Salt Lake City, Utah AI Live! Show – Griffy’s Recap

Griffy attended the Idol show in Salt Lake City last night. Read her recap below!

Chikezie – A great way to open the show. His voice sounded great. I really really enjoyed the Usher song. The boy has got some moves! It’s too bad we didn’t get to see more of him on the show.

Ramiele – She is so out of her league. Her performances weren’t terrible, but she just got drowned out by the crowd. Her onstage talking between numbers seemed super awkward. I think she is still sooooo nervous about all of this.

MJ – AMAZING!!! I was a fan of his during the show, and knew that he could sing, but he is the total package. The Queen medley was incredible and the fans went CRAZY!! His voice on the other two songs sounded perfect. Right before his last song, he said, “whew, it’s hot in here I think I’ll unbutton my jacket.” He did, only to reveal his “I voted for Archuleta” T-shirt. The crowd went bananas!! It was super funny. I love his personality and after last night, I’d totally buy his album. He was super fun during the group numbers as well. I’m never a fan of anyone besides Bono singing a U2 song, but his voice sounded amazing on “Pride”

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KLC – Meh ¦ ¦nothing spectacular. Even God Bless the USA wasn’t great IMO. She does seem to be very comfortable on stage with all the cowgirl squats etc. She’s OK, just not my cup-o-tea.

Carly – Her first song, “Bring Me to Life” was a train wreck. Her outfit was terrible. Don’t know if anyone before has mentioned the glove thingies that she wears. They are these black leather gems that only cover her 4 fingers and only go barely past the first knuckle. Super bizarre. I spent half of the first song wondering what the crap those things were! Plus the whole fan thing ¦.ick. The Heart song was MUCH MUCH better and she seems like a super nice gal. She won points with the Utah crowd by saying that she’d visited the Mormon temple earlier in the day and gushing about how beautiful it was. She has a great voice, but sometimes I still can’t get over the scary faces that she makes. I thought she was gonna eat me!!

Brooke – She is so stinking cute it’s not ever fair. I’d give anything to have hair like hers ¦..anyhoo, “Let it Be” was great. The Feist song was fun too. She still seems awkward moving around the stage and was letting out a lot of her signature “woohoo’s” She went back to the Piano for “Yellow” and KILLED it!! Probably one of my favorite performances of the night! I loved the piano and how she sped things up a bit. It was gorgeous. I want that version on my ipod ¦.baaaaad. She was super cheery and nice and the fans loved her.

Jason – “Somewhere Over the Rainbow was FANTASTIC!! I was never a big Castro fan during the show, but he was in great voice last night. His facial expressions while strumming the Ukulele were awesome. He is a charmer and I can see why the girlies love him. I didn’t care much for “Crazy, ” but I didn’t hate it either. He mentioned the fact that Archie has been singing his song. He said something like, “you may have heard this song the past few days since my compadre Archuleta has been singing it all over TV here” He didn’t seemed bugged by it though since he is so laid back ¦.lol understatement of the century!!

Syesha – She looked HORRIBLE! The hair was a mess, the dress was awful, and her boobs were falling out. It was a mess. She sounded OK on the Rihanna song, but I couldn’t get over how bad she looked. The other songs were her usual scream-fest. Not good and the crowd was getting restless for Archie! As soon as she finished her last song, the crowd went ape crazy ¦..she stood there and I think she believed that all the noise was actually for her. She kept thanking the audience, but they were just glad she was done so David A could come out.

Archie – When he came up on the stage playing the piano, the Arch-tards went nuts!! It was deafening. I was starting to get a little cranky because I really wanted to hear “Angels” and I couldn’t hear through all the cheers. This kid’s voice is so clear and so pure though, it really cut right through the noise. It was beautiful. “Apologize” was really good as well. His onstage chatter was the usual ¦.”aww, gosh, thanks! You guys are awesome. This is amazing ¦..etc.” It was super cute. “Stand By Me” was awesome and the crowd was really into it ¦.surprise!! He was in great voice for the Groban song as well. The home crowd was definitely not disappointed.

Cook – It was a tough act to follow, but the crowd was really into him as well. “Hello” was FANTASTIC! He seriously sings every note with such feeling. Cook is phenomenal at working the crowd. His set was filled with tons of cute little waves and winks that threw the girlies into frenzy. I loved “My Hero.” He did seem to be nursing his knee a bit and wasn’t running around too much. “Billie Jean” was amazing as well. It was SUPER loud and left my ears ringing ¦.but wanting more!!

Fun concert. Definitely worth the $$. After last night, I’m excited to hear more from MJ, Brooke, Archie, and Cook!!

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