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Hi guys. MJ has pegged me to recap some scripted programming for you guys, and first up is Scorpion. This is a natural choice, as Katherine McPhee stars in the show, and she is an American Idol alumni. This will not be live blogged, because that’s silly, but rather recapped. Without further adieu…


We open on a bunch of helicopters flying to a house in Ireland. They acquire “Scorpion”, who is a little kid, who already has an extradition offer printed out. Scorpion is Walter. Walter is taken outside where he meets a government agent (Robert Patrick), and then we flash to the present. Current age Walter is breaking up with his girlfriend. We get our first glimpse of Kat, who has a son who is messing around with some salt shakers.

Walter drives to a warehouse where his team of geniuses is working on stuff. Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) is running from a car, and ducks into the warehouse. Federal Agent Cabe Gallow (Patrick) shows up, saves Toby, and recruits Walter and his team. They need him. There’s an issue where a bunch of planes could be in trouble.

Walter’s only girl in the team talks him into taking the job. Walter warns Cabe that if he sells him out, he’ll erase him from existence. Cabe lets us know that Walter is one of the five smartest people alive. Walter and his team start fixing the plane issue, which involves hacking into the computers in the tower. Walter analyzes Paige (McPhee), knowing things about her because he’s a genius. He also tells her that her son is a genius.

They’re trying to get into a storage unit, and they have to brown out the power to get the door to unlock in time. Unfortunately, the first idea doesn’t work out, and Walter retreats. Paige has a huge talk with him, and tries to motivate him into fixing the problem so fighter jets don’t have to start shooting them down. He has a breakthrough, and comes up with a second plan. Paige offers to drive Walter to the airport. Walter and Paige race across town, with Happy hacking stoplights.

In the most insane scene ever, Walter drives a Ferrari under a plane, while Paige plugs a laptop into a flying jet. I wonder if they can do that every episode. After a job well done, Cabe tries to recruit Walter. Walter already knew it was happening, and presents his list of demands. After he accepts a job, he goes to Paige’s and recruits her for the team too. They use her as their normal person to help them connect with the rest of the world.

So that’s our team. They’re going to use their smarts to fix big problems every episode. What did you think? Did you watch the premiere? Are you coming back for more next week? Let me know in the comments! For a review of Scorpion, check out my site:

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