Paula Abdul Owes Jason Castro an Apology

Check out Paula Abdul’s big-time excuse making on this morning’s Ryan Seacrest show. You can read a transcript of her interview at Entertainment Weekly.She claims that she and the judges only found out about the show setup–that the critiques would wait until after the second round–when Ryan announced it at the top of the show. Geez, the judges should start reading my blog. I knew it at 6:30 ET. Our weekly rehearsal reporter, Caffiend, told me on the phone after she left the CBS studios. I posted that bit of info on the blog. Meanwhile, Paula claims she was in the studio with her family for part of the dress rehearsal.

She also keeps insisting that she mixed up Jason’s Castro’s review with David Cook’s, and that she read “second song” off her notes due to the confusion caused when head of Reality Programming, Mike Darnell, supposedly ordered Nigel Lythgoe, at the last minute, to march the contestants out on stage for an impromptu post-first round critique.

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Hey, I can understand Paula getting discombobulated and screwing up. But, why can’t she just say “I wrote a bunch of notes during the dress rehearsal and wasn’t paying attention when I was reading them off?”

More importantly, Why can’t Paula just say, “My apologies to Jason Castro for possibly throwing him off his game by mistakenly critiquing his performance based on what I heard at dress rehearsal?” Because really, while Paula and TPTB try to cover their asses, they are completely glossing over the fact that at the center of this controversy is a contestant who was just royally screwed over.

Until she apologizes, I don’t want to hear anything else.

Do it tonight, Paula. Apologize.

Bonus: Debra Byrd is psychic too! She was also interviewed by Ryan (the crew worked damage control hard) this morning, and thinks Jason will be relieved if he’s eliminated tonight.

Paula dissembles more on Entertainment Tonight.

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