Season 9 Preview: Margaret “Margo” May

This is our continuation of our preview of possible Season 9 contestants. Remember, that the Hollywood round doesn’t occur until January 9th this year. We don’t know how far any of these contestants might go. And since we never see some of the competition round contestants until the competition starts, we might never see some of these people.

Number 5: Margaret “Margo” May
Hometown: Kansas City, KC

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Picture 1 Picture 2
“Use Somebody” (youtube)
Interview (youtube)
“Blue Shoes” (youtube)
Original Song (youtube)

Margo lists artists such as Joni Mitchel, Tom Waits and Karen Carpenter as her influences and it shows. She is a guitar playing folk girl and her songs seems pretty mellow. I listened to a few songs on the Myspace link and I found her voice child-like and didn’t care for the tone. Much better, in my opinion, is the video on her Myspace where she sounds good, but the song tends to drone after a while. Best yet, are the youtube videos where I liked “Blue Shoes”. Whoever recorded her Myspace stuff should stop doing that to people (but they will probably be hired as Bruce as a Sound Tech for season 9 and win an Emmy).

Can such a low-key contestant survive on bombastic-favouring Idol? Will Bandzilla eat her up, spit her out and then stomp on her masticated remains? Or will she successfully bring the singer-songwriter vibe that has propelled the last two winners to victory? She would definitely be a breath of fresh air amongst all the belters.

What do you think? Will they put her through to the voting rounds and can she gather an audience?

Spoiler from VoteForTheWorst (also on IDF list)

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