Noah Mac: The Voice Season 13 Spotlight

Noah Mac The Voice 13

The Voice Season 13 Contestant Spotlight Noah Mac

Watch Noah Mac perform “Way Down We Go” by Kaleo for his The Voice season 13 blind audition.  Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton battled it out for the young singer, but Blake prevailed.

A 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Dublin, California, Noah is described on his website as having “an affinity for banging on old pianos, mixing live on stage, and writing his own lyrics.” A self taught musician, by age 10 Noah could play piano, and by 15 he was already performing in coffee shops. A moving backstory guides Noah through his life and keeps him grounded as he pursues his musical dreams.

Noah performed for the first time at his older sister’s funeral. He was 7-years-old at the time, and sang his sister’s favorite song, Judy and the Dream of Horses, by Belle and Sebastian. His sister, Stevie, was 19 and passed away from a battle with cancer. Since then a short documentary about her life and passing was released on Youtube, and is quite the emotional video. It’s called Stevie’s Light, and the link is below if you want to check it out.

The coming years after his sister’s passing were not kind to Noah. Deciding to pursue music, Noah explained in the documentary that he was frequently bullied and teased by his peers in school. The bullying got pretty bad, but all the while Noah persevered, finding comfort in his music and songwriting. Nowadays Noah’s story is one of triumph, and all the while he says it’s his sister who is his “biggest hero.”

Despite his young age, Noah has already released his first EP, called Lights. His social media following is currently small, but it’s expected to explode in the coming days following his audition. Noah will bring to this season of The Voice his story, unique voice, and creativity.

Instruments Noah Plays: Piano, Guitar, Drums


Overall Thoughts: From a competition standpoint, Noah checks off practically every box I can think of for having a successful run on this show: he has a great voice, a touching backstory, and an affable personality that viewers will easily latch on to and empathize with. His story really is the clincher though, and watching the documentary about his sister’s passing really touched me. Comparing him to some of the other contestants on the field, I truly think this guy is a serious threat to win. If this was a season of Idol, I’d be saying Noah pretty much has the game wrapped up, but here things are not always so clear. That all said, Noah is definitely one to watch this season, and is an early prediction of mine to reach finale night. He might just be the one to win this whole thing.

Song Suggestions:
1- Volcano, by Damien Rice
2- I Built A Friend, by Alec Benjamin
3- I Will Follow You Into The Dark, by Death Cab For Cutie

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