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Get ready for Rising Star! Those of you in the Eastern/Central/Mountain time zones can WATCH and VOTE  LIVE!

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Ugh. That was worse than I even imagined it could be.  How difficult is it for a singing show producers to understand that the talent has to come first? If the singing isn’t good, all of the gimmicks and fancy pants technology will not make a show.

Out of the thousands of singers the casting people saw, they couldn’t do better than these mostly mediocre performers? The best singers tonight were Sarah Darling, who was the most experienced of the bunch, having had a record contract and radio play.  She’s well known around Nashville, as her “we have mutual friends” exchange with Brad Paisley made clear. You can read all about her musical career HERE.

Out of the inexperienced singers, Jesse Kinch was the best, vocally. But he, like the rest, represented an archetype we’ve already seen on singing shows –and frankly done better (Bo Bice, Taylor Hicks). Nearly every singer seemed like a 2.0 version of something we’ve seen before. There was Josh Peavy (pale imitation of David Archuleta), Lisa Punch (every R&B diva singer, ever, except boring), Maneepat Myra Molloy (Jackie Evancho, except terrible),  Daniel & Olivia (Alex & Sierra, only talent, chemistry and charisma free),  Beyond 5 (One Direction if they took a hit of acid). Colin Huntley (Sam Woolf 2.o) and Summer Collins (every quirky The Voice contestant–if they were pitchy and boring).

The only half-way original contestant, was 16 year old Macy Kate.  The producers tried to pass her off as an accident. She was “randomly” chosen from contestants who auditioned via Instagram. Supposedly there were 5 of these Instagram acts in the audience who thought they were only there to watch. Yeah right. So they made a big deal about plucking her out of the audience and it was super awkward.  She’s got almost 114K subscribers on YouTube channel and over 4 million views. I don’t believe for a minute she wasn’t cast.  The “surprise” just happened to sing last and blow everyone away.

The “expert” panel spent most of their time during the singer’s performance harassing each other to vote or not vote. NOT entertaining. By the time shows like American Idol, AGT or The Voice go live, the panel has been together for weeks and have had a chance to gel. These 3 obviously don’t know each other. The practically non-existent banter is awkward.  At one point, Brad joked that he could tell Bill Clinton was Kesha’s type.  It didn’t really get better than that.

Ludacris is meant to be the hard ass ala Simon Cowell or Harry Connick Jr. He didn’t vote for everyone, and waited until the last minute for some. He didn’t sugar coat his critiques.  Kesha is Paula Abdul–she found it hard to vote no and said something nice about everyone.  Ugh. Her voice is so whiny. She’s going to get old, fast. That leaves Randy Jackson for Brad. And it fits. Although he’s a talented country singer and songwriter, he can only talk in cliches when judging a singing contest. Keith Urban >>>>>>>>>>>> Brad Paisley as a reality show judge.

Josh Groban was an incredibly hyper-active host. While an experienced host like Ryan Seacrest puts the cast and audience at ease, Mr. bundle-of-nerves has no such powers.  He fared better as a mentor behind the scenes.  But in front of the camera, shepherding a complicated live show? No.

The pacing was poor, with way too much chatter in between singers. At 9:30 only two mediocre acts had performed (and inexplicably advanced).  There was a lot of dwelling on the technology, which was necessary, I suppose, but it still dragged the show down. The voting was mildly amusing, but a little confusing. I kept forgetting to check in before each contestant, which is only available up until the singer begins to perform.

Here’s the thing:  The ability to vote on the spot and see results is fun, but it’s not going to make or break a singing competition.  Great talent HAS to come first! The gimmicks can only serve to differentiate what you’re offering from the rest. The Voice producers understand this. Ken Warwick and Nicolle Yaron do not. 

By the way. I voted NO on everyone, except for Lisa Punch (I felt sorry for her) and Sarah Darling. The two I missed because I didn’t check in on time? Would have voted no on them, too.


As the singer(s) perform, the viewers at home will vote via phone app. If votes hit a 70% threshold, the wall will rise and the act moves on to the next round. Expert judges, Kesha, Ludacris and Brad Paisley contribute 7% of the votes each. Host Josh Groban will also be coaching the contestants.

I’m totally voting tonight! Maybe I’ll vote NO on everyone! Ha.

Host, Josh Groban welcomes us to Rising Star. They are about to do what NO SHOW HAS EVER DONE BEFORE. Are you ready to find the next music superstar? Yes. But I doubt it’s going to happen on this show.

The prize includes a record contract with Capitol!

Josh mentions this afternoon’s Portugal/USA soccer game JUST TO PROVE THAT THIS IS REALLY REALLY LIVE.

Josh introduces us to “THE WALL” like it’s a living breathing thing. IT will stand between US and the DREAMS OF THE CONTESTANTS. I cannot wait to crush some dreams!

The judges are introduced. Josh apologizes to the censors on behalf of Kesha ahead of time. The App sort of live blogs the show for us. Have you downloaded yet? The link is above. Luda lu cris, or whatever we’re supposed to call him (it’s Luda), glowingly introduces Josh Grobin. Next comes the question and answer period including ALL THE CLICHED RESPONSES YOU’VE EVER HEARD. Josh reminds us that Kesha has written hits for other artists! TAKE HER SERIOUSLY MAN. Brad talks about performing in Afghanistan over Memorial Day with the President. Brad jokes that Bill Clinton is Kesha’s type, and she does not seem to be amused. Neither am I.  Ugh at the slut shaming of Kesha.

Josh explains how the West coast is going to be cheated of really having an impact on the voting. They’ll see their votes on a split screen three hours after everything has been decided.  Supposedly, if the vote is close, the West Coast can push an act over the top.

There’s no decided performance order. Josh calls out their names. They have to be ready.

Joshua Peavy, Age 28, Soperton, GA – “Everything I Do I Do It For You” – He’s a youth pastor, married with two sons. He’s a good ole boy. There are no jobs where he lives. He wants to have an impact on the youth in his community. Josh is conducting the interviews. Damn I MISSED SAYING NO TO THIS GUY because I didn’t check in. We learn when the judges vote yes. They all did. Joshua has a fine voice, but he’s hopelessly and boringly AC. I am not enjoying this. Sooo generic. The talent better improve. Brad says he has heart “It’s the hardest thing” to perform first, he says.  Kesha calls it an amazing way to start the night. Sincere, genuine and touching. Ludacris has so much respect for the first performance. “You seized the moment” he says. “What you did was very serious business.” – Josh Advances – 87%

Joshua Peavy – Everything I Do I Do It For You… by IdolxMuzic

Lisa Punch, Age 21, Brooklyn, NY – “How Will I Know” – She’s originally from Guyana. Her grandmother moved the family to the USA. Her family is dirt poor, living in only a couple of rooms in NYC. Oh, who could resist this backstory! OK. I feel a little sorry for her, so I voted yes. She’s singing a slowed up version of the song that eventually kicks into a retro-ish beat driven performance. She’s very pitchy. And again…generic. There isn’t anything particularly special about this girl, except that she’s got a strong voice. She makes it to 80%. The coaches vote yes again. Ludacris calls her the total package. Brad promises she’ll eventually have a tour bus. He advises that she watch her pitch. Kesha loves her attitude. She had fun watching her. Lisa Advances – 80%

Lisa Punch – How Will I Know – Risng Star (Week… by IdolxMuzic

Not jumping out of my seat over this talent!

Josh reveals a twist. There’s someone sitting in the audience. They have no idea that their name is going to be called to perform. This person is an instagram auditioner. The instagram auditioners are all in the audience, but think they are only there to watch. That can’t be true. Josh picks Macy Kate. Way to ambush someone who is possibly not ready? She’s only 16 years old. She looks confused as she heads backstage to prepare with Ray Chew. That was awkward. Kesha tells a story about breaking into Prince’s house to hand him a CD. Remarkably, he did not call the cops.

Maneepat Myra Molloy, Age 16, Los Angeles, CA – “Con Te Partiro” – Maneepet is originally from Bangkok. A video her dad put on line of her singing when she was only 7 got 3 million views. Dad says they had nothing when they arrived in America. I guess the parents figure the daughter can support them. Hooray. She’s an opera singer. She’s got a very pretty, lyrical voice, but no power at all. This is pretty terrible. She can’t even sing on pitch. Brad and Kesha vote for her. They have no standards. OMG. She got 73% without all 3 judges.  Ludacris loves her voice, but says she had no presence. Kesha loves her story, has potential and could be a massive star. Uhm. Brad wants to see what she can do when she sings a song in English. (Lol. wut?) He says he voted for her potential. Josh almost called her eliminated. I don’t think he expected her to advance. I missed check in again, but I would have voted no. Maeepat advances – 73%

Maneepat Molloy – Con Te Partiro – Risng Star… by IdolxMuzic

Daniel & Olivia, (Daniel Wolfe, Age 24 and Olivia Thai, Age 25) San Gabriel Valley, CA – “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic – OMG it’s the Alex & Sierra knockoffs! Olivia is even Asian, like Sierra. Eh. Again Generic. We’ve seen it before. The voices are average. I’m not seeing any chemistry between these two. WOAH SO PITCHY. The novelty has worn off. Home viewers are getting stingy with their votes. These two ONLY get 6%. All the experts voted no. Ludacris hated these two so much, he was attempting to keep others from voting yes. Ludacris said it looked like they were having fun, but the performance was like something you’d see at a karaoke bar. Brad calls it unpleasant, but sweet. Kesha had a hard time saying no. She loved their enthusiasm and energy. She tells them not to quit. Daniel & Olivia eliminated – 6%

Daniel & Olivia – Counting Stars – Risng Star… by IdolxMuzic

UGH. Every single performance has sucked.

Macey Kate is backstage with Ray Chew preparing her song. We got an awkward glimpse of THAT.

Jesse Kinch, Age 20, Seaford, NY – “I Put a Spell on You” – He announced himself proudly as a throwback. Zzzzz. As a kid, he was a loner, focused on music. He’s looking for an opportunity to kickstart his career. Jesse is very mild mannered. He promises America something a little different. Please. We need that right about now. Apparently, his singing voice is very different from his soft speaking voice. He plays guitar. He’s not bad. Bluesy.  A big, growly, gravelly voice. He’s a good singer, but we’ve heard this before. Nothing special. Generic. Sigh. Ludacris looks very excited. He and Brad vote yes. Kesha follows. He achieves 79% pretty quickly. He ends up with 92%. The highest score so far. Josh makes a pot joke about Jesse’s fans. Luda says Jesse exceeded all his expectations. He used every second. Kesha calls it “kind of sexy…It was really good. It reminds me of old rock n roll.” Brad says he’s sure he killed viewers at home. He wants to see his live guitar playing. Jesse Advances – 92%

Jesse Kinch – I Put A Spell On You – Risng… by IdolxMuzic

Beyond 5, Nashville, TN (members of Beyond 5: Zac Love, Age 19; Tanner Myler, Age 19; TJ Ryan, Age 16; Patch Crowe, Age 19; Ammon Soloasa Tuimaualuga, Age 17) – “Wake Me Up” – The boys live together. JUST LIKE THE MONKEES. They play ping pong in the dining room. OMG. This lead singer sounds like he sucked in a bunch of helium. VERY ANNOYING. Who can listen to this? They should all just sing in harmony and forget the solos. The lack of good lead singing ruins this group. They have 90’s style choreo going. How retro. Brad and Kesha vote Yes. But, they only made it to 46%. Kesha says they were so damn damn cute. She loved their harmonies. Brad thinks they’ll outsell all of us. NOPE. Ludacris loves their potential, but their solos were not good (Yep). Beyond 5 eliminated – 46%

Beyond 5 – Wake Me Up – Risng Star (Week One) by IdolxMuzic

Sarah Darling, Age 31, Nashville, TN – “Merry Go Round” – She’s the most experienced of the contestants. She had a label deal and songs on the radio. She’s gotten close, but only. She’s looking for a new way to break through. She’s the best so far, easily. Great song choice and vocals. It’s sad watching her slum it on this show. It’s beneath her. She would have been better off on The Voice. Brad, of course, votes yes. Ludacris and Kesha also vote yes. Sarah eventually makes it to 89%. Brad says it’s great to finally meet her. They have mutual friends. Great song, great performance. Ludacris waited til the last minute because he didn’t like her song choice. Hmmmmm. Kesha was waiting for the big note. OY. NO BIG NOTE NECESSARY KESHA. Sarah Advances – 89%

Sarah Darling – Merry Go Round – Risng Star… by IdolxMuzic

Josh announces that 1 million apps have been downloaded.

Colin Huntley, Age 16, Georgetown, TX – “Sing” – His dad played in worship bands in church. Grandad was a pro blues pianist. He recently passed away. His church is going to be rooting for him! He’s your basic White Guy With A Guitar. He’s singing the Ed Sheeran hit, pretty much the way Ed sings it. Except not. He really needed to do something different with this song to get my attention. His falsetto is off. I’m still totally bored out of my mind. These contestants aren’t bringing the originality. We’re looking at Sam Woolf 2.0. None of the judges voted for him. He only got 38%. Come back next year. Oh. Wait… (as if there will be a next year). Kesha thought he chose the wrong. song. Brad thinks he needs more experience. Ludacris admires his energy, and encourages him to keep trying. His falsetto was off. Colin thanks everyone for the opportunity. Colin Eliminated – 38%

Colin Huntley – Sing – Risng Star (Week One) by IdolxMuzic

Summer Collins, Age 18, Fayetteville, NC – “Classic” – She’s a student and singer songwriter! At age 9, she lost her mom to leukemia. Music was her medicine. When Josh asks her how she’s doing, she says she’s hungry. She’s all quirky and stuff! Eh. She’s got a nice voice, but again. NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT. Generic. Boring. Boring. Boring. Pitchy. Pitchy. Pitchy. The judges are looking a little bored too. Oh. Ludacris votes no. So does Brad. Kesha says yes. Summer stalls at 40%. Kesha liked her potential and energy. Ludacris liked her energy, but didn’t think the notes she was hitting (or not hitting) matched that. Brad guesses that she’s a songwriter. Maybe she needs to stick to interpreting her own lyrics, he says. Summer Collins Eliminated – 40%

Summer Collins – Classic – Rising Star (Week One) by IdolxMuzic

Macey Kate – Age 16 – St. Petersburg, FL –  “Me and My Broken Heart” – The “surprise” performer is saved for last, to give her the opportunity to “rehearse.” Ray comes out to chat about rehearsal. He says they worked on the arrangement. He gave her a few pointers. The most original singer tonight, she seems completely prepared.  So I’m calling bullshit on the “surprise.” A little pitchy, though. Kesha and Brad vote yes first. They harass Ludacris until he does too. She’s very professional and has performed on stage before, obviously. She ended up with 93%.  Wow. This Macey chick is the plantiest plant that ever planted. The whole deal feels like a set up. Macey advances – 93%

Macy Kate – Me & My Broken Heart – Rising Star… by IdolxMuzic

Hey West Coast! You have the opportunity to save the four contestants who were eliminated! Except, not really, because they didn’t even come close to the 70% threshold.

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  6. Commitment to Jesus, lives in economically depressed region with high oxycontin addiction, works with teens… we’re lead with sob stories.

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  8. Voting’s easy-peasy but I’d like it better if everybody agreed with me. ;-)

  9. Since it’s 70% of those checked in as the minimum to advance (so 87% of those checked-in voted yes), the number checked in shouldn’t matter.

    Their tastes in music do, but a burst of overenthusiasm that this is happening at all is, I guess, to be expected.

  10. This show has no credibility. That guy was below average and all the judges voted for him? This may be the last time I watch…

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    Thank you. I was worried they might have somehow missed a cliche. But no!

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  13. Here we go with judges blowing smoke up a mediocre performance. Keisha, Luda, Brad you actually think this guy has star quality. I’ll bet my life savings he doesn’t. Plus as critics have noted, the voting has serious problems. The judges have too much power on a show supposed to be about audience votes. The 3 judges get 21% so they can pass someone who’s got 49% of the viewer votes. YEP, less than half the viewers want you & you’ll still go thru. If this first guy is what we’re getting, this is sameoold.. How many southern pastors have we gotten b4? Judges really shouldn’t have so much of the vote. And not sure what happens in future rounds. Is the wall like the blind auditions?

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  23. What they didn’t say is that the judges control the first fifty percent of the vote total.

  24. so Brad Paisley doesn’t care about her being off pitch? O-kay then

  25. Lisa has potential, I voted yes. Not perfect but she has a good voice and some stage presence.

  26. or if you totally flip it and make it something amazing and fresh, like Sam Smith did with this same song

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    Did we just go for the entire section between commercials with no singing? YES WE DID.

  44. Looking at her FB page….She had to cancel her Stageit for “something special”https://www.facebook.com/MacyKateMusic?ref=profile

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  53. I see Ken Warwick brought the dreaded backstories with him to this show

  54. The Israeli version had backstories, too. The top 8 from S1 were a full house of excellent sob stories, ones that make us Americans look like amateurs at being pitiable.

  55. A judge sets the example that it is possible to vote NO without being struck by lightning! Heed the lesson, voters!

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  59. So what happens when every mediocre singer makes it through?

  60. What’s our vision of this show? Is it one where there are no back stories, very few commercials, very little chatter from the “expert judges” and contestants who take the stage, “sing their faces off”, we vote and that’s it? What would make it more exciting than it is?

  61. Thing is, there is no time to get invested in backstories. They can tell them, but does anyone really care yet?

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  63. If that’s our vision of the show, we’re expecting it to be radically different from the original, which made a big deal of backstories.

  64. What I don’t like about the voting is that you have to check in for every contestant, and vote before they are done performing. I would rather hear the whole performance before deciding if I want to vote or not.

  65. Saved from vocal coach obscurity and given back her dreams by finding the right man… eep.


    Moral victory.

  67. Ludacris compares them to drunk karaoke. He’s not wrong.

  68. But they even look like them. I think he was better than she was. Her bouncing was very distracting and her voice actually wasn’t very good…he should go solo.

  69. 1) A variety of staging for the singers. 2) Short on backstories until they are there long enough to need a plot line. 3) Witty judge commenters. 4)Concise, to the point comments 5) Strong performances, maybe working with mentors before them (something to involve us).

  70. Maybe they will get better with a few more shows. They are all kind of stiff and awkward now.

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  73. I see. Probably that is something that they will pull out of their sleeves later on? I don’t know. I am just here for the ride. Not very invested. It’s your typical singing show, the only variation being the inclusion of the audience in the selection/dismissal process. I am not suffering from singing show overload so it’s all good. Felt bad for that couple who could not carry a tune. Poor things but somebody should have bluntly told them that they were plain awful.

  74. Josh can get old quickly as host. Will he have enough bad material for a season?

  75. Anyone know his score? I missed it. Hope it was the highest as he certainly was the best of the night so far.

  76. that was not a perfect vocal (I heard a bit of the goat vibrato thing), but it was still way better than anyone else so far

  77. Best part of this show so far, there was a commercial for an animated movie about cars and one of them said she left me for I hybrid, I didn’t hear him coming.

    That’s pretty bad….

  78. Actually, that was good. Someone in some ad agency made some big bucks with that.

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  80. Boys go for Cute as Puppies as break from wall-to-wall suffering.

  81. App glitches and never asked me to check in, so no voting for me on this hot mess.

  82. Don’t care much for the first kid’s voice. Nope, no fond of this group at all.

  83. Ludacris is really giving good comments. Since I’m sure this show is going to tank, I hope he gets picked up by TV. He’s proving to be quite good at this.

  84. Maybe if the lead singer didn’t sound like a badly programmed voice simulation? Even tween girls have standards.

  85. Ke$ha’s all about star potential and marketability. I agree with most of her choices and comments.

  86. I would have thought Brad Paisley would have been the best judge on this panel. Completely wrong. Ludicris has been spot on.

  87. Yeah, I’m over my disappointment that Paisley turned down Idol a couple seasons back. He’d be as spineless as Keith Urban.

  88. SHe probably does understand this because I’ve never understood why she’s so popular.

  89. Luda is representing for sure. His comments has been on point all night.

  90. I think some people who sign up to be judges worry too much about offending their core audiences. They want to be the “nice” judge, not the competent judge.

  91. Oh man. I already don’t like this gal, lol. Stupid name, looks like a Barbie, and she must be country. She is going to have to be really, really something for me to approve.

  92. time for Sarah Darling. I’m not sure if Brad Paisley knows her personally, but if he does, would he have to eliminate himself in terms of voting yes or no?

  93. This song is doing nothing for this girl. There’s no room to soar. Sorry Sara, but it’s a no from me.

  94. Underwhelmed by Sarah Darling — sweet voice but no meaning to the lyrics.

  95. 89%? Oh please. So we’ve got another southern audience? This was just boring.

  96. Sidenote: If anyone thinks Ryan Seacrest isn’t amazing at what he does, just think of all these other hosts who just aren’t all that great at moving things along, Groban included.

  97. that was a very quiet, probably too quiet, performance from Sarah. She’s got such a good voice, but that song requires more personality, I think

  98. I suspect these performers would have an easier time showing personality if they were actually singing to an audience.

  99. I was expecting a bigger bang but its country so what can you expect? It was still a good audition. I’m glad she made it through.

  100. They’ve only got 1 million app downloads. Not a runaway success…

  101. …that well. But he probably knew he would be voting for her before she performed. Eh?

  102. “worship bands at church”. Oh boy, this kid is going through for sure. Sigh.

  103. WGWG who’s only 16! This is who Sam Woolf needed to be to fit on a TV show.

  104. Actually this kid reminded me a lot of Sam. Like Sam, he’s not ready for this.

  105. More colorful personality, though, and way more into the song.

  106. I actually like this but there is soooooo much filler. I’m used to watching my Idol tubies and being done in 25 minutes without packages or judge palaver.

  107. Only one relative squeaker (73%) and no almost made its. All the losers lost big.

  108. Is it bad that a lot of these singers remind me of contestants that were on American Idol this season…

  109. That makes it convienent when the west coast votes come in, that they really won’t have much affect on results.

  110. looks like they are going to have the girl they “surprisingly” pulled out of the audience go last

  111. I feel like we’ve seen the contestants that were on Idol the past couple of years before too. I agree about these. Pretty generic, nothing I haven’t seen before on these shows.

  112. Just checked it out. Made it though 1 1/2 hours in under 15 minutes. What would be the funniest is if NO ONE made it through. Then what would they do??

  113. Too bad that girl Summer did not had the vocals. She really had the star quality.

  114. Nah it’s always the end. Oh wait they could have her on The Voice 237. :)

  115. Has Kesha said anything negative about anyone? She’s totally useless as a judge.

  116. What? Her IG video was her music video with Kurt Schneider (Popular YT video producer)

  117. my app isn’t working for her performance anyone having the same issues

  118. It’s the video she did with Kurt Schnieder and it got like 3 million views…….

  119. She’s definitely good enough to get voted through, but I wasn’t blown away or anything (sorry Kesha). And again, I’m not buying that she didn’t know she was going to sing tonight, sorry

  120. She’s opened for Before You Exit (popular teen band) and has had high YT views)

  121. Why did they have to interview her in front of the audience before the audition? It was awkward and felt scripted lolz..

  122. They were touting 1 million downloads, which in relation to population is behind the run rate for Brazil, were it had lots of problems.

  123. I liked 5 of those 5 i loved 2! i think the talent was decent but not amazing. I will be tuning in next week to give it another whirl.

  124. But that’s a cover of a song. Not an original. She probably just filmed that music video for promo & fun.

  125. She did that video with Kurt Schneider……..Most videos on his channel get high views…….

  126. Just to see what would happen, I clicked the download button and it listed the judges and Josh Groban’s cds in addition to the contestants. Not buying any of the contestants songs, they weren’t original enough.
    I wasn’t that impressed by anyone tonight.

  127. Exactly.. Kurt does alot with Sam Tsui and other youtube singing stars… even with Grimmie.

  128. So I take it the show was terrible tonight? I decided to have family time sooner than watch this destined flop.

  129. I wouldn’t avoid making plans conflicting with this, but it compares favorably with randomly leaving the house when it’s eleventy-one degrees beneath the merciless sun.

  130. I don’t even know how that was even eligible for Rising Star………….

  131. Summer Collins is trending on twitter. I didn’t see anything (or anyone else) from the show trend, but I could have missed it

  132. So if the west coast REALLY doesn’t like someone i.e. Maneepet by down voting her, does she get eliminated? That would be a cruel/cool twist.

  133. Each coast’s voting is separate. Only one coast needs to reach 70% for them to go through, I think. They talked about it at the beginning of the show.

  134. well, West coast would then need the full 70% while the East Coast/Midwest can get it done with 49% and 21% from the judges.

  135. Or will the judges votes also count or detract from the west coast, too? That’s what I think will happen.

  136. Not gonna lie, I was pretty into voting on the app. But they’re going to dig themselves into a hole if they try anything bigger then that “surprise”.

  137. THR: TV REVIEW: ABC’s Rising Star http://t.co/7120PK4ZG

    The Bottom Line
    With excessive commercial breaks, too much talking and seemingly tranquilized celebrity “experts,” “Rising Star” is more of a sleeping giant.

  138. TVLine: RISING STAR Premiere Recap: Wall-Eh http://t.co/NmOwrDg42a

    “Yes, Rising Star‘s gigantic, much-touted barrier exhibited more humanity and enthusiasm than “experts” Kesha and Brad Paisley (and the contestants) combined. (Ludacris, at least, wasn’t dull while boogying his way through a series of “No” votes.) But great television cannot survive on the singular of an inanimate object alone. (Not unless we’re talking about the enduring ratings appeal of Kim Kardashian, anyhow.)”

  139. Things I liked:

    –We see every competitor: no montages, no person skipped in the audition edit who shows up at Top 36/30/24.

    –All sob stories get equal time, which somehow makes them less irritating to me.

    –Voting. Heavens, yes. I don’t think I’ve ever watched Idol’s auditions or Hollywood week. I despise non-voting weeks. Also, the app is dead easy to use: no special phone numbers, no busy signals, no Facebook site snafus, no pressure to power vote.


    Not so much:

    –Josh Groban and Brad Paisley. I’m temporarily giving Kesha a pass because the female judge is usually expected to act all maternal and caring, but my tolerance for her playing that role may not last.

    It also seems weird to have no discussion predicting results, but I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet.

  140. I don’t see how this can work for the west coast. If a contestant is already in with 70% or more before the show airs on the West coast, why vote it doesn’t matter. If East and West coast voted at the same time the contestant may not have gotten 70%. What if the East coast votes 70% and the West coast votes 50% that’s an average of 60% and the contestant shouldn’t go through, but they already through to the next round before the West coast even votes so West coast votes don’t really count.
    I think the voting is a bunch of double talk by the powers that be.

  141. If the show has more plants like her, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is. Just not a good idea for the contestants to audition live in front an audience (both studio and tv). Many other shows have auditions in front of live audience, but they are taped and most of the bad auditions are not shown. I know these are not really their first auditions and the bad ones should have been weeded out already, but nerves of singing in front of an audience for the first time on the show will affect most save for the more seasoned performers and the contestants here seems mostly green.

  142. the contestants here seems mostly green.

    Really? They’re heavily drawn from what’s popular on Youtube, plus one actual pro. This crop generally isn’t people who only sang in the bathroom into a hairbrush.

  143. I usually like Josh Groban but I thought he was annoying as a host. Talked way too much and too fast. Seemed very nervous. Only part I enjoyed on the show was Ludacris.

  144. It also seems weird to have no discussion predicting results, but I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet.

    I’m co-limbo-ing with you on this…

    we could predict ratings?

    or we could predict (guess) the demo of the voters based on who went through and who didn’t…

  145. Thank you, thank you again Sue! Saved me from having to watch this at 9 pm on the west coast. Have a nice week!

  146. If ABC is this desperate for a singing show, a narcissistic, chain-smoking, botoxed, egocentric Englishman has one on ice ready for approval.

  147. Colin Sam Woolf 2.0??? Dont think so. Sam may have bored many, but at his most boring, his voice was just gorgeous. This kid was both boring and very average. Agree with all other comments. The singers were terrible, the judges possibly worse. Extremely disappointing.

  148. Well, I made it through about three performances before I bailed. Love Josh Groban as a singer, not so much as a host. And the judges? There really are no words to describe just how awful they are. So glad I don’t love this show. Now I can watch something else.

  149. Just from the surveys and comments at various sites… this show HAS FAILED. Maybe rename the show to Falling Star?

  150. So, Jessie/Sarah/Macy seem like the artists who Capital would sign without the show. I will say that much. I feel like if this had been on a cable channel, they probably could’ve aired it live on all time zones. It still would’ve sucked but… Lol

  151. Those 49% are from the 79% who are not the “experts”, which means that it all the experts vote YES, they still need about 62% of the audience to vote YES, as well. So, it’s still more than half, at least.

  152. I had to turn the channel. This show is awful. Panel awful, contestants awful, whole premise awful; did I say this show is awful? Epic (and I mean epic) Fail!! I will not be wasting anymore of my time on this show.

  153. It wasn’t great. But the phone app was fun…all the little comments like, don’t go walk your dog, there’s more show to come.

    I’m so sad Brad wasn’t funnier. He’s so funny in so many other contexts, maybe he needs more time/not just with the show, but in every segment–it’s hard to be as funny as he can be in 15 seconds or less? I don’t know. Darn.

  154. I’m just a spectator, once removed. As in – mj’s videos.

    The contestants get one minute thirty seconds to sing on this show?Just like Idol – if a song doesn’t lend itself to being chopped down, it won’t go over well. Not an improvement.

    As usual, the comments were more interesting than the TV show – and I enjoyed how commenters dissected the judging, that was cool.

    So I watched the video with Jesse, the kid who got the high score; he wasn’t bad. If he gets to sing more I ‘may’ be interested in what he can do with dynamics – this selection didn’t vary much. That low-level James T. Kirk style delivery when he’s talking is already annoying – so maybe he could just sing?

    And just from that one video, I agree, Groban is NOT impressing me as a host…IDK if his vocal coaching is any good, but he could dial back the speed chatter. Nerves?

  155. Show has potential. The live voting concept is really good, judges are alright and the host was pretty reliable since he also mentors the contestants. Apart from the staging, the judge’s seats and the studio needs to be redesigned so that it stands out from the other talent shows out there. I would also like to see some more contestants with actual ‘X-FACTOR’ – like someone with the total package (eg. looks, instrument-play, voice and moves).

  156. we could predict ratings?

    Pick a number between 1 and “dire”?

    In relation to our population, we should have had at least two million downloads to match our run rate with Brazil’s (where it’s not even really succeeding). Adoption was below that level. If most people are watching without using the app, I can’t imagine why — the voting gimmick is needed to make up for pacing that slogs, Josh Groban’s nervous chatter, and the discovery that Brad Paisley is all hat and no horse.

    The Israeli version got better sob stories and singing rabbis.

  157. was it just me, or did Kesha seem alot like Chrissy on Three’s Company?

  158. I had to bail as well. Just saw voting results at TV Line. Fail (the #1 choice so far) and Subpar account for more than 52% of the votes currently.

  159. I follow Brad on facebook, and he asked a few questions and got a lot of negative feedback with the positive. Lame show, not enough singing, plants, etc. etc. But a number of peolpe took issue with his very stupid comment re the one singer causing a seizure or something. A bunch of people who had epilepsy or were or knew someone who did were not amused. I wasn’t amused myself, and I didn’t even associate with with epilepsy. I’m sure Brad didn’t either. But it was totally unnecessary.

    I watched the show out of curiosity and because I had nothing else I had to do just them. Won’t watch again. It was pretty bad.

    Other than the Jesse, I liked Joshua the best. He reminded me of Vince Gill and I’d like to see what else he could do.

  160. So talent wise, I thought this show got off to a bad start. Only two of the six that got through had any potential. The judges need to relax a bit and have more fun, I think Luda will be alright. Not sure about Kesha and the Brad. I like the real time voting though it occured to me it’s probably easier to get through at the top of the show than closer to the end. May be why the first two, who were not that good, got through. Josh Groban was a little annoying but I could tell he was nervous and I thought he did ok considering. I will probably watch at least once more to see if the talent get’s better.

  161. But a number of peolpe took issue with his very stupid comment re Jesse causing a seizure or something to a fan at home.

    Well, I missed that one, having already decided that Brad Paisley– whose autobiography I own and whom I used to admire for his music knowledge and sense of humor — had nothing to say that could possibly be worth my listening to him.

    Way to win it, Paisley.

  162. I have most of his CDs, but I’ve been a little frustrated with him in the last couple of years.

  163. I turned it on for 30 minutes and then shut it off. Then when I was on Facebook chatting I saw lots of other people on my timeline did the same thing heh. I’ll be very curious to see the ratings for this mess.

    One thing though, as far as Josh goes as host I’m willing to cut him some slack right now because it was the first show and his first time doing something like this. Its got to be nerve wrecking especially when its live TV. I know he’ll never be Ryan but IMO Ryan wasnt even so awesome from the very first episode of AI. Ryan had many years as host to get better and better and be the pro that he is now. Josh is pretty active on Twitter and I think he might be the type to read feedback and try and improve, iron out any kinks.

  164. Could it be cancelled after one week? I gave up after the first 15. AGT which is a pretty bad show is about 1,000X better than this mess.

    I think the singing talent show era is completely done. Maybe it’ll come back in five years or so and the performers will feel more fresh.

  165. I only watch AI cause I would be burned out if I watched more singing competitions. I told my husband about it cause he watches parts of AI and the Voice. So, I said I would give it a try. But, I only lasted through about 3 singers and was too bored.

  166. I only saw a small part of the show, but from what I did see, I must say that your blog is the best thing about it, MJ. I’ll keep up with it here.

  167. It’s summer so I’m willing to give it another try. IA that most of the singers were either bad or so so but I did like Jesse, Macy, & Sarah. It’s kind of a fun premise and I liked voting that way.

  168. I enjoyed the show and the concept! I agree with mj, Josh Grobin seemed to be a bundle of nerves, and had too much to say. Jesse Keech was awesome! I also thought Macey Kate was really good! I like Sarah Darling’s beautiful voice, but agree with some of the judges that the song she sang didn’t show off the range she has, and I felt it was a rather boring.song choice for a singing competition!

  169. Sarah Darling was the best of the night without question, but after 12 years of trying to make it in Nashville– mutual friends with Country Superstars– and a good friend to Country Queen Carrie, she should have been the best. Sadly, she’s past her prime (so unfreaking fair, but true). What kills me the most is Idol had the chance to showcase an equally talented– just hitting her prime female soloist– and squandered it for this years lackluster cast. Sour grapes, I admit. But Brandy Neelly deserved better. I don’t get why the kid can’t catch a break.

  170. i can’t vote anyway as i neither have a tablet or an android phone

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