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Here’s a roundup of American Idol news for ya…

People magazine reports that Jennifer Lopez is excited  about her upcoming Idol appearance on April 11.   Lopez says that she “thinks” the week she appears will feature a Latin theme.

LA's Next Great Stage Star II ...
LA's Next Great Stage Star II Finale

A Los Angeles Times reporter sat in the Idol audience both Tuesday  and Wednesday  last week.   Some of his observations: Watching the contestants “absorb their fate” in person is truly visceral, one can feel their pain and it is uncomfortable.   Some of the performances are better in person than on TV and vice versa. The contestants seem very close.

The reporter is observant, and has some interesting things to say about each contestant, and the judges.   Worth the read.

Here is  another in-person account of last  Tuesday  and   Wednesday’s  shows from Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch blog.   More observations:   The stage is teeny-tiny. The judges talk all through the contestants performances. After the first break, the judges work the crowd. LaKisha Jones is a tad aloof. Chris Sligh is a hugger.  Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis were both teary-eyed at Brandon Roger’s elimination. Popwatch  will be dispatching reports from the CBS studios all season.

Nick Hexum from 311 was in the audience for the men’s Top 8 performance night to hear Blake Lewis sing his band’s song, “All Mixed Up.” As far as Blake’s performance, Hexum feels Blake “did it well…He gave it a cool arrangement that had a little bit more of a straight groove than our version. He changed it around and had a lot of fun with it. I have only positive things to say.”   Hexum also added that he thinks Idol is “good TV” and that he’s a Fantasia fan.   Added fact:   Nick Hexum’s brother Zach is friends with Brandon Rogers  who made the connection to the band for Blake.

Ever wonder what the difference is between the Top 24 and Top  12?   This  article  spells it out.   When  a contestant makes the Top 12, they become AFTRA union members and are covered under their negotiated contracts.   The contestants get paid $921 each time they appear on a one hour show and they receive residual payments when a show they appear in is aired again or sold via DVDs or other forms of media.   Interesting stuff.

According to  Save the Children spokeswoman Wendy Christian, an American Idol film crew was documenting  US program sites in Appalachia in the past week.   This for the big April 25 results show that features an appeal to viewers to contribute to organizations that help folks in need in  Africa and the USA.

Rosanne Simunovic, the Masterclass Lady is again, as she has been since Season 2, critiquing the Top 12 vocal performances.   Read her Top 12 critique here.

I’ll leave you with a bit of viral video  from a friend of Blake Lewis.   And the boys do their best Simon Cowell impressions  for Cat Deeley on the British version of American Idol.   Chris Sligh’s is especially hilarious.

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  1. That may explain why Blake said 311 was his favorite band of all time.

  2. Thanks for the roundup, MJ. I was just reading Zack Hexum’s blog today. He writes a bit about his BFF Brandon and his experiences at the March 2 taping. He also mentions Blake and the 311 song.

    *off to read article on top 24 vs top 12*

  3. I like 311, too. Thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s cool that Nick Hexum likes American idol! And I never really thought about it before, but that is awesome that they make some good money after making it to the top 12! People have told me to audition, and now I have a good reason too =) Either that or enter this awesome contest that is going on right now…a little piece of news that this article didnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t mention: You could win 2 tickets to the final of American Idol if you write a jingle and upload it to before April 8th. They also give you airfare, transportation, hotel and $500!!! I work with Pringles and when I found out about this, I couldnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t wait to tell all my talented, American idol, obsessed friends. Spread the word and good luck!

  4. From season 2-5 I never missed an episode of AI, more importantly I voted. I don’t watch AI this year…I fastforward through the more gruelling contestants. I certainly haven’t voted. :blush_tb: I rarely find anything interesting to post, also. I mostly just look in one or 2 blogs to see what’s happening.

    Maybe I’ll get around to voting, but then wonder why I need to bother. TPTB seems to provide for those they deem deserving no matter where in the order of things a contestant finishes in the top 10. TPTB may find themselves winning battles to support “also-finishers,” but loosing the war for TV ratings by seeming to neglect the winner. :ponder_tb:

    My life is organized around a very busy schedule. There is no time available to waste on voting if the voting is just another way to check viewer ratings. I hope at least one of AI’s “Shirts” is paying attention.

  5. MJ or anyone — do you think the video of Brandon’s goodbye performance that got cut from the show is floating around the Internet anywhere? I’ve been reading it was much better than his first try at “Stop in the Name of Love” and would like to see it……

  6. colette, they showed a bit of it on Idol Extra on the Reality TV station. Have you checked youtube?

    Oh, and it’s “Can’t Hurry Love.” He performed in on Access Hollywood tonight. You can see it on their website:

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