Rising Star Quarter Finals Results – Top 8 – Live Blog and Videos

UPDATE: Maneepat Malloy is the West coast save.

Rising Star Quarter Finals Results

Six singers will move on to the Semi Finals after tonight’s performances! Only 5 will survive the live East coast broadcast. The West coast will save an additional singer.

Expert votes will only total 3% each. Experts and fellow contestants share their feelings about each singer in the pre-performance video package. There should be very little filler in tonight’s 1 hour show.

Joshua Peavy – American Woman – Joshua has stuck to heartfelt and emotional AC ballads throughout the competition. Now he shows us a different side to his personality. It’s not bad. He’s a good singer. I would NOT call him a star, though. He’s not charismatic. He’d light up your local bar. That’s about it. All 3 experts vote yes. Joshua tops out at 71%. Kesha has yellow hair tonight. She calls Joshua a “bad ass.” She was skeptical of the song choice initially. Luda is voting according to the twitter consensus. He’s playing social media dude tonight. Not much of a real critique. Brad thinks Joshua “has the moves,” – 71%

Dana Williams. – “Human” – Dana was ONCE AGAIN saved by the west coast last week. I love this singer’s voice and am always happy when she survives. Her song choices are iffy. This is better than what she chose last week. But she would have aided her survival by choosing a hit song or a solid oldie for this week. She’s pretty shouty and off-pitch on the high notes. An underwhelming performance, she really needed to step it up this week. Kesha and Brad vote yes, Luda votes no. She tops out at 57%. You came out with more balls than you ever had before,” says Kesha. (???) Alrighty then. Brad is still looking for SOMETHING from her, but he voted yes anyway. – 57%

April Lockhart – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” – She’s the fun loving one-handed teen! She plays guitar with a beak thingy. And actually, she’s a pretty good singer. But this song choice? Having my doubts. She’s back to playing guitar this week. She struggles a little with the rhythm. She’s hitting some REALLY wonky notes. Oh No. Both Luda and Brad give her thumbs down. But really. This is NOT GOOD. She’s blowing it. She tops out at 27%. “I think maybe we found one you can’t do,” says Brad. Yep. It was a horrible song choice. “That was a bad song choice.” Luda reads off of his smart phone. Kesha voted yes, because she always does. – 27%

Maneepat Malloy – Your Song – This singer is pretty boring but she’s a You Tube star.  This video will literally get tens of thousands of hits by morning. She could survive tonight. She plucks the “How wonderful life is now you’re in the world” lyric from the chorus to open the performance a cappella. Not a great idea. She can’t hold her pitch on the last note.  When she DOES sing in tune, she’s personality-free. Her intonation and phrasing need some work. This performance just plods along. Both Brad and Luda vote no. She taps out at 46% “You sing real good,” says Kesha. Oy. Brad felt the performance needed more soul. That’s one way to put it. – 46%.

Audrey Kate Geiger – New York State of Mind – Now this is how you pick a song at a crucial time.  It’s a Billy Joel classic that everyone LOVES. Also the song is a wonderful vocal showcase. The yes votes from the experts come quickly.  This isn’t knocking my socks off, but it’s a solid rendition. Audrey displays a beautiful tone and phrasing. She giggle/sobs at the end. Was it the standing ovation from the judges and audience?  “Very unique, easy to vote yes,:  says Luda. Brad calls her one of the show’s stars. – 85%

Austin French – House of the Rising Sun – Another example of a good song choice. A singing competition staple, can’t miss with this one. Especially when you begin a cappella and stay completely in tune through a few very nice ad libs. The boys are all going to sail through tonight. I find Austin’s voice kind of nasally. But he sings with soul and conviction. He’s a worship leader. I could see him heading to the gospel world. Austin finishes with an emotional flourish. The experts vote yes. Brad voted late. He doesn’t love the song. He wants to hear him sing a country song. Kesha used to cover the song. “Amazing” she says. Luda loved the vocal arrangement. – 89%

April Lockhart is knocked out of the competition. Bye chirpy beak girl. We hardly knew you. Maneepat is in the hot seat now. She stands no chance against Jesse, who has the pimp spot tonight. It rides on Shameia blowing it.  Maybe the west coast will save her.

Shameia Crawford – Skyscraper –  Hm. She begins the performance with the chorus, which is a little disconcerting. She’s also slightly flat.  She and her husband arrange her songs. Maybe they should hand off that task to somebody else? I do give her kudos for attempting to put her own twist on the material. I’m not loving this, although she does sing with passion and presence.  The second half of the song is better than the first. She has an unusual tone, but sounds harsh when she pushes it too far.   All 3 experts vote yes. The second part has some momentum. It’s much better   “I was rooting for you from the beginning.” says Kesha. Brad cautions her to watch her dynamics. – 54%.

Maneepat is eliminated. But, now, Shameia is in the hot seat. No way she beats Jesse. He’s the guy who is going to win the competition.

Jesse Kinch – Money (That’s What I Want) –  Jesse is back with his guitar.  The song begins as a slow blues jam and eventually transforms into a burning heavy metal rocker.  Yep. Jesse’s song choices are usually really safe, but he ALWAYS delivers. He truly commands the stage. Hello winner. Send everyone else home now. Luda admires his work ethic.  Oh. Brad voted NO. He calls it a “cliched cover song.” He has a point, to be honest. He’s looking for “modern radio”–As I’m sure Capitol records, who will sign him when he wins, are too. “Don’t listen to him,” says Kesha. No, she’s wrong.  Jesse shouldn’t be allowed to just sail through this thing. Brad is at least trying with the constructive criticism.  – 88%

Through to the semi-final

Austin French – 89%
Jesse Kinch – 88%
Audrey Kate Geiger – 85%
Joshua Peavy – 71%
Dana Williams – 57% (Oooh. Once again, Dana squeaks by!)
Maneepat Malloy – West Coast Save

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  1. Best looking panel on television?
    Maybe currently…since AI and The Voice aren’t on right now.

  2. Question…the show can preach about how “it’s 100% in your power (minus the judges)”, but what’s stopping someone from behind the scenes from just fluffing up the percentage bar themselves?

  3. Nah, I’m watching too. But I lost my app in an act of child-centered mischief and I’m too lazy to re-DL it.

  4. Yay I’m not alone :D,
    I might just delete the app myself, it’s not like I’m upvoting anyone.
    I upvoted Dana because she sang Latch so I am required to love her, but that’s about it…
    Oh Jesse and Shameia too!

  5. I thought her Human was pretty terrible. And I didn’t much care for the ironed hair.

  6. Oh, it was. I just am giving her a pass for Latch last week.
    Oh God that hair. No. Infinite amounts of “no”.

  7. ………………..
    April you can go home now. Please go home.

  8. I’m watching, so far I thought they were all pretty bad, especially April.

  9. Manneepat was born too late. She’d be perfect for “Up With People”!

  10. I think the problem with April was not only her singing, but her performance. If you sing Girls Just Want To Have Fun, you should look like you’re having fun…

  11. I stopped caring about her performance once she hit a series of wonky notes. Didn’t even bother to look at the tv anymore after that. Didn’t notice she wasn’t appearing to have fun.

  12. Well it’s not like a girl is going to win unless Shameia or Audrey pull some Susan Boyle ish tonight. >.>

  13. I decided to watch since its only an hour of torture tonight. I still hate that they start so many songs at the climax. It sounds stupid and nobody is going to vote in those first few seconds anyway.
    So far I haven’t liked any of it. The first guy didn’t make me cringe, but the others all had at least a few parts that did.

  14. So far…(1) sounded fine but isn’t a rocker dude; (2) couldn’t stay on key, boring; (3) wrong wrong wrong song choice; brought absolutely so sense of fun to a song that one of the most fun songs ever; (4) sounded fine, boring

  15. Audrey’s not the best technical singer, but she’s the only one (so far) that’s inhabiting her song.

  16. IMO, Audrey Kate is the only female who has a chance of being in the finals

    bonus points for having a hot brother, too :)

  17. We’ve had discussions on this board about singers making weird facial expressions when singing. Austin definitely makes some less than attractive faces when singing. He also has weird posture. But the guy can definitely sing. So far he and Audrey Kate >>>>>>>>>>>>> the others who have performed

    Looks like Jesse has the pimp slot.

  18. Soooooo happy Shameia beat out Maneepat.
    Nvm, Jesse’s about to eject her into “needs a west coast save” territory

  19. Oh dear. Whatever April Lockhart was thinking with that song choice, she should have had second thoughts and done something else. There was too much “concept” for it to be a fun song like the original, but not enough “concept” for it to firmly be some other distinct and interesting thing.

  20. Jesse’s gonna kick her out in about 2 minutes. Sad. I thought she was better than Dana tonight.

  21. Shameia is toast, because there’s no way Jesse won’t beat 54%.

    So the final 5 will be Jesse, Joshua, Austin, Audrey Kate and Dana

    Is there another West Coast save?

  22. yes.
    Shameia’s only hope.
    And let us pray the west coast doesn’t favor maneepat.

  23. I’d swear the thing with starting at the climax of the song is making it harder for people to find and retain the key.

    Having just looked at the tubies so far, I feel I did the right thing in making a detour to Arizona Mills rather than coming right home in time for this.

  24. Go home Brad Paisley, you’re drunk. Stupid, moronic, hopeless.
    Just fell below Kesha in my mind.

  25. I thought Jesse actually modernized the song a bit, brought it at least up to the alternative rock era.

  26. Someone tell Josh Groban that the Beatles COVERED that song. It was originally by Barrett Strong #smh

    Not my favorite performance by Jesse, but no surprise that he sailed through

  27. I was under the impression that it was Austin who received all 3 judges upvotes and hit 89% while Jesse got 2 upvotes and hit 88%?

  28. Yes, so if Brad wasn’t trying to make a point, Jesse would have gotten 91% and won the night.

  29. This sounds like the predictable de-pimping of the front-runner in order to create the illusion of suspense for the remaining episodes.

    Not that I’ve had any respect for Brad All-Hat-No-Cattle Paisley since episode one…

  30. Luda is the only thing keeping this panel afloat.
    He’ll give legitimate reasons as to why he down voted.
    And if he simply didn’t like it he won’t give you some fluffy bs reason.

  31. First time watching as nothing else was on. Muted everyone rather quickly except Austin and Jesse. Terrible show, terrible judges. Can’t believe that Josh has fallen so far to stoop this low. Sad indeed.

  32. Ludacris is the only responsible person involved in this fiasco who’s gone UP in my esteem as a result of participating.

    Though I always feel like it’s time for a riff of that “I’m only gonna break-break-break-break your heart” song that he was featured on, when he delivers painful TRUTH.

  33. We’re in complete agreement.
    I love how brutally honest he is. Imo, he’s the most honest judge I’ve seen on these shows so far. Simply because he won’t always go for the professional way of criticizing. He’ll straight up just say “that was terrible” “You sucked” etc.
    Love it.

  34. Someone tell Josh Groban the best version of that song was by the Flying Lizards

  35. The only two where I got all the way through the song are Audrey Kate Geiger (don’t love her voice, do love her phrasing, and she clearly knew what the song was about) and Jesse Kinch (who is reliably an event).

    When I was listening to Kinch’s originals last week, I was thinking that if this were 1991, it wouldn’t be that hard to shift his bluesy/psychedelic feel into grunge rock and coin money. Obvs, 2014 is another story.

    I can’t deal with Austin French’s penchant for turning everything into a listen-at-work lite-FM version (with 20% added twitching), and April Lockhart lost her mind on song choice this week.

    ETA: Dear Kesha, if your hair is a color that makes you look like a My Little Pony Equestria Girls doll, it may be time to rethink.

  36. Austin French blew his song up tonight. I love Jesse but Austin was way better tonight. Jesse was almost just going through the motions, I mean he can sing but there wasn’t any passion tonight. I hope he’s not taking a win for grant! Cause Austin sang with heart and passion tonight!

  37. So I decided to check out this video of Jesse, even though I don’t watch this show, to see how good he really is. He’s a total throwback like Caleb, but at least he can play the guitar and is reasonably attractive. Too bad no one is watching this show.

    But here’s the thing. His type of voice isn’t current at all in today’s hard rock/metal industry/radio. 2014 is definitely another story.

    For example, this band, “Nothing More”, is all over Active Rock radio right now. Very buzzy newer band. Octane plays them constantly as well. Their song “This is the Time” is currently #2 on the Active rock chart. This is the sound of 2014 hard rock….

  38. Yay “Rising Star”, lols. :)

    Loved Austin and Audrey. Totally agree with Brad about Jesse. Not saying Jesse wasn’t good but he needs to not be the next Caleb Johnson. I think Brad was the best judge tonight. Luda was alright too. Kesha is the cheerleader of the bunch and that hair color was scary. Yikes!

    What was April thinking? I thought she was going to have a cool version of that Cyndi song. She looked great though. Well all the girls looked great.

    I hated Shameia’s arrangement of that song. Dana was so boring I almost fell asleep when she was singing. Ditto on Maneepat. zzzzzzzzzz

    Peavy is like Tate Stevens, generic.

  39. Jesse was once more the best imo ……but I too agree with Brad’s constructive criticism, as Jesse’s song selection this time, was my least favorite of all the songs he’s sung!

  40. ITA. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever said this in regard to a singing competition, but… Kinch would be better off not winning.

    Capitol’s either going to put out crap quickly, to fulfill the contract at least financial loss, or it’s going to find a way to string the winner along and never release an album (as Republic did with Jermaine Paul and Epic did with Melanie Amaro).

    This isn’t a joyful thing to wish on any musician, but I’m more willing to wish it on a lite-AC crooner like Austin French than on somebody who has a very specific niche and will be done no favors by being Howard Bensonized. Walking away from this train wreck with marginally more name recognition and no active humiliation may be the best it gets.

  41. “This is the sound of 2014 hard rock….”

    Good to know. Metallic riffs, heavy baselines mixed with stadium choruses….and the weirdest throwback feeling at the beginning of that song – I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear the lead-in phrase from 1968’s “Fire”, “I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you fire – I’ll take you to burn.”

    This group doubled down on the beat and blew out the (mostly unintelligible) lyrics with heavy duty introspection on the themes…but they have more in common with “American Woman” than they do with “Money”, IMO. And I didn’t much care for the delivery of either one of those songs tonight… both those guys could stand to infuse more energy into their performances . The Austin kid is just too precious for me.

    Eh. Yes, there wasn’t anything else on, so I checked the frontrunners on this show. That was…interesting. The judges experts are completely Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, and the premise is full of holes…and no one is taking chances or bringing any surprises to the table. Same Old, Same Old.


  42. I’d bet money Austin wants to be a CCM artist, so I’m not sure how much winning helps him either.

    Jesse needs to hope that somebody at Capitol gets up every morning and kisses their Frampton Comes Alive poster.

  43. Show me where I said that winning would help anybody.

    It has very little audience, what audience it has doesn’t buy the contestants’ music even during the frenzy of the show, and every contestant who had any chance of being current and relevant has managed to self-destruct by now.

    I would be surprised if Capitol puts out a full album for any of these people, even the ones who actually sing well.

  44. Kesha is sober, intelligent, witty, knowledgeable and thoughtful. Lol.

  45. Dana did better on the West Coast, with 60%. I just bought her cover Human on iTunes and it’s perfect, easy and amazing. Must have been nerves in the live show!

  46. I don’t much like Audrey anymore. To me she is more of a stylist than a real singer. And she kind of does the same thing all the time, sort of sounds like talk-singing to me.

  47. I agree she’s a good performer, but she’s not really a singer. She doesn’t ever sustain notes, give me goose bumps, etc…

  48. I don’t think it’s a matter of Josh having “fallen so far to stoop this low”. I think he really thought the show would be a big success, due to its huge success in Israel, which apparently doesn’t have a Kesha or a Brad, or choose contestants who couldn’t win a middle school talent show. Anyway, I, too, think it’s sad that he’ll forever be associated with this fustercluck.

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