Sales – Week Ending 05/10/2019

It looks like the HDD building chart is no more. They just publish the numbers on Friday. Today, they did cough up the Top 50 Albums and songs year-to-date.

Top 50 Albums YTD:

[YTD Total, YTD Albums, YTD Songs, YTD Streams]
16 “The Greatest Showman” [Loren Allred] 399K 149K, 315K, 300M
38 Lauren Daigle “Look Up Child” 252K, 118K, 333K, 149M

Top 50 Songs YTD:

[YTD Total, YTD Sales, YTD Streams]
20 Sam Smith & Normani “Dancing with a Stranger” 1.18M, 196K, 135.5M

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