‘Nashville’ Season 4, Episode 12 – Recap & Discussion Post!

Welcome to Nashville. We resume with Avery at Juliette’s clinic, introducing himself as her husband at reception.

Meanwhile, Layla and Manager Glenn are meeting with Rayna at the Highway 65 offices. This time, Rayna approves of Layla’s manager and compliments her on her new demos. Layla’s anxious to get recording. Rayna proposes album 1 launch followed by touring and then starting to work on 2nd album for Layla.

Gunnar & Scarlett working on set list stuff when they are interrupted by a phone call from Erin. Will returns from his camping trip and talks about how he got back to performing. Scarlett & Gunnar invite him to guest on some songs during their set.

Frankie & Deacon setting up the Beverly, bantering about the crowd likely to coming that night and whether they are sufficiently staffed. They talk about Maddie & Cash becoming thick as thieves. Woman begs for an audition for open mic night. She appears to be a drifter but she knows who Deacon is.

Luke is in what looks like a waiting room, moping over a Forbes cover trashing him as he waits for Buzz Brainard interview. As if they wouldn’t have removed all traces of it. Lots of unanswered texts to Colt.
Colt sees the text while he’s on the phone with Maddie. he’s shutting out Maddie (working on history paper, chores on farm)

Arriving at the venue, Scarlett sees Erin kissing a guy.

Buzz Brainard interviewing Luke, talking about his scandal. – phone calls from “fans” result in pointed questions about whether he’s a simple country boy anymore, as if radio doesn’t carefully pre-screen this stuff. Brainard apologizes for their sucky screening process.

Avery’s been waiting for an hour to see Juliette and has a job later that evening. Dr. Kitley tells Avery that Juliette doesn’t feel up to talking because she’s feeling “delicate.” Avery is about to lose it, runs down the list of things that he has done to accommodate Juliette and grows increasingly frustrated. The doc shoos him away and tells him to calm down.

Rayna and Bucky arrive at The Beverly because Deacon was blown away by his auditioner. The host introduces Vita Martin, performing “Down the Line,” written in real life by Mindy Smith.

To DOWNLOAD “Down the Line,” written by Mindy Smith and performed by Jeananne Goossen, click HERE!

After some awkward back and forth where Gunnar picks up on Scarlett hiding something and Scarlett tries to demur, Scarlett tells Gunnar about Erin.

Avery and Layla recording. Avery loves her voice and that she “finally” found the right phrasing. Layla laying the compliments on thick, that Avery is a musician-producer. She closes with saying Juliette is lucky to have him.

Vita Martin introduced to Rayna and Bucky. Vita can’t believe it. Rayna wants to meet her and get to know her a little better. Vita says she’s played all her life, that she needs to. She also needs a job and Rayna offers to help.

Cash and Maddie are writing together, and Cash tells Maddie she’s holding back lyrically, being more mature and open. Maddie spills to Cash about Colt drawing back after their first time. Cash encourages Maddie to write about Colt.

Luke is poring over negative social media comments about him. Luke’s manager Kenneth comes in to tell him that 2nd leg ticket sales are down, that they’re on course to take a financial hit. Kenneth suggests bringing Juliette back in since she has Oscar buzz…because she’s magically healed?

Gunnar introduces Will to take over for part of their set, and he is welcomed warmly. He is heckled by a loser. Will handles him with class and introduces a song called “Ain’t It Beautiful,” written inBut the loser throws a bottle at him & hits him in the face.

To DOWNLOAD “Ain’t It Beautiful,” written by Michael Dulaney, Sean McConnell and Lee Miller and performed by Chris Carmack, click HERE!

Will’s nose is broken. Detective wants him to give statement confirming the hate crime.

To DOWNLOAD “Swept Away,” written by Audra Mae, Jarrod Gorbel and Blake Sennett and performed by Lennon Stella and Jessy Schram, click HERE!

Also, EMI Nashville singer/songwriter Kelleigh Bannen is back with her insider’s take on what Nashville gets right and what it doesn’t. For insight into whether Nashville social functions can really be loaded with shop talk and whether there are really paparazzi in town, check out her Episode 11 blog.

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