Sanjaya Malakar: Food Trials, Romance and Father Figures

More Sanjaya Malakar from Thursday night’s I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here.

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Once again, Sanjaya kicks major butt in a food trial. This time he’s up against Holly Montag–who came into camp to take her sister Heidi’s place after she left with a stomach ulcer. The other guys in the camp unanimously chose Sanjaya for the trial, because he’s so good at this stuff. He’ll probably participate in Monday’s trial too–the guy and girl with the most viewer votes take part in a contest that involves a lot of mud and critters.

In another segment, Sanjaya and Holly play fake romance. He braids her hair and she gives him a back rub. Aw. Then, in a camp confessional, Sanjaya breaks down as he tells camp leader, Lou Diamond Phillips, that he’s the father figure he never had….

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Once again, Sanjaya kicks ass on the food trial

Sanjaya has a fake relationship with Holly Montag

Sanjaya has a special moment with Lou Diamond Phillips

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  1. I was surprised and kind of bummed out to see Lou Diamond Phillips doing this show. He was a decent actor. Somebody give him a real gig.

  2. His Dad wasn’t around much. His parents got divorced when he was like 2 or 3. He split his time between Seattle and India. His father never knew who HIS father was and was raised by an older brother (it’s a long weird story of being raised in some kind of orphanage/ashram thingy). Now he’s started a new family (with another son).

    From what I’ve heard, that although he does have a relationship with his father, the father wasn’t very present growing up.

  3. Also, I’m sure the 3 different husbands his Mom went through (one who was bi-polar, and I think one died too) didn’t help him much.

    ETA: They had a cut scene up on with Sanjaya talking about the above.

  4. I’ve always had a soft spot for Sanjaya because I’ve sensed something in him that I thought was special. He’s a really interesting young man and I hope that he has success in the future. He’s one tough kid.

  5. Awww, what a cute fakeromance…..he’s a great guy though. He did a great job on the hair…who wouldn’t want a guy to feed you, and braid your hair?!

  6. I have never and will never watch this show. But, what is the incentive for these people to do this stuff? Is there a monetary prize? Does it go to charity?

  7. I swear that boy has cried ALOT on this show. Maybe this will be good therapy for him. And that fake romance thing… was kinda cute. Aren’t they calling them Sanjolly or something like that?

    what is the incentive for these people to do this stuff? Is there a monetary prize? Does it go to charity?

    I don’t really follow the show but I believe how it works is each celebrity is playing for their chosen charity. The longer they stay the more money they earn for their charity. The last one remaining is crowned the king of the jungle or some silly name like that and they receive the largest amount or a set amount. Not really sure on that last one. They are playing for really good causes so while the show may seem cheesey and silly and even staged/scripted sometimes there is something good that comes out of it in the end.

    Oh and as far as who will be picked for the food trial next week I am sure Janice will be chosen again because the people want to see her freak out and be ‘traumatized’ as she put it. Poor ladies will have to eat beans and rice again.

  8. Also, Ià ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢m sure the 3 different husbands his Mom went through (one who was bi-polar, and I think one died too) didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t help him much.

    ETA: They had a cut scene up on with Sanjaya talking about the above.

    And in that scene he says something like when Simon would criticize him he would see his manic-depressive stepfather’s face.

  9. I’ve a new found respect for Sanjaya… :clap_tb:

    ..I hope its between him and LDP at the end

  10. I’ve always loved Sanjaya and now I love him more than ever. What a gentle soul, so natural and real.

    Why are people calling it a fake romance? I don’t think it’s fake. They seem to enjoy each other’s company. They’re both young and nice people, it’s fun to see. If it’s not a romance, it’s at least a friendship. By the way I don’t think he is gay. Never did get that vibe from him.

    I also think it will come down to Sanjaya and Lou. Holly’s pretty cool too.

    I can’t imagine who’s voting for Janice. Probably the producers, to keep up the drama.

    I’m kind of glad Daniel is gone. Janice is awful but he made it worse by obsessing on her. I think those baldwin brothers have some misogyny going on. Daniel was as manipulative and gossipy as a woman, he was like that on Celebrity Rehab too.

    Poor Sanjaya, he’s in touch with some heavy emotions, it’s good for him to work through them I think.

    I believe they all get paid in addition to some money going to charity. Patty B. said prior to the show, when asked why she was doing it, “I need the paycheck.”

  11. Daniel was as manipulative and gossipy as a woman

    i just realized how bad that sounds. I mean that women tend to gossip more than men do. When I taught elem school, the girls would gang up against each other, form cliques, and gossip about each other, even at a young age. While the boys would just throw things at each other or go to blows.

  12. Why are people calling it a fake romance?

    Because it’s a reality show, and nearly everything on there is either set up or contrived.

  13. I don’t know if it’s a real romance or not, but they are cute together. At least it seems like Sanjaya is happy having someone closer to his age there to hang out with.

  14. I’m from Illinois and we started watching the show because of Patty Blagojevich. lol…what a LIAR! The charity she selected is refusing to take the money because of what her husband has done. The show is rehashed on a lot of radio stations in Illinois. Sanjaya is getting a lot of press about being one of the only sane people on the show. He and LDP.

    I hear that they make 80,000 and if they win 250,000.

    Janice is a whack job and uses Sanjaya like a puppet. My husband even likes him now and he hated him on AI. So I think this is a win win for Sanjaya.

  15. Well not everything is scripted. Their liking each other appears real to me but I can be fooled I guess.

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