Scorpion- Episode 2- Recap

We see a young Walter O’Brien, with his irish accent getting punished for being too smart. This is where we learn that Walter has a sister, which we then see Walter reading a letter that says his sister is sick with something that leaves her immobile. Ralph might be sick… but OH WAIT… Walter reveals that Ralph hacked the thermometer (you can do that?) to make him look sick.

Walter and the team go to their first task, where the governor’s daughter is sick with some strange disease that the CDC can’t even diagnose. Walter is reminded again of his sister, who is paralyzed. He vows to figure out who did this, and thinks it might be biohacking. He doesn’t believe what she has is contagious, and was designed specifically for her.

Walter explains biohacking, and out of frustration breaks a coffee mug, leading to a longer conversation with Paige. We learn that Walter’s sister has MS, even though Walter tells Paige that his sister “was sick, but is fine now”. Then the team receives a break in the IP hack, so they head out. They find the hacker that helped (but had nothing to do with the biohacking), revealing how they have 3 more children who are as sick as the governor’s daughter. Turns out they all worked for a drug company, and are being punished for a failed drug trial.

Sylvester is annoying, and whining about breaking into the drug company. Toby and Happy create a distraction so Sylvester can go into the files and use his photographic memory to read the files. Unfortunately, the distraction ends early, and Sylvester has to exit quickly… through a biohazard lab that he’s terrified of. Sylvester eventually escapes.

They find their guy, who is a microbiology professor who lost his daughter in the drug trial. They team finds out that he’s planning on killing the governor, as well as figuring out the cure. They do some hacking, and they find both the hacker an the terrorist. They catch the terrorist, and save the governor. Save The Cheerleader, Save The World!

The team listens to Galloway interrogating the bioterrorist, and when it gets personal, Paige ends the conversation. Walter ends up visiting his sister, who is not paralyzed yet, just sick.

We also learned in this episode that Toby has an ex that he’s trying to get back with, and Happy was given up as a child. Sylvester donates his paycheck to an orphanage. Galloway had a daughter who died.

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