Sacramento, California AI Live! Show – IdolFan 7470’s Recap

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Sacramento concert was very good. It was an older crowd I thought. People my age in there 30’s and older. It was a full house, and great to get in from the over 100 degree heat.

He was first up and much better than I remember him. He has a really good voice. He sang all three of his songs well and tried his best to get the crowd going. Being first up that can be hard, but he did his best. Best song first one, I Believe to My Soul.

She starts with a Michael Jackson song and a few little dance moves. Her voice on that one was not too good. Just did not hit the notes. Her last song was much better. She does not seem too comfortable on stage but maybe in time she will improve. She is very pretty in person.

Michael Johns
Love Michael. He was at one time my favorite. He started with We will Rock you and did very well. The crowd seemed to get into his performances more than the previous two. He did the song he did on Dolly week next, It All Wrong, again a good job. Last he finished with Dream on. Overall three things I noticed about Michael, he looks exactly the same as he does on TV, His voices is stronger and better in person, he did not talk with the audience too much. He seems in interviews like he has a fun, great personality but on stage that does not come across. Not that he is bad with the interaction, it just not what I expected.

Kristy Lee
Ok first thing I noticed, and my hubby noticed is she is stunning. I thought she song decent. I have no idea what her first song was, but she danced around pretty good. Next song was God Bless the USA, She sings that well but Im a little sick of it. Last song was something about a cow, not sure could not make out the words. Anyway she was decent overall. I can see her making a country album and having success.

Not a huge Carly fan, until tonight. Her first song was a bit too screamy for me but the other two were excellent. The other thing about Carly is she seems do nice and down to earth.

On the show I thought Brooke was sweet and all but I thought her voice was only so-so. Tonight she was the biggest surprise. Her voice was so much stronger in person. Her first song Let it Be was better than on the show. The middle song was ok, but the third song, Yellow was great. Plus when she talks with the crowd she seems very natural. She does not do the standard …yeah, Sacramento or lets hear how loud you can get She just talks and seems at ease. She seems like she would be great in a small intimate venue.

Intermission, Something about Idol gives back, race to the restroom, fight my way back, Stretch, give the guy next to me a dirty look because he burped like a pig. Complain to my husband guy next to me is a pig. Lights go down.

He is EXACTLY like he is on the show. Cute as could be, laid back and sounds the same. All three songs are good. Crazy is good, I was looking forward to hearing it. I love Jason. I would marry Jason, Ok not really but that is how adorable he is. I like his voice but granted it not a powerhouse. The appeal of Jason is he is so not a celebrity. He is just a regular kid and he does not appear to try to be anything else. Love him.

This girls can sing. Her first was song was good, but her last Listen was beautiful She said its about following your heart. She sang with such feeling. She seems a bit stiff on stage like she is not completely at ease yet, but she is really a strong singer. Plus I could not stop obsessing over her calf muscles. I know its sound weird. But I am a runner and I dont have calf like that. I was up in the bleachers and I could see her calf muscles from there. I was so jealous.

I love young David. I think his voice is truly excellent and it was on point tonight. Angels was great, Apologize was even better. Next up Stand By Me, he moved around a bit for this one and did a few cute little dance steps. Last the Josh Groben song. Dont care for the song, but his voice was spectacular. In between songs he was his cute self, smiling a lot and said thanks a bunch. The thing I love about this kid is he is just himself. He does not try to be cool or hip or say the right things. He seems as genuine as he did on the show, just more relaxed.

All Five of his songs were very good. His voice is so much better than I remember. He also seems the most natural with his banter with the crowd. He is at ease and knows how to work the crowd. He comes across as a rock star but without the ego. That hard to do, but someone he does it perfectly.

Last up a group song. We all stood up and bopped around as the idols ran around on stage. Cute. One thing I liked is each idol seemed genuinely grateful to be where they are. They each either thanked the audience for getting them there or just looked in awe. Some like Archie looked around like he could not believe he was there. Its cool to see they appreciate the experience. Several of them mentioned something about last year at this time. Anyway I am glad to see they all appear grateful and down to earth. I hope all the admiration and fame they suddenly have doesnt change them. That would be a shame.

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