Season 9 Preview: Margaret “Margo” May

This is our continuation of our preview of possible Season 9 contestants. Remember, that the Hollywood round doesn’t occur until January 9th this year. We don’t know how far any of these contestants might go. And since we never see some of the competition round contestants until the competition starts, we might never see some of these people.

Number 5: Margaret “Margo” May
Hometown: Kansas City, KC

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Picture 1 Picture 2
“Use Somebody” (youtube)
Interview (youtube)
“Blue Shoes” (youtube)
Original Song (youtube)

Margo lists artists such as Joni Mitchel, Tom Waits and Karen Carpenter as her influences and it shows. She is a guitar playing folk girl and her songs seems pretty mellow. I listened to a few songs on the Myspace link and I found her voice child-like and didn’t care for the tone. Much better, in my opinion, is the video on her Myspace where she sounds good, but the song tends to drone after a while. Best yet, are the youtube videos where I liked “Blue Shoes”. Whoever recorded her Myspace stuff should stop doing that to people (but they will probably be hired as Bruce as a Sound Tech for season 9 and win an Emmy).

Can such a low-key contestant survive on bombastic-favouring Idol? Will Bandzilla eat her up, spit her out and then stomp on her masticated remains? Or will she successfully bring the singer-songwriter vibe that has propelled the last two winners to victory? She would definitely be a breath of fresh air amongst all the belters.

What do you think? Will they put her through to the voting rounds and can she gather an audience?

Spoiler from VoteForTheWorst (also on IDF list)

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  1. She the first of the ones you’ve showcased who I think I might like. I’m not sure her voice is strong enough to make it on Idol, but there’s quality to her voice that makes it stand out and makes me notice her. So far the others you’ve posted about have given me too much of a been there, done that feel. I just wish this girl seemed a bit more pop inclined as I don’t think I can stand listening to folk sounds from her all season. Ah well, I predict that if she makes it past Hollywood week, she’ll implode soon after as I doubt she could handle the variation and volume needed to survived the different themed weeks and the idol band.

  2. I love her, she has such a sweet interesting tone. She reminds me of Mirah or Lenka. I agree though that she has no shot at idol, guys can ave restrained vocals but girls have to be booming, or they are dismissed (still bitter about jesse langseth and casey carlson).

  3. I don’t think it’s fair to say she has NO shot on Idol – I would have thought that about plenty of other finalists who have at least made the final rounds. At the same time, her voice does seem really weak, but there is a nice tone to it…so who knows. I feel like she may have a hard time standing out, and that may be why she won’t make the semi-finals.

  4. I admit to liking the bombastic ones. The singer-songwriter stuff is getting old. Not exactly fresh as that type won the last 2 years.

    I was bored and only got to about 20 sec. But that probably means she’ll win. LOL

  5. I think she is one of the ones who made it to Hollywood Week last year, isn’t she?

  6. JazzRocks

    I was bored and only got to about 20 sec. But that probably means she’ll win. LOL
    ROFLMAOPMP! Good one. :) Yeah probably she will. :)

  7. JazzRocks
    12/24/2009 at 12:39 pm

    I admit to liking the bombastic ones. The singer-songwriter stuff is getting old. Not exactly fresh as that type won the last 2 years.

    Yep. The singer/songwriter/folksy type thing is so 2000 and late. Please oh please give us someone that’s got an upbeat, fresh contemporary feel. I really like the tone of this girls voice but hate the folk thing. sigh. Why do I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of this type of thing. Pop, people. Think pop music.

  8. She’s OK. will have to see more of her to decide. Any word on a kid named Adan Garcia? He’s from Albuquerque, NM (my hometown). Our local radio station sponsored him to go to the audition and I know he made it thru to Hollywood.

  9. She did make Hollywood last season and was cut somewhere, probably not shown. I’m starting to wonder if some of these previous year auctioneers featured on the commercials were just placed there to frustrate the hardcore idol fans. This one really has no place on the show, at least Brooke White had a backstory and a quirky personality the show could play on. Its reality TV, your going to have to have showstopping vocals to get to the voting rounds, at least if you don’t have a backstory or a personality they can focus on.

    As for Adan Garcia; he isn’t on any Hollywood list I’ve seen. I’ve seen a list with 158 of the rumored 177 Hollywood invitees. Only one Garcia is listed, Andrew from Moreno Valley, CA. Are you sure he made Hollywood or just the recorded judge auditions, which were run as callbacks a couple months after the cattle call producer auditions.

  10. EH. She’s the first one that I’m completely uninterested in.

    The Youtube linked above that says “Use Somebody” is actually “Love Somebody”. I thought she was doing an exceptionally bad version of Kings of Leon for the first minute!

  11. who knows? she has that Taylor Swift vibe. she’s sweet, pretty, nicey, safe…yeah a typical idol material. voice? meh…(but can get away with that; all they need are the ten little fingers & the phone) oh, AI you better pick some exciting singers/PERFORMERS to make my viewing worthwhile or else…bye-bye.

  12. I think she’ll probably end up 0 for 2 in Hollywood week. She doesn’t seem to have the stuff to get to the next level…I’d be really surprised if she made the top 24.

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