RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 — Episode 6 – Results, Recap, Video

Hip-Hop, Hunty!

We get a quick glimpse of a note that Gia left, in addition to her mirror message. That seems like a nice gesture on her part — unless (spoiler alert) it’s full of shade and we get to watch the Queens read it during Untucked!

The recap lets us know that Adore and Laganja are good friends. Adore warns that Laganja gets competitive. We are also reminded that Ben won the Snatch Game, and that Gia went home.

Laganja reinforces her competitive nature by whining that she’s used to winning It’s hard for her to see her friends do well. Especially Adore. Points to Laganja for being honest, and points away for being a spoiled brat about it. Trinity is just as honest, saying that both she and Laganja suffer from being emotional. More points to her for admitting it’s something that holds her back.

And all the points in the world to Trinity for sharing her HIV status with the Queens who weren’t in the lounge before. Bianca looks so proud of her. Milk calls her noble and courageous. And then, because it’s not a big horrible thing, but just a thing, they go on to other business.

Bianca congratulates Ben on her second win. Darienne gets unexpectedly huffy when Ben asks if any of the other “original six” have won two main challenges. She tells Ben that it doesn’t count as two, because Darienne wasn’t there for Ben’s first win. Becoming the Richard III of Drag, Darienne starts plotting to take Ben down for the crime of “peacocking”.

Meanwhile, Adore is hoping for an individual challenge. She’s tired of teams. “I’m more of a Beyoncé,” she declares.

“At least Beyoncé’s dresses hit the ground,” Bianca quips, only to be topped by Adore’s, “So do your tits!” Bianca looks so proud of her.

The She-Mail is full of rap references. So, it’s going to be a hip-hop challenge. Something I’m sure all the older queens will love. But first, we have the most anticipated mini-challenge of the season, the Reading Challenge!

As usual, RuPaul has brought in a ridiculous pair of glasses for the queens to wear as they do the readings. Bianca is first. Insult comedy is her bread and butter, so makes a great beginning. The only joke we see from Trinity is not great, but she ends by pulling off her false pony tails, saying, “If you can’t read yourself, how in the hell you gonna read someone else?” That was sweet. Laganja, of course, has to put on her own special pair of glasses, because RuPaul’s are not ridiculous enough.

Darienne’s reads are both funny and sharp-edged. She wins the challenge and gets to choose her entire “crew” for the rap. She picks Laganja, Bianca, Adore, and Courtney. The leftovers are Ben, Joslyn, Trinity, and Milk. Ben is taken aback not to be chosen. Later on, she asks Darienne why. “I’ll be honest,” Darienne replies. “It’s none of your fucking business.”

RuPaul comes in briefly to tell everyone about the guest judges, hip-hop stars Trina and Eve. The girls will direct the queens in their rap video work.

There is also some obligatory drama from Adore and Laganja. When they film their solo raps, Adore and Laganja both mess up, but Laganja has a harder time dealing with it.

There’s a little low-lying tension on Ben’s team. Ben tells Trinity to use the challenge as an opportunity to improve her enunciation, which annoys Trinity. Then Ben has trouble picking up the dance routine Trinity choreographs. But, on the whole, they work well together.

The two groups film their videos. Eve and Trina are professional and patient, but just about everyone messes trying to rap. Except Bianca, who is word-perfect and funny. And Courtney and Joslyn, who aren’t shown rapping at all. Milk sends the guest stars into fits of giggles, while Adore impresses with her swag.

On Runway Day, Joslyn tells us the theme is “crazy, sexy, cool.” Laganja enters the workroom chanting out a series of her annoying catchphrases. She’s like her own little Rolaskatox.

Bianca has now become everyone’s mama. She gets stern with Milk, urging her to try some glamor. She also touches base with Trinity, sharing a story about one of her friends, who withdrew when he become HIV positive. She tells Trinity that she’s proud of her and invites her to call if she ever needs anything. Even just a laugh.

RuPaul appears on the runway in a lime green dress that looks like the best unconventional materials challenge ever. I can’t what it’s made of, but it looks like hard green plastic and drapes like it weighs fifty pounds. It’s gorgeous.

On the runway, Joslyn embodies the “crazy” part of the assignment. She’s wearing a sexy strappy ribbon thing over her black mesh corset. Over that, she’s hung a flowery metal neckpiece, and what looks like a beaded curtain. Ben is the hybrid offspring of Elizabeth Taylor and Cruella DeVille. Milk is taking baby steps in the glamor department by wearing a mermaid dress fashioned out of her hotel bedsheets. Bianca is perfectly cool in a gold caftan straight out of 1967. Trinity is from the same year, only twenty years younger in a flower child look

(A quick note on Trinity. She may be having trouble with the challenges, but her runways are better than anything I’ve seen since Season Three. She always brings something interesting, and it’s always flawlessly executed.)

Back to the runway. Darienne is very sparkly, but not much else. Adore wears black leather and lace, in hem length that will drive Michelle Visage to drink. And Courtney does an elaborate bit, opening a sleeping bag to reveal orchid pink bra and panties. It’s very cute, but I can’t help noticing her boxy hips.

The judges don’t have a lot to say. Milk is criticized for a disappointing glamor look. Santino does give her a good note, telling her that every detail is important, in fish as well as her more arty club kid looks.

Courtney is made safe with a warning: Stop relying on that body! Ben and Laganja are also safe. Adore wins the challenge, receiving jewelry from The Foundry. The bottom two are Trinity and Milk. They lip-synch to “Whatta Man” (Salt-n-Pepa). Milk has some fun dance moves, but Trinity is slinking all over the stage like a python. It’s crazy, sexy, and cool. RuPaul chooses Trinity to stay.

Milk is shocked. She thanks RuPaul for allowing her to be herself without ever ridiculing her. Backstage, she says, “I wanted to leave my stamp, and I really think I did.” Then she asks for her cell phone back.


Laganja looks a little upset to be safe. “If I wanted to be safe, I would be wearing a big condom,” she says, punctuating her line with a sassy head tilt. If I had any vodka, I’d turn that into a drinking game. Take a slug every time Laganja does her head tilt and pass out before the end of the episode. Okay? Yes, Gawd!

Ben, Courtney, and Laganja toast to being safe. Courtney reminds us that it’s important to be safe, and Ben thanks her for the public service announcement. Courtney guesses that Darienne, Trinity, and Milk will be on the bottom.

Laganja is surprised that it wasn’t Adore, because of her stumbles during filming. Ben and Courtney exchange some “shall we shatter her fantasy world?” looks, and Courtney says she thinks Adore will win it.

Laganja shares her frustration at not winning at something she’s good at. Ben vents a little about having to take charge of the team with the non-performers on it. In an interview, she suspects that Darienne deliberately put her on the team to sabotage her. But, she concludes, it’s not bad to intimidate your competition.

Courtney is upset that RuPaul thinks she’s “coasting on pretty.” She suggests maybe next week she and Milk can make each other’s face up. Ben lights up, saying that’s an exciting idea. “For Milk,” Courtney mutters, taking a sip of her drink.

They are summoned to the Gold Bar to play Twenty Questions, with added snark. It’s awkward. Laganja doesn’t have the wit or energy to play, while Ben and Courtney are too nice. The most interesting part is when Ben asks Laganja if the queen in question is “hateful.” Laganja replies, “no.” When they learn that it is Darienne, Ben’s face is a study in confusion. She’s keyed in to Darienne’s dark side now, but nobody else seems to realize what’s going on.

Ben asks Laganja about the Adore situation. Laganja explains that she took one of Adore’s lines about wanting to win as not caring whether Laganja made the final three with her. We see flashbacks, both to the previous Untucked, and to a later scene where Laganja apologizes for jumping to conclusions.

We join the other queens in the Silver Lounge. Joslyn is smarting from her first ever round of judge’s critiques. She explains that since, her look is so fishy, she over-accessorizes in order to be drag. Adore laughs and calls Joslyn’s hands magnets — they just attract jewelry. Adore talks about Laganja’s apology (or “apology,” as Adore puts it). She explains that Laganja is very competitive, and, outside the show, Laganja is usually on a pedestal, while Adore is considered her less attractive, poor relation.

Joslyn asks Trinity how she feels, and Trinity vents about not doing well on challenges. This one is especially irksome because Trinity raps twice a week. She’s doing her best, but she keeps getting knocked down. “Let me ask you a fair question,” Bianca says. “What do you think you’re best at?”

There is a long pause. Then Trinity says she’s tired of always being the topic of conversation. Joslyn decides she has to stop trying to cheer Trinity up and just concentrate on sending her home.

The conversation turns to Ben as leader of Ru-Tang Clan. Joslyn says Ben was a great team leader before. Darienne snarks that Ben has to be in control. Bianca thinks Ben was being disrespectful to her group by asking Darienne why she didn’t Ben for her team. This is the cue for the safe queens to arrive.

They sit and RuPaul tells them to look for a letter under the couch. It’s a different note from Gia, delivering some post-mortem poison. Bianca is told to remember Gia’s make-up tips and apply more orange around her beard line. “Jizzlyn” is accused of injecting baby oil. I guess that’s insulting? Milk is told to look in the mirror for her nonexistent femininity. Milk looks a little hurt, but reminds us that Gia is a troll and, more importantly, gone.

Then it’s time to remind us that Milk reached her expiration date. We see her getting emotional as she films her final words. The mirror message reads, “It’s Milkin’ Time. I

Am I being too hard on Laganja, or do you find her as annoying as I do? What do you think will happen next in the big Ben/Darienne saga? How far do you think Joslyn can go in this competition? Let me know in the comments!