Nicki Minaj Threatens To Knock Mariah Carey Out at Idol Auditions (Report) (VIDEO)

Ugh if Nigel Lythogoe planted this story at TMZ. Reportedly, Nicki Minaj flipped out on Mariah Carey at American Idol auditions in Charlotte today. The blow-up was reportedly so bad, producers ended auditions for the day.

Nicki Minaj derailed the “American Idol” auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina today, after swearing at her and threatening, “I’m gonna knock you out” … sources tell TMZ.

Multiple sources are telling us there was a blow up between the two … Nicki left, then came back and the fireworks continued, culminating with the threat. We’re told producers ended the auditions for the day so the two judges could cool down.

Big wigs on the show seem uncharacteristically upset by the blow up — it appears this was no joke and it seems producers are worried about Mariah and Nicki co-existing for the long haul.


UPDATE: Mariah’s husband, Nick Cannon weighs in: He’s really disappointed in the FOX and the producers for publicizing the fight. “I feel like it’s taking away from the quality of what Idol is all about.”  Watch the Video at BuzzFeed.

UPDATE via E News. Of course, Ryan Seacrest is a a producer there, and there isn’t a PR scheme E isn’t willing to push to the public. E! is the best friend a publicist ever had…

But an Idol source tells E! News, “This is the sort of thing producers considered might happen when they cast Nikki opposite Mariah, but not this bad and not this fast. They have to protect Mariah to make sure she doesn’t walk. After everything it took to get that panel in place, they need everyone, especially Mariah. She was their first choice.”

As for what Minaj allegedly told Carey afterward, the source adds, “Physical threats are taken seriously and [show producers and Fox execs] are still deciding how to handle. It’s not an easy call.”

UPDATE: Ryan Seacrest comments on his radio show this morning: “”It was heated” – @RyanSeacrest on Nicki/Mariah incident. “It DID go too far, to the point where the producers said ‘let’s call it a day.'”Those few contestants who didn’t get to see the judges, they’ll bring them back today. Ryan on the girl who was auditioning: “One of the executive producers walked her out. She did get a golden ticket, she’s going to Hollywood”

UPDATE: Mariah Carey tweets a response, “whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” YIKES.

Nicki Get this s**t in self control. Get in control. Get in control.
Randy Settle down, settle down.
Nicki Don’t lose your head. Don’t lose your head (inaudible). Don’t tell me I’m a gangster.
Nicki (inaudible) every 5 minutes. So every time you patronize me, I’m-ma take it back, and if you’ve got a f**king problem, handle it.
Nicki I told them I’m not f**kin’ putting up with her f**king highness over there. Figure it the f**k out. Figure it out.
Mariah Oh why, WHYYYY .do I have a three year old sitting around me?
Nicki I’m not gonna sit here every f**king minute to have you come down and harass me every minute everyday.
Mariah I can’t see my kids, because you decided to act like a little crazy bitch and go all around the stage.

NOW WITH VIDEO Nigel Lythgoe SOOOO leaked this story to TMZ for the publicity.

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