind me said, “I have a 12 year old. She might look older, but she is STILL 12 and this is a family show!” Yuck. Maybe I forgot how hypocritical my town really  can be.  When I heard Adam wasn’t coming my heart dropped. I had been looking forward to meeting Adam for so long and looking into his sparkly blue eye shadowed eyes. They kept telling us…”Adam is sick”. The girl next to me recognized the security saying this and knew his name (how, IDK) she asked him personally what was going on and he said the same thing, “Adam is sick”. I said, “Awww, cant you just go get Adam and we can have a little intimate meet and greet away from the crowd?” He laughed and told me, “With Adam, nothing  is ever  unnoticed.” LOL I guess I realized afterwords how sexual it sounded but I still love that I asked him that. I wondered if he was really sick or maybe it was the EXTREME humidity..not sure it could have been rough  on the vocal cords. Maybe it was the “stalker”, we may never know. I do know I was very very sad to not get to meet Adam and if it was because of a crazed fan I want to let them know that because of their actions they ruined an opportunity of a lifetime for many die hard fans here in Tampa. We may never get this opportunity again. You suck stalker. Oh and when I was leaving the M&G I saw a younger girl (12-14) bent over on the ground WEEPING. It was like we were all mourning the absence of Adam.

Last was Kris. I will admit, I was a little disappointed at first to hear Kris because it was NOT Adam, but he really did win me over during Ain’t No Sunshine. The Killer’s song was pretty cool and extra awesome because 2 years ago when the Killers were in town I partied with them for 2 days and we actually drove them to their concert and had them over to our house for a party 2 days in a row  lol.  The lead singer is very sweet, religious and  committed to his wife! Very honorable..much like Mr. Allen. When he came outside to the M&G the lady next to me started hyperventilating. It was so awesome watching a star struck fan and wondering what I would do if that was Adam. Too bad I didn’t get that chance but I lived vicariously through her. When he came to me I asked him to sign my Adam picture “KRADAM” LOL! He laughed and said “Sure!” I asked him  if he would tell Adam that we hoped he got well soon and he said he would.  I looked him in the eyes and told him that he is living proof that good guys still exist and maybe we will all be as lucky to find a guy that treats us the way he treats his wife”. He seemed to REALLY appreciate that comment and said, “Awww thank you SO much! Thank you! That is so sweet of you to say!” He did look pretty surprised by my compliment.

I also met Megan and Michael. Megan looked like a freaking crackhead though and seeing her in person I almost had to blink twice when staring at her matted tangled hair. I mean, her hair looked TERRIBLE. Is this a new style??? Please Megan go back to the Barbie look! I wouldn’t let my animals see me with hair like that for fear they would run away from home! I got here autograph and thanked her but that’s all. I really didn’t have anything to say to her but she was saying her son was with her here and I asked her if he loved the beach and she said he did love it! I think its awesome that she is a single mom with a bright future and can now provide for her family in ways she probably never thought possible .    I  did meet  Michael and it was very brief. I told him that because of how grateful he has been to hi fans during this tour he has gained ALOT of fans (proof via MJ’s fan recaps).

Overall I had ALMOST the best night ever! The only thing that would have allowed me to die a happy woman would have been meeting Adam. I guess I made out better than most though, as in the words of the 15 year old girl behind me, “You are the luckiest girl in the ENTIRE WORLD! You can go to bed tonight knowing Adam held YOUR bra in HIS hand and swung it around in the air!” Priceless.

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