Rising Star Asked Bachelor Fans to Raise the Wall (VIDEO)

The Bachelorette was interrupted last night when the show cut to a live test/demonstration of the Rising Star phone app (Click to Download).  Bachelor fans were given instructions on how to download the app and vote to “raise the wall,” enabling a promo of the upcoming Bachelor Pad to air. If comments in last night’s Bachelor Recap are any indication, your typical member of Bach Nation had no frigging idea what was going on.

Nevertheless, fans voted, and the 70% threshold was eventually hit, and Bach Nation finally got their trashy Bachelor Paradise promo. HOORAY. But not without some awkward moments.

All 3 judges were scheduled to be there. Unfortunately, according to host Josh Groban, Ludacris was in a helicopter, flying circles around the Los Angeles skies, unable to land due to cloud cover.

Brad Paisley and Kesha managed to arrive. They both looked a little uncomfortable, sitting in their chairs on set, as if they didn’t know what to do with themselves.  Kesha and her nasally voice and flat affect could get old really fast. Brad’s effort to be snarky fell flat. Josh Groban was a witty, albeit slightly jittery host. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the over-all weirdness of the stunt. I wouldn’t exactly call it great TV, waiting for that percentage to make it to the 70% mark in order to begin the promo. Maybe it’ll be more exciting when viewers are actually voting for a performance in progress, rather than for some unseen thing they aren’t even sure they want.

Maybe I missed it, but the judges not only advise the acts, but also vote along with viewers during the performances. Kesha and Brad each contributed 7% to the total needed to “raise the wall” and begin the promo. When Ludacris finally joins them, the judges contribution will be 21%, which is significant.  They could put an iffy candidate over the 70% threshold. Or not.

Rising Star debuts live on Sunday at 9 pm. Are we looking at a potential trainwreck? If the show isn’t good, I hope it’s terrible for the lulz. Otherwise, it’s going to be really painful to live blog.

Watch the entire segment below:

rspromo by mjsbigblog

Good Morning America did a piece on Rising Star Tuesday morning. ABC really is going all out on the promo. You’ll see what I mean about Kesha. She comes off as a total airhead. Brad is full of Randy Jackson like cliches when he says the show is about “heart and emotion..moving someone as a singer.”

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