Sales Numbers – Week Ending 02/15/2018

The HDD charts are delayed this week. HDD is predicting the “Black Panther” Soundtrack will top the charts this week. I’m pretty sure that every movie prediction blog is predicting that the movie will top the box office this weekend too (Box Office Mojo for instance predicts a $200M weekend). The movie has had some serious buzz. Justin Timberlake’s “Man in the Woods on the Moon” is likely to be third this week after debuting at number one last week.

Camila Cabello is expected to stay in the top 10 on the combined chart with her album “Camila’.

UMG made nearly $7B in revenues last year.

Skating is having an impact on the download charts. A big winner is Disturbia’s “Sound of Silence” during the pair’s free skate. Billboard also runs down some of the songs featured last night including Paul Anka’s version of “Wonderwall”.

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