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ETA: This week’s Idol Billboard chart, including Kirsten’s sales numbers…HERE.

So much stuff to post…so little time! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

First, a reliable source tells me that the official word from David Archuleta’s record company regarding the release date of his album is, “We have not locked in a release date yet.” Will there be a same-day Cookie/Archie release date in November as reported by E! Online? Maybe, maybe not. I hardly think either label’s priority is a duel release date.

Next. Big congratulations go out to Kristy Lee Cook and David Archuleta. Both debuted singles on the Billboard charts this week (I’ll have a full chart posted at the end of today). Kristy Lee’s single “15 Minutes of Shame” debuts on the Hot Country Songs chart at #58, and Archie’s single “Crush” on the Pop 100 at #93.

Some very interesting tidbits came to light when ABC News Radio recently spoke with David Archuleta, Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson and Michael Johns. To find out who David Archuleta’s real role model is and why he refuses to be pigeonholed, the real skinny behind the nightly Mavid show during the American Idols Live! Tour encore, PLUS, more on David Cook’s upcoming album…

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From ABC News Radio:

  • David Archuleta elaborates on the reports that he wants a “Miley Touch” on his album. It seems his real role model is Jordin Sparks. He says, “She’s someone I’d love to follow in the footsteps of, because I love the way she balanced her record and it really showed different sides to her and hopefully, I’ll be able to do that. Jordin’s just such an amazing, emotional, mature vocalist, performer and artist.”
  • Archie admits that because he’s so pressed for time, he isn’t personally contributing a lot to his debut CD, but he hopes to correct that on his second album. He says, “Since there isn’t a lot of time put into this, and not really a lot of chance to have a lot of say in it, like trying to write with different people, hopefully, [this album will] be kind of like an introduction to what’s up ahead. If this album works, I’ll be able to work on more stuff in the future that has more input from me.”
  • Archie thinks his new single “Crush” will prove some naysayers wrong. As he puts it, “A lot of people were wondering if I was able to pull off pop and I think this song ¦shows people that I can.” But he also doesn’t want the fact that the song is a pop song to pigeonhole him in any way, “Hopefully, it doesn’t limit me to anything, ’cause I’d love to show my variety, like Jordin did.”
  • All about Mavid —Michael Johns says it was his idea to start doing the dances with David Cook during the group number. He says, “Every day, we do soundcheck to that song [“Please Don’t Stop the Music”] and I usually go loopy around five o’clock at night, and so I always just come up with these stupid dance moves, and Dave’s like, ‘What are we doing tonight?’ And it’ll just come to me. I’ll go, ‘This is what we’re doing: we’re gonna pull our shades out ¦.we’ll do this dance’ and he goes, ‘OK, I’m in.’ And then sometimes, he comes up with the idea. And anytime we try to force it, it doesn’t happen.”

More tidbits from ABC News Radio:

  • Michael Johns wants to put out a single in November, with an album due out January and February. He says he has …investors backing the CD, which he’ll self-release.
  • Kristy Lee Cook now seriously doubts she’ll get married next June as planned because she’ll be so busy with the album and then a subsequent tour. She says she and her fiancà © are “taking it slow.”
  • Carly Smithson doesn’t want to rush her album out. She says, “I’m gonna be very particular in what I choose because I do believe this is a big chance and I don’t want to waste it.”

Finally, from my hometown newspaper, the Boston Globe–reporter Sarah Rodman interviewed David Cook, and she asked him all about his upcoming album.

Fun factoids from the article:

  • Green Day producer Rob Cavallo approached David about producing his album, not the other way around.
  • David wrote about 20 songs in the first 3 weeks of June.
  • The artists he name-checked to Cavallo when he met him were, Our Lady Peace, Big Wreck and Muse. Cook says, “I don’t want to completely start copying other records, but I want to have interesting textures and sounds.”
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