RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5 UNTUCKED – Episode 3 – Recap and VIDEO

It’s the RuPaul Drag Race “show after the show” Untucked! Click for For Montavilla’s show recap and results.


The safe queens retire to the lounge, gagging with relief not to be in the bottom. They discuss the videos. Jinkx feels that her team’s video was more kid-friendly. Alyssa (the only safe queen from her team) feels her video was slightly funnier. Alaska is read for not being in drag for the video.

They try to predict the week’s winner. Alyssa liked Detox’s “editorial” look, which Honey finds dull. Honey thinks Jinkx will win in her Restoration period outfit, but Alyssa deems it “hodge-podgy.”

They talk about the bottom queens, correctly picking Monica and Coco for the bottom. Then they turn to the Coco/Alyssa situation. Alyssa says she won’t entertain Coco’s drama any more.

The Big Pink Furry Box grants “the Brad to your Angelina.” Jade gets excited, since her last name is “Jolie.” Nobody else makes that connection. But she is right, and a video plays, showing Jade’s boyfriend, who talks about their early dating and wishes her luck.

Jade bounces happily, waving tears of joy from her face before they can spoil her make-up. Meanwhile, Ivy is surprised to learn Jade’s last name. Well, it’s only been three weeks now. Alyssa zeroes in on the boyfriend’s remark that he was “straight-ish” when he met Jade.

The whole thing is sweet, but doesn’t elicit the kind of drama we usually get from a BPFB video. I guess Jade isn’t stressed enough to freak out. She’s merely proud of her guy for acknowledging their relationship on television and happy to hear from him.

Meanwhile, the top and bottom queens hang out in the Interior Illusions Lounge. Alaska is shocked at the safe list. Roxxy and Detox throw so much love at each other’s looks and abilities that the others tell them to, essentially, get a room. They just might before the season ends.

Monica makes a valiant effort at creating drama from her frustration. She feels pressured by the judges and producers to be more “ghetto and banjee.” She wants to be the “fierce crazy bitch,” but something is holding her back. But, honestly, it’s like trying to get blood from a stone at this point. (As Alyssa noted, we’ve seen the best of Monica now. There’s not much more to be revealed.)

Now it’s Coco’s time to make drama. She decides that she is no longer going to try to be Alyssa’s friend. (Was she trying before? I’m confused now.)

The queens share my confusion and ask how Alyssa lost her damn crown anyway. Coco explains that there’s a lot of business details that go with the MIss Gay America crown and that Alyssa didn’t want to deal with it. In the other room, Alyssa tells a different story, saying she refused to be the “cookie-cutter character” that the pageant officials wanted her to play. Alyssa indignantly complains that she was edited out of the pageant videos, and taken off the pageant website.

All the queens converge to an uncomfortable silence. “Here it comes,” Detox warns us in a talking head, “This is going to be interesting.” Frankly, I think Detox is lying.

Back from commercial, Detox asks Alyssa to tell her side of the story. Alyssa screws up almost immediately, saying that Coco competed for years but only cracked the top five in the pageant the year of The Drama. Coco corrects her, saying she was in the top five the first year she competed. Alyssa apologizes, but Coco is silent.

Oh God, this isn’t over yet, is it? I swear, this storyline is going to stretch on forever — or until Top Five week when Coco and Alyssa are pitted against each other for the lip-sync.

On that note, we return to the runway, where Coco handily sends Monica packing.

Hopefully, next week Jinkx will fall into a narcoleptic fit from all this Coco/Alyssa excitement. Or Jade will get really sad and frown or something. Or perhaps Ivy will reveal that her ability to remember last names is distracting her from the competition. One can only hope.

By the way, there are no bonus scenes this week. That’s how terrible those kid show videos were.