Sales – Week Ending 12/20/2018

HDD has not updated their building chart, but they do offer an article on 10 non-boring music biz things. One of them is about Lauren Daigle who once auditioned for Idol.

WMG made $4B in 2018 thanks to Ed Sheeran and “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack (which features Loren Allred from The Voice).

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27-09-2022 (Part-2) | Daily Earning Information

Billboard offers a fun interactive map that lets you find out what the highest grossing concerts were in each state. Taylor Swift dominated in 18 states (and Camila Cabello opened for her for many of her dates).

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  1. Although I understand the comparison, I don’t think Lauren actually sounds like Adele.

  2. That HDD article is boring. Could have mentioned Greta Van Fleet to liven things up! Nice mention of Adele Daigle. Oops, Lauren Daigle. : )

    Great for Ed Sheeran. I enjoy his tunes.

    The Journey-Def Leppard tour was big this year: $97.1 million from 1,003,198 tickets sold…. “56 dates across the United States, plus two shows in Canada, in Toronto and Vancouver. The rock heavyweights alternated between venue sizes, enlisting extra support on the 10 stadium shows.” Billboard, 10/18/18.

  3. Great list. No surprise that Idol dominates with the most entries on the list. But XFUSA was only on a few seasons and they still outperformed The Voice almost double the entries.

  4. Where is the cut-off of who to include on the list? I’m asking because RaeLynn was included which wasn’t a finalist her season. I don’t have his Spotify numbers handy right now. If you’re including contestants that are in the battles or playoffs of TV, Morgan Wallen would be eligible. I assume his single, “Up Down” ft. FGL would be heavily streamed.

  5. Yes, you’re right. He should be included and Up Down is actually on the top25. I don’t know if missed more people.

  6. I’m shocked by Alex & Sierra’s numbers. Like how did they get the #4 most-streamed song?

  7. I think it’s due to being a popular cover & people searching & listening to the original. YouTubers, Annie LeBlanc & Hayden Summerall covered their song. It has more YT views than Alex & Sierra’s video. Annie & Hayden’s cover was so popular they made the Billboard Emerging Artists chart. Their covers were so popular that they charted on other charts such as Billboard Hot Country Songs, Billboard Digital Songs, etc.

  8. Did you look for Loren Allred’s Never Enough?

    She was T20 on S3 of The Voice.

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