Rising Star Panel Visits Jimmy Kimmel Live, Brad Paisley Debuts New Music (VIDEO!)

Rising Star cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live-6-18-2014

With Rising Star set to premiere this Sunday (have YOU downloaded the Rising Star app????), the host and celebrity judges of the show, Josh Groban, Kesha, Ludacris, and Brad Paisley all visited Jimmy Kimmel Live to preview what their on-screen chemistry is like and, oh, promote the show. Check out clips from the interview, which includes Kesha and Ludacris disagreeing over when they met, Ludacris trying to explain his absence from Monday’s live preview, and a LOLzy swearing-in ceremony officiated by Jimmy Kimmel.

The ‘Rising Star’ judges and host explain the show, Kesha anticipates porn on the photo wall, and Jimmy Kimmel wants to know what really happens to unsuccessful contestants

Ludacris explains his absence from Monday’s live preview

Ludacris and Kesha don’t agree on when they first met

The ‘Rising Star’ judges and host are sworn in

Meanwhile Brad Paisley is set to release his 11th studio album Moonshine In The Trunk on 8/26, which is no doubt part of the calculation behind him joining this show. Last night in Kimmel, Brad performed his t15 and rising single, “River Bank” (cowritten by Kelley Lovelace and Brad) and debuted the title track of his upcoming album. Check out video here:

“River Bank”

“Moonshine In The Trunk” (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley)

In addition to the above tracks, here’s a list of confirmed cowrites for Moonshine In The Trunk, with a bonus clip of another track set for the album.

“Bleep” (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley)
“City Limit” (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley)
“Country Nation” (Charles DuBois / Kelley Lovelace / Brad Paisley) – this is also the name of Brad’s current tour.
“Cover Girl” (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley)
“Crushin’ It” (Kelley Lovelace / Lee Thomas Miller / Brad Paisley)
“Flag On The Moon” (Brad Paisley)
“4 Wheel Park” – (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley) Check out a live clip of the song from Brad’s current tour:


“Heaven South” (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley)
“Higher Education” (Brent Anderson / Charles DuBois / Brad Paisley and possibly Kelley Lovelace) – confirmed by this interview with Country Countdown USA. Brad says of the song, “One song is older, that I wrote with Brent Anderson, that was gonna be on  his album when he had a record deal, and it’s called ‘Higher Education,’ it’s about college.  That’s the only one that existed prior.” Song may have been updated by bringing in Kelley Lovelace.
“Limes”(Kelley Lovelace / Lee Thomas Miller / Brad Paisley)
“Millions Of Dollars” (Charles DuBois / Frank Rogers / Brad Paisley)
“Perfect Storm” (Lee Thomas Miller / Brad Paisley)
“Shattered Glass” (Brad Paisley)
“Wings Around Me” (Kelley Lovelace / Lee Thomas Miller / Brad Paisley)
“You Shouldn’t Have To” (Kelley Lovelace / Brad Paisley / Tim Owens)

According to Brad’s album co-producer Luke Wooten, the great Emmylou Harris will guest on the album:

Will you tune in when Rising Star debuts this Sunday, 6/22 at 9p Eastern on ABC? And/or are you looking forward to Brad Paisley’s upcoming album, which he describes as “most freeing, creative” experience that is “so much” for the “these amazing people who go to [his] concerts.”

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